Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not much going on in the courtyard on a hot Summer day....
The usual annuals are there, but did make a mistake this year.  For years have planted wax begonias in the wall planters as they  seem to tolerate the heat best.  This year planted impatiens and they are struggling.

These two characters have continued to do their damage.  I think that "tree rat" (squirrel) would look healthier if it would stick to a diet of nuts, acorns and other normal squirrel food, and stop munching on my petunias, and wax begonias.  "Chubs"  the chipmunk has fattened up on something. It digs in the pots uprooting plants, but does not appear to be eating any - so far.
Recent visitors to daughter's flower bed: The frog hangs around if not in the flower bed, then in a potted plant.
One ugly frog!
 One very large moth. Think the wing span gets 5 to 6 ins. or larger.
Not something I would pick to do on a hot Summer day, but she baked 12 loaves (different flavors) of friendship bread to stock the freezer.  To me it is more of a cake instead of a bread.
Chocolate Chip
 None of it will be stored in her vintage bread box, as it is being used for magazines...
  So, what is going on around your abode on a hot Summer day ?
Just another Dab of This and That ramble...

ETA:  Not sure what is going on, but my email account is being flooded with spam, etc.. At first it was going into the spam folder, and now some has spilled into regular mail. Emails that appear to be coming from someone that it is not.
If anyone receives an email that appears to be from me asking for money or any other kind of  help, and/or has an attached link  - DO NOT open as it did not come from me! Please let me know if that happens.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Dab of This and That Ramble....

Wow:  Hard to believe - Left the house midday for an appointment and grabbed a sweater on the way out, as it was a damp/chilly 65 degrees. In the middle of July in the South ?!?
However, looks like we will be back to the normal July weather in the 90's next week.
Major Herb/Spice Clean Out:   One of the many things on my on going "L" was to clean out the section of cabinet I keep spices/herbs and such.  I finally did just that and marked the chore off my list.  As usual I forgot the "before pic".  However, was able to scale it down to this. Yes, there is garlic powder, old bay and couple of other "gotta haves" tucked back in there, and the herbs and spices container now  contains  salt. Talk about just the basics.......
Did a major clean out!  I have a feeling I will be cooking something one day and reach for a certain herb or whatever and it is  not there - then I will remember this day.   Suspect it will be in the Fall when we get in the mood for comfort foods.
Have a feeling any serious cooks seeing this are thinking "are you serious??" LOL
Oh well - at least I can mark the task off my "L".
Another "To Do" marked off the "L":  Have needed to do a major fridge and freezer clean out for a while now and finally broke down and tackled the job.  Shame on me for letting it get so out of control.  Still can't figure out what the brownish/sticky stuff was that dripped from the top shelf down into the veggie bins.
Can't think of the elderly man's name in the early years of SNL, who walked with a cane and would topple over, but at one point, by the time I finished and stood up I thought I was going to topple over like that also. LOL

Note:  It was the old man on Laugh In.  Thanks Susan - You have a better memory than I do.LOL
 Do You Like to Go Camping?  I Do Not!    My idea of camping is a clean, comfortable, motel room with very easy access (meaning walking distance for me or short drive) to some pretty scenery, and some yummy food and drink.  It does not have to be gourmet, just tasty.  Throw a little "fun shopping" in the mix also, and I am a happy camper!  What made me bring this up?  I enjoy reading bloggers posts, and seeing their photos about their  camping trips, outdoor exploring, hiking, etc..  I love beautiful flowers, the gorgeous outdoor scenery "Mother Nature" has gifted us, respect the wildlife and their habitats - now if they are dangerous just be sure "they" keep their distance.  My ideas about camping has nothing to do with "age" and the fact my body does not move like it used to, as I have never been a fan, even in my "younger" years.
How about you - do you like to camp?
Oooops !! Daughter planted what she thought was basil in the Spring - at least that was what the tag said.  Well, it flourished, and she harvested, looking forward to making pesto.  That she did, but one problem!  It was not good! At first she thought it was the wrong kind of basil, but turns out it was oregano.   Apparently the tag got switched at the nursery/store.  Lesson learned - Oregano does not make good pesto!
 Yep! Just another Dab of This and That Ramble.
Enjoy your weekend!
Dab of This and That

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Summer Sunset....

