Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking a Break

Just to let you know, I am taking a bit of a break from posting. I will still be checking in on occasion to see what everyone is doing. Hope you all have a safe and fun filled Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Things

Flowers are definitely one of my favorite things.
Other things going on, so have not been roaming around taking pictures very much lately. So dug around in my photos and came up with this mosaic of some pics I took of the flowers in my courtyard a few weeks ago, before the heavy rains the end of April and first of May. Most everything has perked back up, except for the Azaleas and of course they won't re-bloom - well one of them may or may not bloom a little more when Summer starts to wind down. The Phlox and Iris are done for the year also.
Click mosaic, then click again to enlarge.
I will be linking up with "A Few of My Favorite Things Saturday" hosted by Laurie @

Be sure and visit Laurie to see what she, and the other participants have to share with us this week. Thanks Laurie for hosting again this week.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dab of This and That

I was sitting here at the computer one morning, drinking my morning coffee, looking at flooring and paint colors and happened to look up and saw my own personal rainbow across from me. The sun was shining in on a crystal candle stick on the dining table and created a pretty reflection.
Took pics., sat down and about a minute later looked up and it had traveled up the wall! Nice way to start the day! :D
I know one thing for sure - It is a good thing I never tried to be an interior decorator! I would have starved to death if I had to make a living as one. I have spent so much time lately trying to make decisions on what color to paint a bedroom, what flooring to use in the kitchen/dining area, and my brain felt fried just looking at all the choices of tile for a bathroom. Not to mention the permanent crick in my neck I have acquired from looking up at hanging lighting fixtures. I can walk into a room full of what ever I need to buy, no price tags on anything, and I promise you the one thing I pick out will be the most expensive and out of my budget !! Bottom line - I have champagne taste with a beer pocketbook ! Now you can see why my "To Do" list is so long (well that, on computer to much , and procrastination).
Now on to more important things - FOOD!!!!!
On one of my "drain bamaged" non-decision making days, I decided I wanted something to eat that I like, but I don't make very often - kraut and and smoked sausage. I can hear some of you now going Ewwwwwww! :D Photobucket
Growing up, it was kraut and wieners and we always had mashed potatoes with it. I prefer the smoked sausage and mac and cheese as a side (Stouffers' - saves a lot of work). :D And of course - I served it on fine china by Dixie. :D Hey, it saved a lot of cleanup.

Just another Dab of This and That !
Hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

First - I want to wish all the Mothers out there in "Blogland" a very "Happy Mother's Day".

These are some pictures I took around the neighborhood prior to the heavy rains/storms last weekend.
Click mosaic, then click again to enlarge photos.

It has been a busy week - just "Stuff" that needed to be taken care of, places to go, things to do, etc.. We all know about all that "Stuff" that we have to do whether we want to or not. :) The weather has been beautiful this week! This part of the country really needed a break from all the rain, storms & devastation from last weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and again "HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND". Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1, 2010

I feel sure, anyone with a TV, radio or computer knows about the rain, tornadoes, and storms that have plagued the MidSouth/South all weekend and still moving thru causing so much devastation and loss of life. :( I have stayed high and dry, however not everyone has been so fortunate.

My daughter lives approx. 100 miles further North, and they watched as the water kept rising until it reached their porch last night. They were among the fortunate ones, as it started going down at that point. She said they did not go to bed until almost daylight this morning, as they were afraid the water would come in the house - after they waded in "knee deep" water to retrieve some shoes that floated out of the carport.

I do know, there are a lot of fellow bloggers in "blogland" that live in the MidSouth/South that have already experienced these storms, and many more that are in the path of these storms. I think I heard earlier today, that a state of emergency has been declared in Jackson and surrounding area, due to flooding and crumbling roads, etc. Nashville, Franklin and outlying areas are being bombarded as I sit here typing. The flooding going on in Nashville right now is devastating. The rain/storms are headed NE, so anyone in their path - please take cover. If you believe in the power of prayer, I feel sure the many victims of these storms/flooding would appreciate your prayers.

Lets just say, I spent a lot of time "taking cover " in the bathroom this weekend. The sun is shining here now as I type and they are saying we are "out of the woods" this go around, and suppose to have nice weather the next several days.
Dab of This and That:
I took this picture of my courtyard about 1 1/2 weeks ago - sure does not look like that now! But the predicted sunshine should take care of that, except for the azaleas as most of the blooms were stripped off from the heavy rains. Waiting till things dry up a bit, before I go out to clean up the storm debris. I am not complaining, I feel fortunate that is the only cleanup I have to do from the storms.
So - What did I do when not huddled in the bathroom and praying? Looked at paint charts as I hope to get some painting done in a couple of weeks, finished up a couple of jewelry projects and things such as that.

Hope everyone has a great week.