Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dab of This and That

Today has been one of these days (magnet that hangs on my fridge ).
The last two nights we have had thunder storms roll thru during the wee hours of the morning, and very rudely interrupted my sleep, which has gotten out of whack anyway. I had plans to get a few things accomplished today, but instead have been walking around like a zombie.

One thing I did accomplish yesterday, was to decide on the new flooring for my kitchen/dining area. To be honest, I got tired of looking. The tiles on there now have separated in places and the adhesive is surfacing where separated, then dirt sticks to it - well you get the picture.

I got the choice down to these two. I like the colors in the one on the left, but not the finish (very dull). I brought several samples home of the lighter tile look, and most would take on a yellow or pink tint, when next to the beige carpet that it will be next to.
It was hard to decide, as I did not want something that looked like it belonged strictly in a kitchen, since the space is so open. So - ended up going with the slate tile look. If all goes well, it will be installed next week.

What do you think? If you had this light fixture hanging over your dining table, would you replace it with a different style? Yeah - I know - it is dated! Anyone close to my age remembers these light fixtures, when they were popular many, many years ago - late 60's thru mid 70's. I bought it from someone years ago, at a great price. Well great until he broke one of the panels in it when delivering it to me. I bought it anyway and took it to a man that worked on stained glass and he was able to replace the broken panel. It hung in my blue and white kitchen, where use to live, and has hung over my dining table since moving here years ago. I will probably decide after the new floor goes in and I get the green and white wallpaper covered up. I already have someone wanting it, if it is replaced.
You can click on the picture to enlarge.


Just a Dab of This and That!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


PAT said...

I like your choice of flooring, Glenda. It does, indeed, have the look of slate.

We had a storm roll through last night. I think those storms just roll on down the Mississippi! My sleep patterns are whacky too.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I love the slate look and it will be so easy to take care of and toast crumbs will not show at all!!!!! xo Joan@ anythinggoeshere

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The new floor will look great! I love those colors! Hmmm I would have to take a look at light fixtures, there are so many cool one's now. We've had these storms also and today was a total loss as to getting anything done.

susan said...

ps-I love your gifts from Laurie!!! They are perfect for you. So glad you won!

susan said...

I don't know what happened to the comment before the ps?? Love your floor choice. I thought it was real slate. I spent part of yesterday looking and backsplash tile and am thoroughly confused! No storms but no sleep for me either :(

mustard seeds said...

Good choice on the flooring. I reallt like the slate look.

Sue said...

Glenda, I like your choice of flooring. Dark backgrounds definitely hide little crumbs and other things that fall or get left behind by people who "forget" to wipe their feet at the door! LOL
Hey, if you like your light fixture- keep it. No one should dictate what you have as a decoration/accessory. Go with your gut, girl!
It's semi-rainy here. Dull, gray skies. BUT... little humidity today. That is a plus. Ohio is way too humid for me. Give me my home state of New Mexico, where residents think it's humid out when there is 15% humidity. ha ha
hugs, Sue

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, I love getting new flooring!!! I can't wait to see it installed. It's really beautiful.
Wow!!! All the bird gifts you received from 'Ice cream for two' are amazing. You are one lucky girl...I loved them all!
I hope you've caught up on your sleep. : )

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Glenda, I like the flooring a lot.

As far as the light fixture goes. Do you like it? That is all that matters. Styles come and go, don't they. If I like something...it doesn't matter one whit whether it is in style or not. Ha.

Hugs, barb ♥

Pondside said...

Slate is so easy to care for - I wish I'd had it when my children were small. Like the previous writer, I say that you should keep the lamp if it suits you.....but be careful because once you start changing things you may find that, like us, you're on a roll!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Love the new flooring! I do remember those light fixtures. I would probably change it...but that doesn't mean you should. I believe you should live with what you love...if you still love it, work with it!

Cass @ That Old House said...

OK, now until you pointed it out to me, I truly had NOT noticed any "mess" in the dining room -- and if you call that a mess my dear, well then you are an amateur in making messes! Mine are MUCH bigger than that!

I LOVE the flooring you chose, it is gorgeous! And I think you are right in waiting to make a decision on the light fixture. It's pretty, but sometimes even pretty things outstay their welcome, and are just perfect for someone else. You'll know when you get everything else done.

It's going to be great!

A New England Life said...

I like the flooring. It won't be to dark, will it?

And yes, I would definitely replace the light. Time for something a bit more modern.

Don't feel bad about the stuff on the table, at least it's organized! You would NOT want to see my kitchen counter. It's a perpetual hurricane in progress.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Glenda, I love your choice of flooring, the colors are awesome.
I sometimes struggle with working in the shop and telling myself NO.. lol... but for the most part have to realize it's for others..
We had a major storm move through last night, lots of rain and thunder and lightening, now once again very humid outside. Not as bad as yesterday though, it was a steam bath around here.
hugs ~lynne~

From the Kitchen said...

Aren't dining room tables supposed to look like that when one isn't dining? As for the light, I love the color. Do you want something different? Larger? Otherwise, I think it works with the wall color. We have a debate about our dining room light fixture too. I like it but am tired of it. I'd actually like an Italian crystal one but I'd have to move and have a dining room twice the size we have now. Guess you'd say that fixture is out of our price range!!


Joyce said...

I had the same light fixture in the early 70s in yellow/gold. It broke when we moved one year or else I would probably still have it. At the time I was so in LOVE with this light fixture and it cost a pretty penny and was a gift to us from my Godmother. It was all the rage back then. You are asking the wrong gal for advice as I am decorator challenged. I can only advise you if you were playing with Flour:-)

Tina said...

I like the light fixture. Every room needs a conversation piece. You are the best!