Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Summer Evening

Even tho clouds can mean different things, such as a light Summer rain, or a major storm - they can just be "fluffy and pretty" sometimes......

Took these pictures about a week ago, around 7:30 in the evening.
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Have a great week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dab of This and That

Think my creativity took a hike.
I don't know if I am getting lazy these days, or if it is because it has been such a HOT Summer (Yeah! I will blame it on the heat ! ) , but I feel my need to be productive/creative these days went on an extended vacation without me. I started on the decluttering/clean out project again and ended up walking away from it all. As a result I have boxes and sacks of treasures (junk) that need to be hauled to the car for a trip to GW (after daughter goes thru it to see if she wants anything). No - It is not that bad - just don't want to deal with it for some reason.

Pulled out jewelry making supplies and started on a necklace, and after a short time, I walked off and started something else. End result at this point - A cluttered dining table that needs to be cleared for a place to sit down to eat.

Sat down, turned on the computer and looked up at a glass door that desperately needed to be cleaned. So what do I do - I continue sitting here (on the computer). Checking to see what all the "creative bloggers" are doing out there, and wondering "where do you get all your creativity/energy from" ?

It is not suppose to be quiet so hot, and lower humidity the next several days, so hope to be outside more and soaking up some Vitamin D. Maybe that will help get me more motivated and get the creative juices flowing again.

Just another Dab of This and That !
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Year Later

Picture taken Summer 2010

Pictures taken Summer 2011

As some of you may remember, about a year ago I posted pictures I took of a koi pond. Recently I saw the same pond, and noticed that it had a lot more vegetation in it this Summer. Had my camera in the car (for a change), so took a few more pictures. The fish were not as cooperative about getting their picture taken this time. Most of them stayed under the water lilies - probably due to the sun and heat.
Summer 2011

Summer 2011
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I have not been visiting/snooping around the land of blog as much lately, as have been trying to get caught up on a few things, but nothing interesting to post about.
How about you - Got big plans for the weekend ?
What ever your plans - Have a great one !

Friday, August 12, 2011


In the Summer I usually buy some gladiolus, especially when the grocery store has them at a good price. I finally remembered to get some recently and what a disappointment. The buds are not opening ! I gave each stalk a fresh cut before putting them in water. The ones that were open when I bought them have wilted, but no new blooms have opened. Never had this to happen before.
I dug around in my pictures and found the ones I took of some I had a couple of years ago. Of course I had to play around with the pictures a bit.

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Off to dead head the gladiolus and give them another chance, or make a trip to the garbage.
Hoping for a quiet, uneventful week. How about you - got any big plans?
What ever your plans - Have a great week.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Jewelry Recap

First of all: I want to say "Welcome" to the new "Readers" (followers) that have joined.

Not much going on right now to write a post about, so thought I would do a recap of some of the jewelry I have made since the first of the year. There were a couple of other pieces, but did not take a picture before they were given away.

The most recent - just posted about a couple of weeks ago.
Hope to work on something new real soon, but other "everyday" type "stuff" going on.

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We got rain today and the temps actually dropped to 78 for a while (back to HOT tomorrow). Should have run some errands, etc. when the temps were down, but I had to wait on a repairman. It seems the drain line for the air conditioner backed up !!!!. Lets just say "what a mess". The drain is unstopped, but the damaged ceiling over the stairs - Well that is another story. Sigh ! :(

Have a great weekend !