Friday, December 30, 2011

Wishing Everyone a Very....


Here's hoping 2012 will be a much better year than 2011 (at least in my situation). The year 2011 had a lot of "rough spots" in the road for me - some of which caused some bumps and bruises that are still lingering.
Will I be making any New Year's Resolutions ? No - Stopped doing that years ago, as I was not very good at keeping them anyway. Sooo............................

Here's To A Wonderful New Year ! ! !


Monday, December 26, 2011

It Has Come and Gone........

Hope everyone has enjoyed the Holidays. After all the decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping - and in a blink of the eye, it is over with for another year. I cut back in a lot of ways this year and I have to admit, I did not miss a thing that did not get done. I indulged and ate a few things that I don't eat often, but don't think I did to bad.

I Missed it: Just found out recently, a large antique mall that has been in business for a long time, closed its' doors recently. They had an auction a couple of weeks ago, and I keep thinking about a very large display of vintage and antique rhinestone bling and wonder if it was auctioned off, or the dealer removed it prior to the sale. Don't know how I missed this one, as I check the estates sales/auctions for the area. Probably best for my bank account that I did not know.

Project on my mind: I have been thinking some time about creating a new workspace, where I can work on jewelry, and be able to stop in the middle of a project and not have to put every thing away to clear the dining table. Thought about converting a china cabinet and having a work area that could be folded up in the cabinet when not in use, but a piece would have be removed and that particular piece is a support post - not gonna work. So far the solution to the problem - get rid of one of the doll houses and that has caused some "looks and comments" from certain people.......................... back to the drawing board.

Among many other things I plan to accomplish this next week, is to redo my infamous "To Do" lists. I know - Some of you are probably saying "yeah right - her and those on going "to do" lists". Yep! Those are the ones!
I am constantly jotting down things I need to get done, so I need to prioritize that list, and then get a reality check and redo the "would like to do" list.

Sooooo.......................What is on your agenda for this week ?
What ever your plans - have a great week !!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Just to Wish You a Very


Hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of the year ! !


Monday, December 19, 2011

Dab of This and That

When they are just learning to pull up and walk, we cheer them on with words of encouragement like " big girl - you can do it", and when they take a step or two - you clap and cheer for them. Thennnnnn.........When they go after everything in sight, and you move like you have not moved in years to retrieve a breakable object she proudly holds up with a great big smile as if to say "lookie what I found". Not to mention she has that great big smile, because she was proud she was able to get out of your sight, open the cabinet and clear its' contents in record breaking time.

It has been a very busy, and enjoyable weekend. We had our main holiday get together with lots of good food, good company and some very nice gifts exchanged. It all came and went so fast. Spent this morning swiffering up the crumbs, wiping itty bitty finger prints off the glass doors, etc., etc. I had all these plans to do lots of finger foods for the event, but somewhere that idea went by the wayside, but it was all good. Now I need to work the carbs off.

Welcome to my "New Readers" (followers): With other things going on I have not paid enough attention to my "Readers" (followers) list in a while. My apology!!!! Looks like I have some new readers - Welcome !! Will tell you what I tell everyone else - I tend to ramble some times, so hope I don't get to boring for you.
I did notice that I have lost a few also. Must have gotten to boring for them.

Thank You: I really did some "slacking" when it came to decorating for holidays the last year. So just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone that has shared their holiday decorations with us all. I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting around "the land of blog" and seeing all the beautiful trees, wreaths, etc. Lots of talented, creative people out there.

Memories: While working on jewelry recently and the tv was on, but not really paying attention to what was on. Then heard a familiar song from the 60's on a PBS program. It was a concert, songs from the 60's, and the songs were sung by the original artists. Wow! Have we changed!!!! Thank goodness for hair color - I see I am not the only one that uses the stuff !!!! :-D We really had a lot of great music back then ! Makes me want to get up and dance like I use to - Oooops! Never mind! I forgot - I can't move like that anymore ! :-D

:-((( While I am sitting here typing this post, the yard crew came thru and blew a bunch of leaves into my courtyard. After I spent all that time cleaning them out a couple of days ago ! :-(((
Closing this post, before I start typing what I am thinking right now !! @!!?&%$@ :-(

Just another Dab of This and That.
Have a great week !!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Train Load of Bling

Finished the last three necklaces for some young ladies...........
Kept these these fairly simple, due to the ages of the recipients.

