Sunday, July 5, 2015

How Does Her Garden Grow - Part 2

A variety of tomatoes - the green will go in the window to ripen. The bowl of cukes, squash and banana peppers will more than likely become pickles.
Click on picture to enlarge.
They did not grow the corn (to many deer cross their property), but bought it farm fresh from a roadside stand.
Of course there is always a cucumber  that wants to hide under the foliage, and not found until it gets to big to pickle whole.  No problem - it will probably end up in a salad or a batch of relish.

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A Side Note: What happens to some of the green tomatoes that refuse to turn red?  Slice, batter,  and fry those babies up - of course.
Some in her household like ranch dressing as a dipping sauce, but for those who like something with a kick: Fire cracker sauce -  2 big spoons full of  mayo (real), sriracha to taste - depends on how hot you want it to be, and honey to taste.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Dab of This and That Ramble......

 I am really slacking these days when it comes to posting. Just realized it has been 2 1/2 weeks since I last posted.  Would like to say it is because I have been busy and accomplished everything on my ongoing "list",  but that is not the case.  If anything - I am further behind - What is new?!?
Remember  this not so small on going project?
I think she started this project in Jan., 2014, then with other things going on, which included major floor damage from a water leak, it was put on the back burner. Well - She started the ball rolling again. I am pretty sure she did not do much cooking while the kitchen was looking like this.
A Country Kitchen in progress....
The other side of the kitchen done before flooring had to be replaced.
Anyone tried these?
I have not, however, daughter did, and said they were good. I  like a baked sweet potato with lots of butter, or casserole with a yummy, cinnamon crunch topping with pecans, but not a fan of sweet potato fries, so not sure if would like these or not.
What is for dinner after a busy day?   Having a wiener roast, and toasting marshmallows over a fire pit seems the perfect thing to do.
She said the sound of the cicadas was the background music for the picnic.   I have heard them where I am, but so far not as loud as in many other areas.
How to waste an afternoon?  Spend it on the phone with your internet support system, trying to get "them" to  straighten out a problem "they" created.  I have enough problems trying to do the simple things on a computer.  Sure don't need someone with an extremely heavy accent, on the other side of the world trying to convenience me to buy a very expensive package, blah, blah, blah.
Just one of those Dab of This and That Rambles.
Have an enjoyable, fun filled , and safe Holiday Weekend !!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

How Does Her Garden Grow?

Daughter  has started harvesting some of the rewards of her  garden.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
A variety of tomatoes.
A handful of cherry tomatoes ready for a salad, or a snack.
 Add some squash to saute or pickle.
Of course some herbs.
The mint that went wild (pic on the left) is now knee high. Third crop of sage
and second of basil.
Add some pretty flowers in the mix.
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Jam or Preserves....

Whatever it is - it sure is good!  Daughter makes fresh strawberry jam each Spring during strawberry season.  I called it her strawberry preserves, but she corrected me and said it was jam.  What ever it is, it sure is good.  Where she buys her berries, they sell out early each day, and due to a short growing season this year, she came close to missing out on getting local grown berries. So sweet, so good!
Wash, hull, mash those berries up, add sugar and pectin...........
and before you know it, you have jars of yummy strawberry jam.
Yes - some of those jars of jam are mine - all mine !!!
Click on picture to enlarge.
 Oh! She said slathering a bit on a piece of chocolate bread is not to shabby either!
Me? Just a dab on some skillet toast and I am happy!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Dab of This and That Ramble...

Think most all of us have bought potatoes and had them them to sprout roots before they could be used.  Well this sweet potato started sprouting roots only a couple of days after  it was bought, and the next thing I know, one root broke thru the wrap and took off.
Almost 17 inches tall and still growing.
Lots of other roots under the microwave covering, so plan to cut the potato up into 2 or 3 pieces,  plant them and see what happens. A pretty sweet potato vine - Maybe?
Why not planted today? One of those gray, dreary,  with a light rain off and on most of the day. Why did I not take pic outside of door? It was raining - again.
Instead of planting a sprouting sweet potato, took a nap - Works for me!
 Looks like "Chubby Cheeks"  the chipmunk is back!  Actually he never left or hibernated full time for the Winter, as I saw him numerous times in very cold weather, scurrying across the courtyard looking for bits and pieces of acorns and hickory nuts the squirrels dropped. Just hoping he/she stays out of flowers this year - or is that asking too much?!?
The bitter cold Winter does not seemed to have effected the squirrel population around here either.  From what I can tell, it has doubled since last year. Not good!
Question:  What do y'all do with all your Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Sympathy, Thank You's, etc., etc. cards received?  When looking for something recently, I was surprised how many I had accumulated again.  Don't get me wrong - love receiving them and will leave them out in a convenient place where I can enjoy/reread occasionally, then off they go to a storage box.

A few years ago, I made the mistake of asking someone what she did with hers.  Why the mistake? She is very sentimental and apparently has kept ALL  (sorry - did not mean to yell) , yes - all of hers over the years.
Would love to hear  others' solution to the situation.

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ETA: Never planted the sweet potato, so sent it home with daughter. I figure she would have  better luck than me, as she could add of little of the dirt that has been amended with "barnyard brand fertilizer" to the mix and end up with some very healthy plants. The sprout/root was over 3 feet tall when it left here.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Dab of This and That Ramble

I have not posted a Dab of This and That Ramble for a while now - so......

Whats going on with Bill these days?: Those that read my posts regularly know the story about "Bill" showing up on my daughter's door step when it was bitter cold.  Posted here
He eventually wiggled his way inside their home when he needed a good meal, and a warm place to sleep, and hang out for a while. The bottom line - Bill (named by my Granddaughter) is definitely a outside cat.  Since the weather has warmed up, he usually comes in to eat, rest for a while, then back outside to explore the world.
She walked into the redhead cupid's room recently and found this.
When he does show up (on his schedule) daughter checks for fleas, ticks, wounds, etc., and shuts the bedroom doors when he comes inside.
  Countdown:  Hard to believe school is winding down in many parts of the country. She  painted a door in her house with chalk board paint, and that is where they post up coming events. Big event for the Grands - school is out in 5 days!!!
Yes - it says 9 on the door - I am just slow in adding the pic to a post.
Busy day of appointments and such.:  A good time to treat myself to a take and bake pizza from PM's. Healthy? Probably not, but so good........
Actually, it may not have been too unhealthy as it contained lots of protein, and dairy.  Not too bad on the carbs, as it was a thin, crisp crust, and I am good at not eating the excess crust. 
Right?  Right!! 
What is going on the courtyard this Spring? :  Yes - I know I usually have pics to post of annuals, ferns, etc., that I have added to my courtyard to spiffy it up for the Spring and Summer months.  I did buy several pots of annuals and ferns (not as many as previous years), but have not taken pics. Unfortunately, a couple of them have not done well, and not having a green thumb I don't know what happened.
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Hope everyone is enjoying the arrival of Spring, with warmer temps and beautiful flowers.
Just one of those Dab of This and That rambles.
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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Garden of Flowers and Herbs....

Daughter's roses are thriving,
along with a container of mint, and
then there is the mint that went wild.
A bit of a warning - Plant mint in pots/containers so you can control its growth.
Add a bit of sage growing next to the roses,
and lets don't forget a healthy pot of basil.
Sounds like the makings for some yummy, savory dishes showing up on the dinner table in the near future.
Click on pics to enlarge.
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