Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cobalt Blue

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. We are getting some much needed rain right now, but does not look like it will last very long.

If I had to pick a favorite shade of blue, it would be cobalt blue. Where I use to live, my kitchen was white and cobalt blue. When I moved here I got rid of most of the blue items, but did keep a few things and they are all in the kitchen/dining area. I don't think there is any blue in any of the other rooms.
These are some vases I bought at the Wm. Sonoma outlet many years ago and they have been on top of the china cabinet for several years. Where they rarely got dusted!

Not any longer! I decided they needed a change - I really like the way they look with the light shining thru them, especially in the mornings.
Click picture to enlarge.

I just remembered some cobalt glasses, pitcher, and bottle I use for a bud vase, but they are tucked away in the cabinet, so I won't bother them. Actually I am to lazy to get them out, photo and add to the mosaic.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Little Bling

Today was the first day in a long time I was able to spend some time outside without "glistening"! :-D I think the high was 88 today, and we have had low humidity and a clear blue sky all day. Ahhh! I even had the slider open for a while this morning to let fresh air in - has been a long time since I have done that.
Was going thru some pieces of jewelry I have had a long time, to see if I could repurpose some pieces I rarely/if ever wear anymore and ran across this necklace. This one will not be repurposed. I bought it at a flea market in the 80's - don't remember exactly what I paid for it, but thinking about $6. I remember the vendor saying she would not take less because it was an old piece. It is a vintage "Coro" piece (marked on back) , and intact. I tried to get a photo to show the true color of the setting - I guess you could call it a very dark amethyst color. Just thought I would share it with you

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Anyone have anything exciting planned for the weekend? What ever you do, hope you have a great one!!

ETA: Update on that "yucky" thing hanging over my courtyard. The tree it is in, is my neighbor's and he said he would get rid of it - hopefully real soon. The problem is, it is up pretty high, so not sure how he will get rid of the thing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Hard to believe my courtyard looked like this a few months ago. These are some pictures I took early one evening in April when everything was in bloom.
Click on mosaic to enlarge.
It looks pretty sad now, since it has been so hot for so long. About the only blooms I have left are some sad looking wax begonias. I usually have some pots of blooming plants that hang on until the first frost, but don't think that will happen this year.
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Have a great week!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just Trying to Stay Cool

It has been so hot, even the hyper squirrels around here are stretched out in the shade. This character and one of his buddies chased each other up and down, and all around the tree, until this one plopped down on the fence as if to say "I need a break - it is HOT".
What have I been doing today to avoid the heat? Making jewelry!! I had to put all the bling away while all the other projects were going on and company here. Yesterday I pulled my supplies out and decided to play for a while. Started on a necklace and realized I did not have what I need to finish the project, so thew it in a plastic bag and started a new project. Does that not sound like what happens when working on a household project - becoming a common occurrence around here!
No vintage repurposed here. I bought this chain at a bead show some time ago and was saving it for something special. Why something special you ask? Because I think I paid to much for it to begin with. However, that special project just never happened. Anyway, my end result - The different shapes are dyed mother of pearl shell, and dyed fresh water pearls. The first 2 pictures are closer to the real colors.

I played around with the photo a bit ...... another thing I have been doing lately when it is to hot to play outside. :-D

No creativity involved here. I bought these parrot charms a while back - thought they were old, unusual, and I had found something a little different. Well - I was in for a surprise! Did some research and turns out they are very common. Oh well! Live and learn. Made a necklace and a pair of earrings.
My mosaic for the week ......................

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrifty Buy and A Ramble

Found this box at HL a while back on the clearance isle. I plan to group it with a black urn and candle on a small shelf over the TV - that is, if the weather cools off enough and humidity goes down, so I can spray paint the urn.
The handle was loose, but pulled out the screw driver and cured that problem.
I was not about to leave it at the store at that price - $2 ! The bottom is a little scuffed up, but no one is going to see it anyway - Well did and you won't tell will you? :D
Last trip I made to HL they had some things 90% off, but it was picked over, so left empty handed.
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THANKS: Thanks for all the nice comments about the new flooring. I really like the way it looks and it is easy on the feet also.

WELCOME: Welcome, to all the readers (followers) who have joined in . I have a tendency to ramble sometimes, so hope I doesn't get to boring for you. :-D

SPEAKING OF RAMBLING: I went on a mission recently to find dry erase markers that were NOT low odor , for a couple of my Grands, as they were on the school supply list and my daughter had not had any luck finding them where she lives. I am not sure what the deal is about "No low odor". Can you imagine being in a classroom full of children using them at the same time - stinky!! :-D I found them (original ink) at office depot , and told my Daughter to be sure and ask the teachers the reason for the "No low odor".
My Grands go back to school Aug. 9th - I remember when school did not start til the day after Labor Day !!

I am still slowly, but surely cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets, etc., around here. Clothes and shoes going to GW, some to the garbage. The "other stuff" is being boxed, bagged up with a "?" mark. Not sure it is worth having a garage sale at my Daughter's in the Fall. I use to do pretty good at having sales, but the last 2 were not worth the time and effort.

Hope you have a good week !
Another hot week ahead here !