Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Signs of Spring....

Have really been lax in taking pictures of the beautiful Spring blooms this year, so a few days ago I went on a mission - with camera in hand. Went to the ole standby areas, and was a bit disappointed. Don't know if I was too late or too early.
One mission was to see if there were any signs of the wisteria in bloom on the silos.  It was still just a mass of brown vines - so a bit too early.  The picture in my current header is one I took  5 or 6 years ago. Have taken pics since, however, the color of the blooms was not as vivid.
Did find some daffodils in their glory,
and this lady still had her Spring attire on.
Ms. long neck goose was there, but Mr. was not which is unusual. Usually if you see one, the other is not far away.  They are bad about strolling across the road in the middle of traffic, so hoping he did not meet his demise.
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Dab of This and That....

One sure sign of Spring, is a simple bouquet of daffodils sitting in a sunny window.  Yes - That is the kitty that routinely shows up at daughter's house for a free meal, drink of water, and a warm place for a nap.
One problem, he is liking his "new digs" to much, and senses when they are getting ready to go somewhere, he has to go outside, so has tried to hide under a bed to keep from being put out.  They do learn fast, don't they !
If the blinds and curtains are open during the day, he shows up at the window with a "poor me - let me in look".  At night when all is closed up, he sits at the front door and meows until someone answers his beckoning call.
Not to mention, he now has a name - one of the Grands named him 'Bill".   Oh - and he has found that "the redhead cupid" tends to leave toys on the floor, and he thinks they are there just for him to play with while laying in a sunny spot.
 I get the feeling he thinks he is "in like flint".
So - what does this fur ball think about this "new kid" invading his territory?
On to other Dabs of This and That:  As we all know there are many other signs of Spring other than flowers, fresh cut grass, such as a......
Tubs full of baby chicks and ducks !
  Small problem with going into a store with tubs full of baby chicks and ducks for sale!  Daughter said the "red headed cupid' wanted to take them all home with her.
 I started cleaning up the courtyard, getting it ready for Spring blooms, and in doing so I must has stirred up a "buffet" for the birds. After I came inside, many showed up to feast on earthworms and bugs. Of course every time I started for the door with camera, they took off.  This one shot of a robin (not that good) was taken thru a (dirty) glass door. Yes - I know!  Cleaning glass doors is on my "list".....
Wished I could have gotten a front view, as the colors of his orange chest, black head and yellow beak were very pretty.
Looks like I need to either work on the malibu lights, or pull them out. Between Winter damage and the squirrels, I am not sure if they are still working. Note: Add to "list". 
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hopefully the Last of the Snow for 2015......

Hopefully these will be the last of the snow pics daughter and I take this year.  She took these the same day I took the ones posted in previous post.
What to do when get tired of jumping over the icy spots?
Sit down and rest a bit !
I suspect sitting in the snow did not last very long.
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Am Sure Most.....

out there are tired of the snow, and ready to see flowers, greenery, and maybe the beginnings of  a new vegetable garden.  No vegetable garden is planted here, but I am looking forward to the flowers and greenery in the near future.
In the meantime this is what I have had to look at for the last few days.  Hopefully the last of "that frozen stuff" will be completely melted off in the next day or so.
The azaleas are looking pretty sad right now, but hoping they will recover, and will be blooming in the near future.
I have to admit new fallen snow has a clean fresh look. The problem this time was a heavy layer of ice under it, which made it hard to get around.

But then it becomes an ugly, dirty slush mess.
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Can Dream Can't I.......

Another rainy (thankful not that frozen stuff), dreary, day.
Dreaming of warm weather, sunshine, and pots of flowers setting outside my door.
Spring 2011
Make Note to replace lights on spiral topiaries.  They burned out over a year ago, and forgot to buy new when HL put out their seasonal decor and lights last Summer.  Let me think - they do stock Christmas decor in July don't they?!?!

However, in reality hoping there is not a repeat of this. The snow pic was taken at daughter's house on March 3, 2014.   Talked with her today, and their forecast for mid week is pretty iffy, so there may be a repeat mid week - unfortunately.
March 3, 2014
A little update on the kitty that decided to camp out on their porch.  He disappeared for a week or more, and did not show up for his dinner and makeshift kitty house - could only hope he had found a warmer place to stay. He did return, and apparently where ever he was, he was not being fed, as he had lost  weight.  They started feeding him inside, and letting him stay in to warm up.  He now eats, then curls up under a table by the couch, or by son in law's feet and sleeps for a while, then ready to go back outside.
 Doing the Happy Dance:  Day Light Savings time change in one week !!!!
 Looking forward to more daylight hours and warmer temps!
Just a short ramble from Dab of This and That.
Stay warm and have a great week.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Better Arrive Soon......

Cause she can't get out and dig in the dirt planting, so is going crazy with the paint brush. Daughter sent me a picture of the  inside of her front door that she painted.  She did say the true color is not as bright a yellow as it looks in the pic.
She is still slinging those crochet needles and cranking out throws to keep everyone toasty warm.  Her latest creation....
Update on Kitty:  Some may remember my last post about the kitty that showed up on their front porch looking for a meal and warm spot for the night.  Posted HERE.
He has not been back the last few nights, so hoping he has found a warmer place and is doing well.
"They" are predicting more of that "frozen stuff" tonight and in the morning....
Don't know about you, but I am done with Winter!
I need sunshine and 75 - 80 degree temps!
Just another one of those Dabs of This and That.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Frozen - Not the movie......

What do you do when freezing rain, sleet and snow is predicted.  Take inventory what you need at the grocery, extra drinking water, meds, etc..   Be sure you have stocked up with numerous gallons of water since you  have a well with an electric pump, because if the power goes out - could be a problem.
Be sure you make that infamous "bread and milk" run, and do so before the store shelves look like this (pic a friend sent them).
 Then after you fall asleep the night when the bad weather is suppose to arrive, you are rudely awakened by the sound of sleet and ice pellets  hitting the windows. Then the kiddos are awakened by the noise - gonna be a fun night for sure (bit of sarcasm there).
Day light comes and the frozen precip. continues thru mid day.
Does not look to bad!  Wrong !!!!  That is an inch or more of solid ice, and because the temps stayed below freezing there is no melting.
Schools closed and the kiddos are delighted.  That is ok, it will hit home when they find out they may have to make up days, etc.

Because ice is building up on the power lines and there is a possibility of an outage later, daughter gets busy and makes a pot of lentil chili,
and bakes 4 pans of cornbread (some to be frozen).
You "think"  you are all settled in, have every thing you need, etc.
Then a certain someone needs a "chocolate fix", and the kiddos also decide a treat is in order, etc.  Luckily there had been enough  vehicle traffic on their road during the day that cleared a lane  out to the main road.
Good thing a "milk run" was not needed as they found a repeat their friend found at another store.
Of course a certain "furbaby" is not  concerned about all this as long as his "human slave" has a sufficient supply of kitty food, and  litter in stock. Oh - and a warm place to curl up for one of many daily naps.

Speaking of a warm place to curl  up. This gray kitty has been hanging around their house for a while.  Daughter said he looked healthy as if he belong to someone and/or some one was feeding and taking care of him.  She had not seen him around for some time. Then the night of the sleet and frozen rain, they found him curled up next to their front door.  They gave him food, and a make shift shelter in a crate with towels to block the wind.  When they checked on him the next morning, he was gone.  Not to be seen around all day, then he returned  last night to his sheltered spot,  she gave him food, and he curled up and slept.
He had disappeared again when they got up this morning.
Second day not looking much better.
 Just another Dab of This and That ramble.