Friday, September 19, 2014

Lets Talk Toast.....

Lets Talk About Toast
There are some things that just need toasted bread to go along with the dish. Depends on what I am serving determines  the kind of toast I make. 
Toast for a sandwich such as chicken or tuna salad, BLT,  or pimento cheese - time to pull the toaster out and no butter used.
Garlic toast to go with spaghetti, lasagna, etc.. Don't have a loaf of Italian or French  bread and not interested in making a trip to the store ?  No problem!  Use plain white sandwich bread, spread with just a bit of softened butter, sprinkle with garlic powder or garlic salt. I use the powder due to low sodium diet.  Put under broiler till toasted, flip over and toast other side.
Many times when made it this way, the children wanted more of the garlic toast than the main dish, which was usually spaghetti. 
Cheese toast - toast bread both sides then put cheese (of choice) on top side, and under broiler till melted. Even better when the cheese starts to brown a bit.
This is the simple version, but there are so many things you can add to add to the variety such as diced up thin, crisp bacon, or diced up pepperoni, etc., and  the list goes on. Due to the grease factor, cook the bacon, then blot any grease before adding to the cheese toast. If using pepperoni - microwave approx. 8 to 10 seconds, then blot any grease, dice and sprinkle on toast along with the cheese before putting under broiler.

Skillet toast ?  Now that is a whole different kind of toast. Think grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese. Yum !! Lightly spread some softened butter (real butter) on one side of the bread. Place butter side down in a hot skillet then turn heat down to medium high. As soon as it browns to desired toasted goodness, flip over and toast the other side. So good with some scrambled eggs and/or homemade strawberry jam.  If a certain young lady reads this -  Hint, hint !  In all fairness, she had to much on her plate during strawberry season to make jam.
I don't remember where I learned to make skillet toast, and not something I eat often.

Why are there no pics of yummy, buttered toast with a slather of jam, or cheese toast adorned with bits of pepperoni or crispy, thin bacon smothered in choice of cheese, etc..?  Simple - No bread in the house!  Well there is,  but croissants are just not the same when it comes to making toast - well at least not the real deal.  Maybe I need to experiment with them a bit. 

Ohhhh! Lets don't forget grilled cheese sandwiches!  I am way past due for a grilled ham and swiss cheese, on rye!   Don't forget to add a big barrel cured, dill pickle on the side - Yum !

Ok - I just spent way to much time looking for an image of a grilled cheese and ham on rye for this post, but none of them looked like a sandwich I would make.  Sorry for the picture less post!

There are so many variations of toast/cheese bread/garlic bread/ grilled cheese - and the list goes on.  What are some of your favorites

Update:  Trip to grocery - now have some whole wheat, white bread in the house to make the skillet variety to go along with the eggs I need to use up this next week.
Can you tell what is on the menu in the near future. 
Just one of those random posts.
Have a great weekend !
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

One of Those Rambles....

Pic from Fall 2013
 Fall is in the Air:  Even tho is it hot, humid and all that jazz the calendar says Fall is on the horizon.  Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year, just don't like what follows - extreme hot or extreme cold.  It is  "hard hat time"  as the hickory nuts are bombarding my courtyard (lots of them) as usual, and the potted plants are looking sorta sad.

Don't know if it is true or not, but have always heard when there is a bumper crop of nuts and acorns, it is a sign of a bad Winter to come.  Sure hope not as last Winter was bad enough.   Need to think about putting some Fall decor out, but if you could see my kitchen counter/dining area  right now - well never mind. 
Glass Milk Bottles and Other Memories:  When I see bloggers' post about vintage milk bottles they have, and use for vases or just pretty displays, it reminds me of the ones I drank milk from in my early years of school. OK - gonna tell my age here. But, yes I do remember getting milk in a glass bottle with a cardboard cap.  Well - Anyway, many years ago I found one in an antique/junk store like I drank from many moons ago, and from the same local small town dairy that no longer exists. It brought back many memories, but in my effort to declutter, I passed it along to a daughter who loves vintage kitchen/household items.

What brought this subject up?   There are times I am not hungry, but need to eat something, and think a bowl of cereal sounds good until I think about the milk - Eww! I no longer like/drink milk, and don't remember the last time I did drink any - had to have been as a child. Have had the real deal straight from the cow, store bought pasteurized, the kind made from powered milk, the kind mixed up from canned condensed milk, low fat, etc..  Have no clue what caused this total dislike as I enjoy cheese (NOT strong ones), ice cream on occasion, can handle most dairy in recipes, fresh whipped cream (Oh My !), etc., but just pain milk? Nope! Of course as I have "matured" I have to limit my dairy intake.
Now wish I had a good ice cream treat like caramel toffee - Yum !

 Ooops!!:  Cleaning out my itty bitty pantry and what did I find?   A chocolate/almond bar! I would have indulged, but then remembered when I  bought it (last Fall). I am really slacking these days - letting chocolate set around that long. I was tempted to sample it to see if still good, but decided not to as there was no expiration date on the package. 
Then I realized there are some chocolate covered mint patties in a candy dish left over from the holidays! Ooops !  Dang - I am really slacking !!
Big Ooops! Don't let chocolate go to waste !!
 Update since started this post:  Front came thru and dumped huge amounts of rain - unfortunately too much rain which resulted in flooding in many areas.  I am fortunate, as no flooding where I am.  The one good thing - the front did bring in cooler temps. Hopefully the cooler temps will give me the incentive to get more accomplished.
ETA:  The predicted 76?  Never made it - only got up to 67 last I heard.

