Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a Ramble

Just a little "editing" on a picture I took the other day. I think purple and yellow pansies together like that are so pretty.
Did some cropping, then took out a stop sign, vehicle, and a couple of light poles. Much better......
After - Click on picture to enlarge.
Have not been around the "land of blog" a whole lot lately, as the weather has been absolutely beautiful and have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine, beautiful flowers and fresh air. And sneezing !!
Set out on a mission to take pictures of what is in bloom in the neighborhood, and after only 2 pics, the batteries were dead, and the extras were also. Guess that was a sign that I needed to get some work done, instead of playing.
Think I have finished planting annuals in the pots for the season. I always seem to plant the same kind every year, but gave up trying something new, then have it fail. Limited amount of direct sunlight, but I love the shade I have also - sure keeps the utility bill down the the hot months and time spent in the courtyard more enjoyable. Will take pictures after the camera batteries are charged.

While doing outside clean up a few days ago, I looked up and what did I see - Beautiful blue sky, fluffy, marshmallow like clouds...........and Squiggles !! Yep! It is that time of the year, when the trees shed their squiggles . The trees have since leafed out.
Yeah! I know that is NOT the correct term for them, but it just seems to fit the ones from the oak and hickory nut trees. The fat ones that are generated from the pines - well they look more like caterpillars. Had to brush some out of my hair after being outside for a while.

And these are back also.......
The carpenter bees! This is a picture I took a year or 2 ago - no need to take another one as they all look alike. A couple of them flitted around overhead when I was working outside - did not swat at them so they did not bother me. Now if they had been bumble bees or honey bees, it would have been a whole different story - I would have run like a chicken! :-D

Just another Dab of This and That ramble.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Late Wednesday afternoon I remembered rain was headed our way, and I had not taken pictures of my azaleas this year. I knew if it rained as much as predicted, it would beat them down, so grabbed the camera. Had to wait between gusts of wind to try and get a decent picture - still most turned out a bit blurred.

They are prettier than last year, but not as full as they were 2 years ago - the color is a little different this year also.
April, 2010
Linking up with Cindy @ "Show and Tell Friday"
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I would like to say "Welcome" to the new readers who have joined in. Have not been posting and visiting around the "land of blog" very much recently - other things going on . We all know how that goes. :) Hope to catch up before long.
"They" are saying we are suppose to have great weather the next few days, so plan on spending a lot of time outside. A bit more "winter debris" cleanup outside is in order, along with a shopping trip for annuals. Flowers !! I need flowers !! :-D

What ever your plans - Have a great week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bling Stash

As posted here, I found a few bits and pieces at an estate sale to work with. I am trying to build up my supplies to work with when it gets to hot and humid to play outside.
Not great pictures - should have retaken them. I seriously need to do something about my camera situation.
The 2 identical metal pieces on the right were old shoe clips and thinking they will work well in bracelets. I have already taken the clips off of the back - one was already half off. The little gold toned sand dollars was a pair of broken earrings and I will probably mount them on a filigree or something similar as the backs did not some off real neat. The broach on the bottom right side is missing some of the tiny marcasites, and seems like more pop out every time I move it, but will still try and use it for something.
This is the locket that is priced all over the place on ebay. 3 of the necklaces are vintage, in nice condition and marked, so more than likely will leave them as is and pass them on.

Did a little "sale hopping" yesterday also, and will share about that another time, as have not had a chance to take pics.

It is that time of the year - everything is covered in a layers of yellowish/green pollen. Started to take the car thru the car wash yesterday, but would be wasting my time and money - had to clear the windshield with the window washer, so I could see to drive.
Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.
Lets have a great week !

