Saturday, October 25, 2014

Road Trip...

Sharing pics of another one of  Daughter and her family's recent road trips...
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Over the  river   lake and thru the  woods   hills...

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and saw some beautiful colors of Fall on their trip.
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Sorry - Don't know why  the mosaics are so small.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One extreme to another...

Oh My !!!   I would have had major issues with this situation (I tend to get claustrophobic)!
 Boxed in with 18 wheelers/transport trucks  - at a complete stand still, and when moving often at only 15 miles per hr. for many miles. Makes me twitch !!

This is a picture my daughter sent when she and family dealt with this situation  recently on a road trip. She said the truck behind them stayed within inches of their back bumper constantly, and they debated whether to call for help as the driver was obviously doing it deliberately .  The problem was caused by construction, and apparently  some did make calls to the HP, as HP and county sheriff officers showed up in the emergency lane, and amazing how some of the "drivers" decided to "not follow so close".
This section of interstate is known for "its issues".
 Fast forward 3 days later:  Oh the joy of living in the country !!  One thing for sure - they have to allow extra time for "traffic conditions" !!
Beautiful Fall day - Harvest time!  Cruising at 5 MPH.
Give me a choice, and I would rather be behind the tractor.
 OK - On to other things: Future Drum Major in training...
 The "Little Redheaded Cupid" has attended so many football games, and band competitions recently she has decided to become a "sideline drum major". Tried to C&P the video, but it is not happening.  Will try again later
Gorgeous Fall weather here this week.  Hope it is where you are also!
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Soup Pot is on....

Soup is on:  A cool, cloudy, dreary day, so on goes the soup pot.

Did not have all the usual ingredients, but improvised and the end result was....Ok.  Not great - but Ok.  One problem - it was more like a stew as it was so thick.  My fault as I got a bit heavy handed when adding some pasta. Since I have to limit the sodium, all the extra pasta made for a bland dish.
Decided I had to "fix"  this soup  - removed almost all of the pasta and added a couple of cups of beef broth.  That helped some, but the pasta had already soaked up so much of the original seasoning so added a "Dab of This and That". End result edible, but hope I don't make that mistake again.
Most was frozen for  a quick hot meals on  cold days, when don't want to/or no time to   cook.
End results on this batch of soup?   "Fair"
Lots of relish:    Daughter is still making relish, and she whipped up another batch a few days ago.  She planted the cucumber seeds (20cts a pack) late in the season, and really did not know if they would produce or not - and they did. 
Think she said she  is still harvesting 5 or 6 every few days now, but that will soon end. I am a happy recipient of some of her homemade relish and jelly - doing the "happy dance".
Growing season is winding down fast. 
Wild Life on the Home Front:  She sent a short video of a "pea soup" cool, foggy morning...

when some deer cut down their side yard to get to the woods across the road. Not clear pics, but I printed the screen on some of the frames with arrows pointing towards the deer.
Nothing exciting going on around the abode these day - Can you tell? Busy - but with just everyday whatever.  On the run, picked up a "to go" order at OG - enough food for 2 or 3 meals as dealing with appts., etc.  Sounds good - Right?   I have a question - why is it that OG can rarely get my order right. Won't go into detail, but this go round,  someone ended up with my salad, and I ended up with a fettuccine(?)  entree that I am not real sure about?!?  I need to look up their menu to see if I can identify what I ended up with.
Used to like the portobello  mushroom ravioli, but what I got this go round was "different" - suspect someone "tweaked" something when they should have left it alone.
Camera Issues:  My camera has decided to drain 2 sets of rechargeable batteries in the last week. Hoping the life of the batteries has just given out at the same time by coincidence,  and not a camera issue.  Hope to take care of that issue in the next few days.
Just one of those rambles.
Have a great weekend!
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Touches of Fall ......

With other things going on, I have really been slacking when it comes to keeping up with "the blog and the land of blog in general".  Also slacking when it comes to getting out there with the camera and taking pics of the signs of Fall. Actually most everything is still green around here (which is normal for the area). However, had hoped to have made a trip to the farmers' market by now to check out the Fall bounty.  That has not happened, and probably won't happen in the next week or so either.  I dug deep and found some pics I took in Oct.,2012. 
So.... If you don't mind, these are some repeats from 2 years ago.
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These flower/plant arrangements in pumpkins were so pretty!  I said I was going to make one, but never got around to getting it done.
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  A little pink added in as a reminder - Don't forget your yearly mammo!
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Just Another Dab of This and That Ramble...

Fall has definitely shown its face around here.  Woke up to the temps in the 40's this morning - I am NOT ready for this!! Not seeing the Fall colors yet, but that is normal around here.  Temps are suppose to be in high 70's - low 80's this next week which is fine with me.

My daughter chopped up and brined  cucumbers,  onions and  green bell peppers with lots of pickling spices, etc.. Cooked it up...
and canned some yummy relish that will taste delish with a pot of beans and corn bread this Winter.
What do you do when you have already sterilized the number of jars and lids required for the recipe, and the recipe did not make enough for the number of jars stated needed?? Simple - She whipped up a batch of grape jelly to fill the extra jars.
Stocking for for the Winter months - definitely a good thing!
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Just to add:  All this canning activity is taking place in my daughter's kitchen - Not mine!
Are you stocking up and preparing for the Winter months?

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

On Going Project

at my daughter's house posted about here.
Before:  In the process of renovation .....
Unfortunately the water line under the sink sprung a leak - A major leak.  As a result, the flooring had to be pulled up.  What did they find under a layer of vinyl? Another thin subfloor, then linoleum from the 60's.  Yep -  not so pretty brown and gold stuff.
What was under the 60's linoleum?  Big surprise - hard wood floor.
Unfortunately, there are a couple of large sections not in good condition, so trying to salvage the hardwood was not an option. Also, real hardwood in a very busy, heavily used area as this kitchen is, not a wise option.  After fans and  humidifier brought in, the contractor was able to lay a new sub floor .
Next step - new vinyl flooring.  After they brought many samples in and looked at them at different times of the day and different lightening, they chose one that looks like a wide plank, wood floor.
Color off as taken with a phone.
A Work in Progress.
Click on pic to enlarge.

More on this major renovation project in another post.
Side Note: Turns out one of the contractors who worked on the repairs does not live far from them and shared a bit of history about the house and the family that lived there.  He was a friend of one of the children growing up and often visited there as a child.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all....

It is hard to believe it is that time of of the year already. Everything is still green around here, but there are definitely signs of Fall in the air. Cooler night temps, low to mid 80's during the day, clear blue sky, lower humidity, etc.. Oh - and  sneezing more often.
No mums or pumpkins in the courtyard just yet as the area will still have some pretty warms days  in the future, and they would not last very long.  Need to clean up the mess the squirrels have made with the hickory nuts before adding any Fall decor anyway.

Time to light a Fall scented candle, serve up a big bowl of yummy soup, thin piece of crusty cornbread slathered in butter. Ready for some comfort food - can you tell?
Pictures from a few years ago.
Have said it before and will say it again - I like Fall but not what follows!

How about you - Is it starting to look like Fall where you live?
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