I found the pendants/charms at Michaels (used a coupon and were either 40 or 50% off - forgot). They were attached, chain style, but I took them apart and used them as individual pendants, attached a semi precious stone bead (probably agate) and tiny glass bead at the end. Would have preferred a different chain, and will replace it if can find something I like better - which better be soon as I am running out of time.
Linking to Leigh @ "Thrifty Thursday".

Have a great weekend !!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Three More to Go

When I went to the bead show last month, I got two rough cut amethyst pendants to make necklaces for 2 on my gift list. They were very inexpensive as they are rough cuts with imperfections - but I thought they were pretty.
In the works.................
I also used some silver plated filigree beads and very light purple fluorite (?) nugget beads, and came up with this design. I have a ? mark beside fluorite, because they were not labeled and I failed to ask the vendor what they were. Hate when I do that, as I am not knowledgeable enough when it comes to gemstones. Anyone know if that is what they are?
Anyway - Finished product ...........

Still have three more necklaces to make this week (not like this), finish a menu and shopping list for a house full, change bed linens in the guest room, etc., etc. Bottom line - I need to get busy - and why am I on the computer ?!?!

Linking up with Kim @ "Wow Us Wednesday".Leigh @ "Thrifty Thursday"
Thank You Ladies for hosting events - You are appreciated.
Hope you are having a great week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dab of This and That

What I woke up to this morning.........
I think "they" said we got about an inch of the white stuff by the time it stopped. Ok - that is enough - I am ready for Spring already.

On to other things: The wreaths that laid on the counter for days finally got hung one day last week,
and I finally decided to go ahead and put up a tree. However, instead of the usual 7 footer , I bought a 4 foot, prelit one in an urn and just used the dark cranberry and gold ornaments with a little gold bead garland. Can't see very well in picture, but there is a gold glittered snow flake on the top. I had planned to put it on the table behind the love seat, but that did not work out. Never mind the box of ornaments in the chair - I am still "tweaking" .........Maybe I should have gone with my regular tree.
I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I was thinking about NOT putting up a tree at all this year, but I got to thinking (dangerous - I know) . It would be the first year in my life I did not have a Christmas tree and that is "....." years.
I am really running behind in decorating. For years, the tree and other assorted decorations have been up before everyone arrives for Thanksgiving and more often than not, many packages already wrapped under the tree. Not this year.

Just a Ramble: Was out and about most of the day on Saturday - great weather .
One place I planned on going to was HL - NOT !! The parking lot looked liked a zoo, so ditched that idea. Did get a lot other stops accomplished - including DT. I needed to stock up on the aluminum large roasting pans and other sizes. $1 each and the lasagna size I get for casseroles, dressing and the like, you can get 2 for $1 - much higher at the grocery store. Love those things when cooking for a crowd and don't want the massive cleanup afterwards. Not to mention, my casserole dishes are not large enough for the amount I need to prepare.
The main reason for the trip to DT, was cloths for the swiffer. I use to buy the ones there - more in a box and only a $1, instead of the swiffer brand as they are expensive. Well...It seems DT has not had any the last few times I went. Don't know if so many people found out about them and keep them bought out, or they just no longer carry them. Anybody know ?
Another item on the list - aluminum foil. Charged for it on the receipt, but it never made it home with me. Hate when that happens, but not worth the hassle to try and recover the $1 loss.
Went in for a couple of items and came home with 27 (charged for 28).

An observation: I have noticed some bloggers referring to one of our favorite haunts as Hob Lob, and just thought that was a term used around "the land of blogs". Then I got my bank statement and noticed they used Hob Lob on the debit card transaction. :D

Just another Dab of This and That.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

I was out and about for several hours yesterday, and had planned to take pictures of outside decorations around the area, but traffic was heavy and I was always in the wrong lane to pull over, etc. So, this is a rerun of pictures I took 2 years ago of gingerbread houses where I attended a luncheon. I am sure many of you remember seeing them before.

Linking with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday".

