Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Another Dab of This and That Ramble

Yes - I have been missing.  Even tho blogging has been my escape/place to retreat to from everyday life and its "going ons", some times  even it has to be put aside for a while.
Gotta have a picture you know......
Snow in July ?  Nope! Someone sent me this pic that was taken one morning in July last year, at a city fountain  in small town USA. Don't think the city maintenance workers were to happy about this, and it was not the first time someone threw soap in the fountain last Summer.
Temps unseasonably cool for the month of July recently, and after having my morning coffee, decided I needed to get out and try to clear my head for a bit. Had not been to any estate and/or yard sales in some time, so checked the estate sale listings in the area,  and only one looked interesting.  Advertised and pictures of a lot of old costume jewelry - a table twice the length of a card table and another card table piled up.  So off I went - nice area, house well kept/neat on outside, lots of customers - looked promising.  Well so much for that thought!  I am guessing the person(s) that had lived there were hoarders, and had an aversion to cleaning.  We are not talking short term here, but years of accumulation, many years.

Looked around and did not see the tables of jewelry, so asked one of the workers of the sale, and she said they sold all the jewelry as soon as they opened.  Hearing that more and more these days, as so many people are into the repurposing, selling on websites, etc.  She then told me and some others coming in that it was  $5 for all you can fit in a bag, regardless of what it was or price marked.  Lots were filling bags up, but I was on a mission for old/vintage bling only, and still trying to clean out my own clutter, not to mention allergies went into overdrive, so decided to leave.   When leaving I noticed a huge pile of carpet and padding over to the side, that had been taken out of the house.  Oh my - glad I did not buy anything. :/

Well...So much for "sale hopping" on a cooler than normal July morning - went on to run some errands, picked up a chicken, pecan, grape salad sandwich for lunch, came home and did a surgical scrub up to my elbows, then sat down to lunch.   Afterwards vacuumed, tidied up the place a bit, took out the garbage, and decided I really need to get serious about decluttering around here.  Why is it when you go in places like that, you get the urge to go home and clean - at least it does me. Shudder!!!!!
Oh stop laughing - I bet some of you have been in places like that also! :-D
Still visiting around the land of blogs as time allows.  Hope to be back more often in the "very near future".
Have a wonderful week !!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Taking a short break...
I will still be visiting around on occasion, and hopefully back to posting soon.
Dab of This and That

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not Much Has Changed

in the courtyard since I posted here,
but thought I would share the red geranium that survived over the Winter (which is unusual here), and has finally come to life with its pretty red blooms.  Just in time for the 4th of July....

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Have a great week!