Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pretty Blues

Sharing a few pictures I took last weekend....
Click on pictures to enlarge.

Weather was perfect, however time spent outside was limited due to the over population of mosquitoes.  They would appear in swarms and no amount of spray, etc. seemed to deter them.

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Hope everyone is having a great week!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blue Hydrangeas

This is a repeat posting of this mosaic of blue hydrangeas (originally posted June, 2010).

What made me dig into the archives to find this ? On a walk not long ago, I noticed the hydrangea bush which was quite large had been cut down.  The last time I noticed it, it was normal/healthy looking, and I was looking forward to its beautiful blooms again this year. Don't know the reason  it was cut down, and I am disappointed to see it gone.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dab of This and That

I know - I have not been visiting around  the land of blog as much recently. However, as we all know - life gets busy.  Nothing in the category of blog material.   Had to play catch-up on several issues, and make plans for an upcoming event and issues involved.
Then the errand list yelled "tend to me", so off to get the car oil chg./tires rotated and car washed (finally).  Pollen was so thick on it, had to turn on windshield washer to clean it so could see where I was going. Major stock up type shopping trips, which included one  to DT, and as usual came out with a lot more than I went after, but did stock up on baggies of all sizes/types, and other assorted supplies,  post office, etc., etc....
Since my "decluttering" project has gone by the wayside for the time being, I went ahead and took what I had boxed/sacked up to GW. Glad to finally get that out of the car as have been carting it around for a while now.
Then there is the "unplanned" trip to the dentist!  $$$   %#!@# !!!   And the list goes on..........
No decorating going on around here these days:   Have not really added any decor to this spot on the counter since Christmas, and did not want to "tax" my brain (already taxed to the hilt with more important things these days) to come up with something new and different, so just moved the faux (I tend to kill the real ones) succulents from the window sill,  and called it good.
Well - Yes!  That is some Christmas wrapped chocolate candy in the upper left corner!  I am trying to be good ya know....

Until I picked up these little gems at DT a couple of days ago - Yummy!  Says 3 servings to a box - Not sure about that as it seems to be more like 1, possibly 2 if a person has a bit of willpower.

Update on courtyard flowers  Some of the pots of begonias I recently repaired as squirrels dug in them, had to be repaired AGAIN!   Don't know what their problem is, but really wish they would go dig else where.  As stated before, already lost a pot of oriental lilies, and now  the calla lily does not look very "spiffy", the pink seed geranium, and gerber daisy have not put out new buds, and a  pot of petunias that the heavy rain beat down has not produced any new buds.   Has really been a rough year on annuals this year - gave them all a bit of plant food and hope they will recover.
I have only a few iris left, and not one bloomed this year.  I noticed a neighbor's did not bloom either. Whats up with that?
Yep! Just another Dab of This and That ramble.  Off to heat up some leftover BBQ,baked beans, add a little slaw and a glass of vino and call it dinner.
Hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dab of This and That


Thought I would have more pictures of the flowers ready for a post  today, but some are slow growing this year,  and had to replant 3 of them yesterday, that the squirrels had damaged.  That time of the year for the tree squiggles, and those mixed with last night's and today's rain - kind of a mess out there.
So - thought I would share the latest  adventures of daughter's 4 legged member of the family.....
Daughter has had  a mother cat hanging around for a while, then she disappeared.  Came back a few weeks later with a baby - both solid black.  They live in a rural area, and if there were other babies, apparently they did not survive with all the wild life around.  They hang out in their carport, so my daughter makes sure they have fresh water and food. Even tho the baby is still nursing,  she said the mother is trying to teach it how to eat the cat food.  Both appear healthy, so apparently others in the area have seen that they have been taken care of. Pic not real great as taken with her phone.
They showed up wet from the rain, so got toweled off...
Pretty kitty has made its self right at home.....
They look like they have settled in, but she will be looking for a home for them.  This spoiled, fat cat rarely goes outside and only if one of the family is with him, then he goes back inside when they do.
Just so happened family and fat cat was outside a couple of nights ago, when 2 other cats showed up, and started to approach the baby.  That did not fly well with him or the mother of the baby and they attacked.  She said the fur did fly  - literally, and the uninvited cats took off.  He normally does  not tolerate another animal being around very well, but guess he appointed himself as protector of "baby".