Have a great week!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mission - Not Accomplished

If any one had been at my house today, it would not have been hard for them to figure out why I did not get much accomplished. I started the day determined to work on the "clean out mission" I started long time ago - you are probably already saying "yeah - right".
Step #1: Clean out and organize living room closet . Now let me explain - This is a major project here !! This closet serves as a coat closet, storage for everything from gift wrapping supplies to painting supplies, who knows what those odd cords/controls go to, tools such as power drill, leaf blower (don't ask), 2 step stools, shredder, vacuum cleaner, extra large tray, table leaf, etc. etc. Not to mention a bag of leftover wallpaper from the previous owners - Now that is scarey as I can't wait to get off what was put on the walls. Well - You get the picture.
Did I finish - NO! Why? I ran across a box of movies (old VHS) and I had to stop, go thru them to determine if I should keep. Which reminded me that I had some CD's I wanted to go thru. The problems with that decision - they were in a drawer "upstairs". So.....Upstairs I go...distracted from the "closet clean out". Ran across some Christmas music CD's I have had for some time. It is that time of the year - gotta check them out - right???? Then....Ran across a DVD of pictures taken of my family reunions starting in the 70's ........Wow! I did not have wrinkles back then!!!

My mission for the day ? Not accomplished !
Need I say more...............................

Just realized I did not have a picture for this post....Sorry - To busy looking at old pictures and reminiscing about the days gone by (can't believe I use to wear a 2 piece bathing suit).

Have a great weekend !


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Want to Wish You a .......

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!
Dab of This and That
Have a fun and safe holiday !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favorite Kind of Shopping

I have been on a "shopping free diet" for some time now, with the exception of the necessities. Still on a mission to "clean out" around here, and I have not worked on that mission for some time now due to other "stuff" going on.. Of course "necessities" does include jewelry making supplies, so made a trip to a bead show last weekend.

Replaced my supply of rhinestone balls and rondelles, some vintage flatware pendants. Also found some chain with beads already added and a locket that I plan to add a bit of bling.
Of course gotta have beads and a few pendants............
Now I just need to get busy - Christmas is not that far off.

It is that time of the year - More lists to be made! Decorate for the holidays, gifts to be bought/made and wrapped, cards to be addressed and mailed, the "to do" list to get the house in order for company (especially since you are still finding pieces of last year's Christmas tree between the carpet and baseboard), and that mile long grocery list to make all those yummy dishes that we indulge in only once a year, and those social obligations you had rather NOT deal with. WOW! That is a long sentence! :-D

I made the comment recently that I may not put up a Christmas tree this year and thought I was going to insight a riot ! For many years I have put it up before everyone is here for Thanksgiving as the Grands look forward to it so much - almost like the beginning of their Christmas festivities. Hard to believe the holidays are here again - Guess I need to make a decision pretty soon..........
How about you - do you put up a tree every year ?

What ever your plans are for the weekend - Have a great one!

Friday, November 11, 2011

An Old Cemetary

Most of what is going on around the "Dab of This and That" house these days are not things to post about. So..... I dug around in my pictures, and these are some I took when in Franklin, TN about 3 yrs. ago. After starting this post, I remembered I posted over 2 1/2 yrs. ago about visiting the old cemetery, so some of you may remember seeing them already.
Click on picture to enlarge.
This couple had 3 children and all died very young - very sad.

Took some of them to picasa and did a little editing.
The pictures pretty much speak for them self.............

Just a different effect............

Linking up with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday".

Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Butterfly Necklace

When my home/life was violated, I mentioned to a few that I may not continue with my hobby of repurposing vintage/old jewelry and I got fussed at big time. So.... I decided I would continue to do so as it is something I enjoy doing so much, but this time on a smaller scale.

I have gradually been replacing some of my supplies. Recently I spent some time doing a little organizing, clean up and taking apart some vintage pieces that were past their prime - a few I found when out "junkin" few weeks ago, a couple of necklaces I bought in 70 or 80's (have not worn in many years - 90's maybe) I salvaged the glass beads and filigree bead caps. But, most importantly, some so very pretty pendants and charms that were sent to me from a special lady. You know who you are and you are #1 on my "I owe you" list :-D.