Sharing pics  daughter took while they were waiting for the fireworks to begin...

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Working With the Bling....

As stated in a previous post, I created the center piece/pendant a couple of years ago, by simply attaching a vintage (?) rhinestone pin to a filigree stamping.  It was a toss up between using the premade piece with the white faux pearls (bought at one of the craft stores - don't remember which one) , or scale it down some with something I put together.
Ended up creating the embellishment myself using clear glass beads, gray, faux pearls, and rhinestone rondelles.
The hardest part of this blingy project?  Trying to photograph it to show how it really sparkles.    The end result...
Click on picture to enlarge.

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Hope everyone  enjoyed their holiday weekend.  On July 4th, late afternoon it was only - repeat only 82 deg. outside and 42% humidity.  Wow - unheard of in this part of the country for  July 4th! Beautiful weather!
Dab of This and That

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Dab of This and That Ramble...

Well dang! I typed out this long post, hit publish last night.  It just totally disappeared. It showed up on the reading list as published, but other than that little blurb there, it no long exists.
Well back to the drawing board...
Have you every made sun tea?  I have many years ago.  Daughter likes the mint tea a certain fast food place has this time of the year, but lately rarely has the mint in stock to make it, so she decided to grow her own mint and make her own.

Said she added sweetner and vanilla and it was a winner.
 Their plans for a  regular garden sorta went down the tube this year with so many other things going on, and did not have the time to prepare an area and get it fenced in (lots of wildlife in their area).   However, she did plant some mint, rosemary, basil, lavender among the flowers in a flower bed.
Looks like pesto in the future.  She plans to make up some, freeze in ice cube trays then store for future use.

 One of her knock out roses....
They had some pleasant surprises this Spring seeing what perennials had been planted in the past at their "new to them" home.  Lots of daffodils bloomed in their front yard, and many trees and shrubs they had to research to find out what they had.
I try not to keep frozen treats in the freezer very often - to big of a temptation.  Then a certain blogger by the name of BJ over at Sweet Nothings posted about frozen treats.  So what did I do - I added frozen treats to my grocery list.  I was not to bad - only bought 3 of these little 1/2 pts. (thought it would help me with portion control). Oh my - It was so good!!!

It was hard not to get another one out of the freezer and indulge!  Will blame it on BJ over at "Sweet Nothings".  She often posts on something "yummylicious" to eat. Even cooks her biscuits and orange/cinnamon rolls  in a cast iron skillet!
How about you - got any frozen treats in your freezer?

So this is a shorter version of the original post - my brain is to tired right now to try and remember what all  was in the original post. One thing was about keeping a small amount of money (out of sight of course) in your car in case needed for parking, tolls, etc.. Will rewrite that another time.
Wishing you and yours a safe and very enjoyable
 4th of July Holiday weekend!!!!
Dab of This and That

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Summer Evening Sunset...

Photos of a Summer evening sunset contributed by daughter.
Click on pics to enlarge.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Estate Sale Fix and a Ramble.....

Had been a while since went to an estate sale, and since the heat and humidity is settling in for the Summer, I thought I better stock up on a few bits of bling to work with.
When weather  is extremely hot/humid or cold (especially with frozen stuff), that is usually when I make jewelry.
So checked the sales, and one had pics of lots of bling. Fell out of bed   
Got up early on a Saturday morning, fluffed and puffed a bit (never know when will run into some you know). Did not take time to make coffee - will get some on the run.
Arrived well before published opening time - yeah right! The place was already packed and many already leaving with their purchases. Went inside and immediately to the tables with jewelry - well dang!
This is what was in the ad !
Click on pic to enlarge.
The pile of purple and green in the middle pic appeared to be leftover from a Mardi Gras party , but looked liked there was some possibilities in the boxes, and on the tray in the bottom pic.
Unfortunately for me, apparently someone had inside connections prior to the sale date. Like I said, I arrived well before the open time, and very little was left - most of which was damaged beyond usable, or cheap/plastic from a big box store, etc.
Went thru what little was left and did find a few pieces that had promise.