Just another  Dab of This and That ramble, and making it a short one, as need to get caught up on some other things  today.
Have a great weekend !

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Flowers

I am kinda "picture poor"  when it comes to this year's Spring flowers.  Had hoped to get out and photograph the beautiful azaleas in the area this weekend, as mine did not fair so well this year.  However, the weather did not cooperate - wet and cold.
So...dug around in old pics and found these pictures I took in the Spring of 2010, and could not find where I had shared them before.

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Have a great week!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Dab of This and That Ramble.....

Up date on the flowers:   It seems the squirrels are doing a lot of digging around in the pots of begonias. Not sure why, most were planted with new soil (should not be any nuts left over from last Fall), and we have had plenty of rain, so they are not looking for moisture. Every year I have a couple of  pots that get attacked, but this year it seems most all of them have been damaged. 
Remember this pot of oriental lilies on the right? It has completely fizzled out...
 After they bloomed out, the foliage started dying off and no sign of new growth.

Had planned on photographing the azaleas while in full bloom - they were beautiful, but they did not make that grand presentation that they have in some past years, and when they were in full bloom we had some  heavy rains that really beat them down.
Have been out and about quite a bit recently,  and other azaleas in the area are gorgeous and in their full glory.  Guessing mine had their timing messed up - maybe next year.
Down Memory Lane:   Lets see - I am (?) yrs. old, my children are grown and have families of their own.  Well - Okee DoKee !  Quite evening, playing catchup on email/blog surfing. You know - All that important stuff.  You get an email from one of the "off springs", who is on the computer reminiscing the "good ole days"  asking if I remember a certain person from her past  who had passed away.  She knew him from "day care thru high school days".  Uhh!?! NO!  Sorry - he does not look familiar.  Then she reminds me of the time our house got  "rolled" - Yep! He was one of the culprits involved.
Then we reminisced  about "the old neighborhood" and the way things used  to  be.  The children played outside when the weather was nice, and they knew to come home when the street lights came on.  There were no video/computer games in the house, and no cable (main reason for no cable - not in budget).
Same "off spring" called today and said this spoiled rotten furbaby started running in circles, acting crazy, jumped up on back of couch to look out window and fur on neck and back stood straight up.

Turns out he was upset because this creature decided to show up in "his" territory. When "spoiled furbaby" was in attack mode, the horse was in their driveway by the car.
Apparently the horse decided to escape from a farm near by and go for a stroll,  then the owners  showed up and "party time" was over for the horse.
On a dark/dreary/rainy day recently I decided it was past time for me to clean out my pictures on the computers - what a mess.  Thought I had done a better job of keeping up with that - but guess not!  Some of them I am not even sure why I would have kept in the beginning - please tell me I am not the only one that does that.   Anyway - My albums are in "fair" shape now.  Maybe - Just maybe I can find what I am looking for now.  I can hope!
Anyone else having problems uploading pictures to posts?  Once I select picture, it takes a while for it to upload in the "insert image" box before I can upload it on a post.  This just started a couple of days ago.  Have checked the "help" section and done the google thing, but did not find anything.
Never found a solution to my profile image disappearing either.
Raining as I type,  more tonight and tomorrow, and temps dropping.  "They" are saying we won't go back to normal temps for this time of the year until next Thursday.  The weather in this area has always changed at the drop of a hat, but has really been on a roller coaster the last year.
Just another one of those rambles....
Have a great weekend!
Dab of This and That

ETA: Friend just sent me this pic - taken today where she is from.....
 I can understand her not wanting to move back to that part of the country - this is May 2nd !!!