Many times I will take a piece that would be a great focal piece, match up with beads/chain, charms, etc., that I think will go well together and put in a small plastic bag. I call them "inspiration bags" and it gives me a good starting point when I take the time to sit down and finish creating a piece. In doing this today, many times I thought I can use "such and such" with that. Then reality kicked in and I remembered "such and such don't live here any more".
I had quiet a few of the "inspiration bags" made up and in one of the containers of supplies that was taken.
I was half way thru my first creation since August and remembered - you are suppose to have a "before" picture.......
And after......

I have tried numerous times to capture the true color of the beads, and since I am using a camera I know nothing about, I did not have much luck. The glass pearls are sort of a dark ivory and the smaller glass beads are an extreme dark copper to dark brown (hard to describe).

Linking @ Cindy's "Show and Tell Friday"

A cold front and rain is on its way - Good day to stay in and and get caught up on a few things (or not). What ever your plans for the day - Have a great one.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just a Daisy

After a hot/dry Summer, the only real blooms in my courtyard right now are some ragged looking begonias. So dug around in my photos and found one to play around with - flowers from last Mothers' Day .
Same photo, but did a little editing......
Linking up with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday"

Just a Note: I am having a problem leaving comments on some of the blogs - getting the "Service Unavailable" error message. I don't feel picked on, as I have read that some others have had the same problem. I guess blogger is working on something. Just wanted to let you know I am still visiting around when I have a chance.

Just Another Note: Recently, I noticed that on the majority of blogs I was visiting and clicking on a picture to enlarge it, it would go into a slideshow mode. The first thought I had was "what did I accidentally click that caused this"? Then I got the bright idea to see if it was doing the same on mine and it was, so decided I needed to check out "blogger" to see what was going on. I changed the setting back the way it was on my blog. Just curious - Which setting do you prefer?
Make Note: Check updates on "blogger buzz" more often.

Got big plans for the weekend? Whatever your plans - Have a great one!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dab of This and That

Above picture from Fall 2010.
Just a quick post - Most of what has been going on has not been blog worthy.

I have enjoyed visiting around the land of blog and seeing all the pretty Fall decorating everyone is doing. Would like to say I have accomplished the same, but I have not. I did replace a couple of dead potted plants in the courtyard with some pots of faux mums I already had, to add some color and picked up an ornamental kale/cabbage last weekend. Plan on getting a pumpkin and some real mums, but put it off til the daytime temps are a little cooler so maybe they will last a bit longer. Also, most of the mums I have seen so far have already bloomed out and won't last much longer.
Fall decorating inside so far - Non existent! Unless, you want to count the peanut butter cup wrappers that are orange (finished off the m&m's last night). :-D

Checked out the list of estates sales for this weekend and don't see anything of interest. I did see where one listed jewelry as "gold, silver, costume (No scrap) sorry". Sounds like they had heard many inquiring about pieces to repurpose in the past, so would get the word out ahead of time.

Great weather predicted for the weekend - hope it is in your area also. Have a great weekend whatever your plans are.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sidetracked Again

Last time I posted, I was off to mark a few things off the to do list, and run some errands - some of which were very important! You know - Go to the grocery store so you will have something healthy to eat, pharmacy for whatever, trip to the post office to mail some checks to pay some bills so important things don't get cancelled - you know the drill.

Well.....I got sidetracked (whats new). I remembered a thrift store that starts marking certain things down on Thursdays and since I am working on replenishing my supply of bling to work with, I headed that way. Had not been there in a while as the last few times I have been there did not have much luck, and this trip was not any different. Told the clerk what I was looking for and she said "oh yes, all that old rhinestone stuff sells fast" - I am hearing that more and more these days. I did get 2 pairs of old clip ons from the 70' or 80's and not sure about the necklace, but thought I could use the pendant part.
Went by another thrift shop that I have not been to in a while. When I pulled up and started to get out of the car, a man stepped out of the motorcycle repair place behind it and said "the thrift shop is closed". Guess I did not look like a motorcycle rider and was not there to visit his place of business. :-D Thanked him for the "info" and moved on. Further down the road, stopped in an antique mall . Another place I have not been to in a while and remembered why, as many of the vendors are trying to pay off their mortgage with just a couple of sales.
Did get these 2 reproduction pieces, and even tho one is a very small frame, I am thinking I can convert it to a pendant - will see. The smallest heart is a pin.
Found a few vintage buttons - nothing to get excited about, but a start.
Linking up with Linda @ "Nifty Thrifty Tuesday" .
Leigh @ "Thrifty Thursday"

So....What happened to my list of errands? The checks to pay the bills got mailed, went by a local spot and got their salad sampler to go, and never made it to the grocery or pharmacy .
The salad sampler - Delish, but was a salt overload, and days later I am still dealing with that.

