Monday, November 24, 2014

Wishing You a Very....

Happy Thanksgiving
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No regular post this week, but will visit around the land of blogs as time allows.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Signs the Season is Changing.....

Early Thursday morning, an unexpected line of precip. rolled thru when the temps were below freezing - resulting in ice on the bridges and overpasses, and that equals a disaster.
It is times like this I am glad I am no longer fighting the perils of rush hour traffic trying to get to and from a job.  Winter weather has definitely arrived ahead of schedule this year, and it is not welcome.   
Since much colder temps these days, daughter has put her crochet hooks to work while sitting in school pickup lines, waiting for children to get out of scouts or band meetings, or the TVs are tied up with events she is not interested in, etc..
Footies/slippers for one of the kiddos....
and warm throws to curl up with when the temps drop...
Another in progress....
She has a vintage candy jar filled with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, faux mini pumpkins and gourds, setting in a vintage/antique (not sure which)  wooden bowl provides a Fall vignette for her kitchen  table.  
The table  where slices of pumpkin pie friendship bread will be on her menu.
Don't like pumpkin? How about apple pie bread ?
Bet a slice of that would be delish with warm caramel sauce drizzled over the top.
Click pic to enlarge.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One of Those Dab of This and That Rambles...

Someone shut the freezer door:   It is getting cold out there ! Got the hose disconnected and outdoor faucet covered this morning, and it is a good thing I did. It was 66 at noon, and dropping as I type - down to 44 already, light rain,  and dropping  down into the 20's tonight.  Apparently this cold blast will cover a large section of the country.  Good grief - what happened to Indian Summer this year ?
Good day to stay in: I had accumulated a pile of notes of things I needed/wanted to do, had done a few (I do mean a few) of the items, that I had not marked off of the lists.  As usual that pile was getting out of hand (thank goodness I know to put the important stuff on a calendar).
Anyway - I got my lists in order once again, and decided I could get a few of those things done in one afternoon. Well - That did not happen!  First project - organize jewelry making supplies, and take stock of what I had to work with, etc..  A couple of  hours later the dining table is covered in  "a  mess" , and nothing else accomplished.
I was doing well until opened a container that I had just dumped baggies of odds and ends that needed to be gone thru, parts salvaged, etc..

Not to mention, I have to stop on occasion to do important things like check/answer emails when "the little bell rings",  or run across a piece  with a mark that I want to check out to see if I have a treasure. I am still waiting - so far no treasures.  I suspect that "mess" will be on the table for a while.
Stocking up: Out and about to run errands yesterday, and  a major trip to grocery, and when I say major - it was. I went armed with a long list and prepared to stock up. When Winter is on the horizon I stock the pantry, personal items, etc., and I got the pantry taken care of for the most part.  Why so early? It is suppose to still be Fall - Right?  Well "they" are saying Winter is arriving early this year - like tonight!

Anyway....On to other notes of interest.  Bet you did not know you can buy gold in the grocery stores these days.  Well - at least that is what it feels like when paying for butter! What is up with the price of butter these days?!? I have not had to buy any for a while, but kept hearing/reading about the outrageous prices - as much as $6 a lb. in some parts of the country.  Butter was on my shopping list, so when saw it was "on sale" for $3.39 a pound I bought a few. Most will go in the freezer.
 I had read some of the imported brands have not been as pricey, but by the time I got to the dairy section yesterday,  I was too tired to check if the store carried any,  and the price. I was ready  to call it good, and head for the checkout.  Not real sure, but think I heard my purse let out a "squeaky cry" when the clerk hit total.
How about you?  Have you Winterized your home, and stocked the larder?
Just another Dab of This and That Ramble.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Signs the Season is Changing.....

A Fall, country sunset......
A Fall sunset - definitely looks different from other seasons.
The red headed cupid can dance barefoot in the leaves on a warm Fall day...
or dress warmer on a cool Fall day and still dance in the leaves.
The above 3 pics courtesy of daughter.
Someone shared a picture with me of what she woke up to one morning last weekend in East TN.
Beautiful to see, however, don't want any of the white stuff here.
Click on mosaic to enlarge. 
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Where has this year gone ?!? Seems like just yesterday, I was planting  annuals, and hoping they would survive the squirrels and chipmunks digging them up, and me replanting them more than once.  I miss the temps in the 70's and 80's already, and judging from the extended weather forecast it will be some time before I will enjoy them again.
Am I ready for the holidays that are just around the corner ?!?
No I am not! Are you?

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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Short Dab of This and That Ramble...

I  have really enjoyed seeing all the pretty Fall decor going on around "the land of blogs".  Where is my Fall decor this year so far?  I have a Fall colored candle, and container of Fall colored candy on the counter - Does that count?!?  Hanging my head and on my way to stand in the corner ! :/
If  I took a picture of my courtyard today it would look almost identical to this one taken this time last year.
Nothing exciting going on out there - lots of leaves, hickory nuts, destructive squirrels that I wish would take up residence elsewhere.  Cold front coming thru, strong wind gusts and hickory nuts raining down (hard hat area). Some hitting so hard around the window and glass door, I have been concerned about something getting broken.
Had errands to run today and while out and about, had good intentions of photographing some Fall colors, but as the saying goes - "best laid plans".  By the time I took care of business the winds had picked up, did not wear a heavy enough jacket, and I was not interested in fighting rush hour traffic going home.
And "they" are saying we are under a freeze warning tonight ?!?
A certain "Little Redheaded Cupid" dressed up for Halloween - Like
who else?
Anna of "Frozen" of course !!
Like I said - A short ramble....
Have a Great Weekend!
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Road Trip...

Sharing pics of another one of  Daughter and her family's recent road trips...
Click on Pic to Enlarge.

Over the  river   lake and thru the  woods   hills...

Click on Pic to Enlarge.
and saw some beautiful colors of Fall on their trip.
Click on Pic to Enlarge.
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Sorry - Don't know why  the mosaics are so small.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One extreme to another...

Oh My !!!   I would have had major issues with this situation (I tend to get claustrophobic)!
 Boxed in with 18 wheelers/transport trucks  - at a complete stand still, and when moving often at only 15 miles per hr. for many miles. Makes me twitch !!

This is a picture my daughter sent when she and family dealt with this situation  recently on a road trip. She said the truck behind them stayed within inches of their back bumper constantly, and they debated whether to call for help as the driver was obviously doing it deliberately .  The problem was caused by construction, and apparently  some did make calls to the HP, as HP and county sheriff officers showed up in the emergency lane, and amazing how some of the "drivers" decided to "not follow so close".
This section of interstate is known for "its issues".
 Fast forward 3 days later:  Oh the joy of living in the country !!  One thing for sure - they have to allow extra time for "traffic conditions" !!
Beautiful Fall day - Harvest time!  Cruising at 5 MPH.
Give me a choice, and I would rather be behind the tractor.
 OK - On to other things: Future Drum Major in training...
 The "Little Redheaded Cupid" has attended so many football games, and band competitions recently she has decided to become a "sideline drum major". Tried to C&P the video, but it is not happening.  Will try again later
Gorgeous Fall weather here this week.  Hope it is where you are also!
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