Have not checked for marks yet, and the dark amber, glass  prism is very heavy, so don't know yet how well it will work in a piece of jewelry. The clear prism is heavy, but usable. The rest consists of a couple of buttons, a couple of clip on earrings, screw on earring (no mates), small pin.  The rest I don't know what they were originally as backs are missing.  Middle piece, bottom row is the only one missing a rhinestone, but pretty sure I can work around that.
There was also a couple of wood doll houses,  lots of miniature furniture, and mini furniture kits for sale.  However, I  already have a lot to work with. - not to mention I have not worked on my dolls houses and minis in a long time.
The estate sale itself, unfortunately was another example of a hoarder, and very ill kept home.
 I checked out the kitchen for any vintage glassware for daughter.  If there had been any, it was already sold.  I can not imagine a meal being prepared in the kitchen.
Heard numerous comments on the situation. One lady said "every time I come in a house like this, I want to go home and clean".  I laughed and said I was glad I was not the only that feels that way.

Did I get a bargain on the bits and pieces of vintage bling? No biggie, but it has gotten harder to find reasonable priced pieces at estate sales.  I seriously think those selling on ebay, etsy and repurposing have their connections/friends with the companies holding the sales. Have seen a big difference the last couple of years.

All just part of the hunt!!
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Stopped at a yard sale not far from the estate sale. Gorgeous - Repeat Gorgeous home ! Did not appear to have anything in the sale I was interested in,  but wish I had thought to bring camera along to take pics of the house and surrounding  neighborhood. But then may have been chased off by a security company.  I decided to explore a bit and drove around the area. I knew the area was known for its beautiful homes, but it had been while since I had been in the neighborhood.
Well...Driving around the area got me lost!!!  Saw a lady walking and asked her how to get back to a certain street, and turned out it was the next corner just ahead.
Would have kept going and found my way out on my own, but noticed my gas was getting "low, very low"

Quick stop at McD's for a sausage/egg biscuit and coffee. One bite - biscuit dry and coffee not made the way ordered.

Had thought to take grocery list along,  so stopped and took care of that chore. Check out at the grocery store will definitely send your bank account into shock.
Oh - rewrapped and put Mc biscuit in purse and took inside so would not spoil in hot car. Knew those huge purses came in handy for something!

Got home, cold/frozen stuff where it needs to go (including the sausage, egg biscuit), enjoyed lunch, cooled down - Then light bulb came on!!!        Dab of This and That - You did not fill up the gas tank, the mail is still in your purse that you should have taken to post office, not to mention you forgot to get the car washed.  Back out - bought gas, mail to post office - car  washed (?). NO --- Dang thing out of order again.

Oh! The next day, heated up  the sausage, egg, and slathered some butter and cherry preserves on the biscuit after zapping it in the microwave for 7 or 8 secs.. Made for a tasty, quick brunch.
Don't you love it when I add all those unnecessary Dabs of information ?!? What can I say - It is hot and humid outside, blogger's reading list has gone bonkers, so hard to find out who posted recently, and I am not in the mood to tackle anything on the "L" right now.

Another Dab of This and That Ramble...

ETA: Thank You Blogger!!!! Typed this ramble of a post yesterday, and when logged in to my account  this morning the "reader's list" had been repair. Doing the "Happy Dance"!

Car wash repaired, so finally got car washed today. One problem - the grounds crew just came thru with their turbo blowers and left a coat of dust on everything. Sigh!!!!!