On a side note - finally made it to the grocery this morning (3 days later). The rest of the list ? Well...........Lets just say, it is a beautiful day and I could use some vitamin D.

Have a great week !

Friday, September 30, 2011

Short Post

Just a couple more of the pictures that I took 2 years ago.

Linking up with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday"

The weather here has been beautiful the last several days, and according to the weather man, there will be more of the same this next week. Hope it is as nice in your part of the world.
Have a great week !

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dab of This and That

A couple of years ago, about this same time of the year, I stopped in a florist/decor/gift shop to purchase a couple of candles. The Fall displays and flowers were beautiful, so asked permission to take some pictures and explained how I would use them in my blog. They gave permission (very reluctantly I might add), so I took some pictures, thanked them, paid for my candles and left. As it turned out, most of the pictures were not all that good and I ended up deleting the majority of them. Must have had the camera on the wrong setting, as most are a bit out of focus. Also, I the lighting was not great for picture taking and I did not want to use the flash in the shop. Recently I was digging around in my pictures, looking for some with a touch of Fall and decided to take a few of them to picasa and see if I could improve on them a bit.

I think ornamental cabbages are so pretty .......

Linking up with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday"

Great weather predicted here for this next week and hope it is the same in your area.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Blog Because.....

Because every post needs a picture.........
One of Granddaughter's B.Day cakes (No - I did not make it).:)
I was told the black icing tasted like chocolate - I did not try it myself - just something about black food! :D

A while back I started a post about why I blog and what I have gained in doing so - ended up hitting the "delete" button. I also had started a post about "the other side" of blogging that I have seen and was afraid what I was trying to say might be misinterpreted - again I clicked "delete".
One of our fellow bloggers Sue @ " I Need Mom" , did a post not long ago on "Why Do You Blog" and it was interesting reading the comments. Instead of writing a book in her comment section and her kicking me out, I decided to post on this also. Started this post in August and just now finishing it up. Slow - I know !

I started reading blogs a long time ago (years ago) - don't remember exactly when. I was trying to remember recently the first one I read, how I found it and when, but can't remember. Age does that you know! I took the plunge November 2008, and started on my own personal journey. Had no clue what I was doing and still don't. I originally started blogging because of my 2 main hobbies - Repurposing vintage/old jewelry and 1/12 scale miniatures & doll houses. Also small "redo" projects around my home. I enjoy communicating with people with the same interests. I don't watch a lot of television (especially daytime TV), can't read for long periods of time as I get sleepy (don't want to sleep my life away), and I am not one to just "do nothing". Also, most everyone I know still works, and I needed something to do to "keep me out of trouble and off the streets". :-D
As time went by, I found that I have steered away from some of the original reasons and have a tendency to ramble and post about a little bit of everything.
Things going on that I do not post about.
Bottom line?!?! Things change ! Good thing I named my blog "Dab of This and That" ! :-D

Now - I need to get off this computer, vacuum up the hickory nut shells that got tracked in last weekend, clean out leftovers from the family get together on Sunday, and dust. Won't tell you the last time that was done.

That is my story and I am sticking to it !

How about you - Why do you blog ? I would love to hear some more of your stories.

Hope you are having a great week!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tons of Paper Work

Have You Seen Me ???
and phone calls and far from being over. Just thought I would "check in" so you would know I am still around. This is my first post in a week, but have tried to visit around when I got a chance this last week.

First: I want to say "Thank You So Very Much" for all your kind words you left in comments and emails. There are so many caring people out in "the land of blog".