Just a post about random what evers.
How about you? What is going on around your abode?
Have a great weekend !

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Dab of This and That Ramble.....

Hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend, and enjoyed lots of yummy food.    Schools in my area have been back in session almost a month, yet in other parts of the country schools just started back this week. Hard to believe Summer is winding down.
One of Those Days: As hot as it was, I had a few errands I wanted to run today.  However...There was a glitch in my plans. Fluffed and puffed just in case I ran into someone I knew, out the door, in the car and turned the key - Ooops! It tried hard but would NOT turn over. Long story short - Call to road service, diagnosis equals new battery. Got that taken care of. Dang - the price of car batteries these days !!  
After standing out in the heat too long while dealing with the car issue, decided to cut the errand list short, picked up lunch and came home. Word of advice - don't eat right after getting too hot.
Another item on the agenda was to take pics of some jewelry for one of my daughters that she made, so got it set up on the patio table where the sun would shine on it  - what happened? Batteries in camera were "deader than a door knob"  (where did that expression come from??) !
I immediately checked my  phone to make sure it was charged.
Just one of those days.....
  An Update:  Some of you may remember the big kitchen project my daughter started a while back...
 Work in progress
 Her renovation project changing her kitchen over to a vintage beauty was on hold due to so many other things going on in life.  Well, it is really on hold now !!

They got up to water on their kitchen floor recently. Short story - water line into kitchen sink ruptured.  Bottom line - large section of floor damaged.
Needless to say, she is NOT a happy camper. Dealing with preparing meals, cleanup, etc., under adverse conditions while the cleanup/repair work is done can be over whelming - especially with 3 children.
When I had to deal with water damage several months ago, it was not near what she is having to deal with (thank goodness).

So - kitchen renovation,   and   pickle and jelly making shut down for now.
Odds and Ends:  Had planned to have a finished jewelry project to share this time, but just did not happen. Hey - I started on it, so does that count?
 Daughter sent me a picture of plant that  grew up in the middle of some daylilies, and ask me what I thought it was. Who Me?!?  I Love flowers, but know little to knowing about them.  Actually this was not a flower, but a sorghum or millet  plant.

Where did that come from ? Well.. Seems the "Little Red Head Cupid" dumped some bird seed in the flower bed last Spring. Yep!  My suggestion to her was to keep an eye on that  flower bed as there is no telling what all kind of seeds were in the mix.
I have to admit I am ready for a break in the high temps. I like Fall and looking forward to cooler temps, just not what follows.
How about you - What is going on around your abode ?
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Just Wishing You.....
Dab of This and That

Sunday, August 24, 2014

She is on a Roll....

Like I said in a recent post "Someone is busy in the kitchen" and it is not me.  She  has not only been making pickles, but  busy making a variety of jellies also.
Jalapeno Mint
Spoon some over some cream cheese and scoop up with wheat thin crackers - Yum!
Apple Mint
Where did the orange flavor come from?
An orange flavored soda!! Yep!
 Stocking the shelves.
 I am not much of a root beer fan, so asked what it was like, and she said it tasted similar to a pancake syrup, so suspect it will come in handy on a weekend morning breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs.
A variety of jellies for some good eating...... 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Everything on the Back Burner These Days....

The temps and humidity are up, and the heat index is in the the triple digits.  Therefore, my motivation to do anything has bottomed out - it was already pretty low to begin with.
 Pretty much says it all....
Have not mentioned the "L" lately, as figured y'all were tired of reading about how I am always adding things to be done, and rarely mark anything off as being accomplished.  I did collect all my notes/little lists scattered around, and organized them, so if I feel a surge of motivation kick in  down the road maybe I will get a few things done. Don't hold your breath.
 Happenings at daughter's abode:  The heat does not slow things down around her home.  School back in full swing, along with the Grands outside activities, which unfortunately includes band practice in the heat, and first big game Friday night.  Sorry, but just to hot to play football in my opinion.
Her latest creation in the kitchen:  Making jelly (more on that another time),
which was going along fine until a storm rolled in, knocked out the electricity for a couple of hours.
Happenings in her flower/herb garden...
  A mint plant on steroids, and an uninvited visitor.....
What is happening around your abode as the Summer winds down?

Have a great weekend!
Dab of This and That

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Someone is Busy in the Kitchen....

and it is not me. Daughter was telling me about what she had been making, so told her to send me pictures of her accomplishments, so I would have something to post about. My creativity is still on vacation without me - has been for some time now.
Pickled okra and yellow squash - yum! She said she used fresh dill and garlic along with the pickling spices.
How about a slice of homemade rosemary (that she grew), garlic and cheese bread.
Now this creation - not sure about. Fire cider vinegar.
Suppose to be good for colds, flu, etc., and since everyone in her house has a Summer, head cold right now, guess she figured she did not have anything to lose.  She said even Kitty was sneezing, but I doubt she will convince him to try her natural remedy.

Think I will pass on the "fire", but slice me a couple pieces of that bread, along with some thin slices of a sharp cheddar or a good garden veggie cheese, a nice serving of the pickled squash and okra, and a glass of wine - Yum!
Click on picture to enlarge.
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Looks like this week will be a good time to get caught up on inside chores.
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