My stack of storage containers and boxes did not make much of a "decorative" statement in my dining area, but they sure are missed. :( Only 2 are left and they had the least important things in them, and all of which could be easily replaced. The rest - Well a large portion of the items will never be replaced.
I miss my messy table..........

and the convenience of having my notebook laptop on the corner. Where I could hear the "ding dong" (or what ever that sound is), when an email came in.
A chipmonk came in the courtyard this morning to eat some of the hickory nut pieces the squirrels dropped, and I automatically reached for "the camera that is no longer there".
Hope to finish the insurance paper work soon and make some decisions on what to replace, etc .

Note of interest: None of the obvious finished pieces of jewelry were taken. I scratched my head and thought "do they look that bad" ?!?!. Then someone said - They were not taken because they are one of a kind and can be easily identified.
Make Note: Make sure your home/car, etc. is not broken into on a holiday weekend ! I know - not something you can control! Things have been crazy, calls were not returned in a timely manner, etc..

This has been a very trying experience.
Yes - The things taken are just that "things", and I am so thankful that I was not here when it happened.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I Will Be Taking a Break

I will be taking a break from blogging for a while . How Long? I don't know at this point in time.
No picture for this post - I no longer have a camera. Necklace I started (previous post) won't be finished, my jewelry supplies, including the containers of vintage pieces are gone. I am not typing this post on my laptop, because I no longer own one, and the list goes on.
Long story made short - I locked up my home and left to run a couple of errands and when I returned, I found that my home had been broken into.
Have a fun and safe weekend.
Mine is off to a rough start - will be back when I can.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Summer Evening

Even tho clouds can mean different things, such as a light Summer rain, or a major storm - they can just be "fluffy and pretty" sometimes......

Took these pictures about a week ago, around 7:30 in the evening.
Linking with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday".
Susan @ "Outdoor Wednesday".

Have a great week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dab of This and That

Think my creativity took a hike.
I don't know if I am getting lazy these days, or if it is because it has been such a HOT Summer (Yeah! I will blame it on the heat ! ) , but I feel my need to be productive/creative these days went on an extended vacation without me. I started on the decluttering/clean out project again and ended up walking away from it all. As a result I have boxes and sacks of treasures (junk) that need to be hauled to the car for a trip to GW (after daughter goes thru it to see if she wants anything). No - It is not that bad - just don't want to deal with it for some reason.

Pulled out jewelry making supplies and started on a necklace, and after a short time, I walked off and started something else. End result at this point - A cluttered dining table that needs to be cleared for a place to sit down to eat.

Sat down, turned on the computer and looked up at a glass door that desperately needed to be cleaned. So what do I do - I continue sitting here (on the computer). Checking to see what all the "creative bloggers" are doing out there, and wondering "where do you get all your creativity/energy from" ?

It is not suppose to be quiet so hot, and lower humidity the next several days, so hope to be outside more and soaking up some Vitamin D. Maybe that will help get me more motivated and get the creative juices flowing again.

Just another Dab of This and That !
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Year Later

Picture taken Summer 2010

Pictures taken Summer 2011

As some of you may remember, about a year ago I posted pictures I took of a koi pond. Recently I saw the same pond, and noticed that it had a lot more vegetation in it this Summer. Had my camera in the car (for a change), so took a few more pictures. The fish were not as cooperative about getting their picture taken this time. Most of them stayed under the water lilies - probably due to the sun and heat.
Summer 2011

Summer 2011
Linking with Susan @ "Outdoor Wednesday".

I have not been visiting/snooping around the land of blog as much lately, as have been trying to get caught up on a few things, but nothing interesting to post about.
How about you - Got big plans for the weekend ?
What ever your plans - Have a great one !

Friday, August 12, 2011


In the Summer I usually buy some gladiolus, especially when the grocery store has them at a good price. I finally remembered to get some recently and what a disappointment. The buds are not opening ! I gave each stalk a fresh cut before putting them in water. The ones that were open when I bought them have wilted, but no new blooms have opened. Never had this to happen before.
I dug around in my pictures and found the ones I took of some I had a couple of years ago. Of course I had to play around with the pictures a bit.

Linking up with Mary @ Mosaic Monday.

Off to dead head the gladiolus and give them another chance, or make a trip to the garbage.
Hoping for a quiet, uneventful week. How about you - got any big plans?
What ever your plans - Have a great week.