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Dab of This and That Ramble

Bit of Spring - recycled wreath from 2 years ago, back on the door. Actually, this is a picture I took of it before and am recycling the picture also, as it looks the same. :-D

I had one of my infamous Dab of This and That Ramblings all typed out and ready to go, and it is GONE! :-(
Nothing important - just a ramble about pop beads from the 50's and how we thought they were so cool, then when the craze was over - we thought they were so tacky. Had a flashback about them and the tons of plastic, bangle bracelets we use to wear, when I saw a gallon size zip lock full of them at the estate sale I went to recently. No - I was not tempted. :-D
Then a ramble about having a resident ghost in your house.
You know - One that always leaves things upstairs when you need them downstairs and then the opposite.
When you put something in a certain place for safe keeping, they move it and you end up spending a lot of time trying to find it and in some cases - never.
What is really bad is when you go shopping and they follow you . Then when you go back out to your car, they have moved it and you are left walking around looking for it again.
Now - Type a post and they get on your computer and click "delete" !
Been slacking on the inside declutter process last few days, but did spend some time cleaning and working on the bit of bling I found at the sale.
Spent the morning working outside. Flower beds still need work, but did not want to push it to much at one time and end up in PT again.
Off to call hardware store to see what their return policy is on returning some paint I bought a while ago, and can't find the receipt. It was off the shelf, not mixed, and never opened. One of those projects that did not go thru "sigh"
Need to get a package ready to mail, that should have been mailed long ago.

Picture Removed

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Estate/Yard Sale Bug !

Got the "Estate / Yard Sale Bug" so had my morning coffee on Sat., and off I went. Should have eaten something first, but that is another story. Only one estate sale looked promising, so went there first. Yes - lots of vintage bling, but not at a bargain. I got the impression most of the jewelry was property of the person (company) holding the estate sale and not that of the estate. Did find a few bits and pieces, but nothing to tap dance about ( I can't tap dance anyway). When the sun decides to shine again, I will take pictures. One is a Avon locket from the late 70's early 80's (depends on who you listen to). I paid a couple of dollars. Checked ebay and the going price is all over the place - $9 and up - mostly $20/$30 range. Highest I saw on ebay was a buy it now at $39.99.
There was a set of very ornate, tiny appetizer(?) forks, only a couple inches long that would make pretty pendants , that I was so tempted to get. Yes - You read that right - pendants !! :D However, they appeared to be the same density of metal as a couple of pieces I have not been able to drill a hole thru with my drill, and I don't have the tools to bend them - and I don't need to be buying any more tools !!!

Something that got my attention real fast about the house where the sale was being held. Pretty, Very nice neighborhood, well kept on the outside . Inside - Wow! I was surprised - Not what you would expect and NOT in a good way. Lots of pricey antiques, collectibles, crystal, etc.. However, the place was in serious need of cleaning - thick layer of dust on and under furniture - years of accumulation. When I see a situation like that, it makes me sad. I just hope no one has been living there for a long time. :(

Paid for my jewelry bits and pieces then went into the garage - nothing of interest. Then saw a fishing tackle box and some pretty little lures and thought, I bet I could make a pendant out of one of those. Started picking one up and could not drop it fast enough - it was made out of something where it would be pliable in the water! Ewwww! Think worse than wet gummy bear consistency !!! :-D Could not get a tissue out fast enough to wipe my fingers! You are probably saying - Bet she won't bait her fishing hook with a live worm either ! Yep - you got that right !! :-D

A couple of yard sales later - nothing of interest and no vintage bling.
Short treasure hunt, so went off to take care of other things.

Feeling a Bit Out of Sorts
A while later, started feeling a bit out of sorts and remembered I had not eaten anything, so stopped for a sandwich to go. When got home only ate half and drank a lot of water, as I was more thirsty than hungry. I had planned to tackle another of the declutter jobs, but ended up curled up on the couch for a while.

Can you see me doing the "Happy Dance" ?
Probably a good thing that you can't , but that is just what I am doing! Anyone that has followed my ramblings for a while knows I am NOT a Winter, short day person. Day Light Savings Time ! Yay!! Yes, I know it will take a couple of weeks for my system to adjust to the loss of the hour, but not really a big deal - I just need daylight!!

I started a post to participate in a couple of the weekly events this week, but just did not get around to finishing it up, so will save it for another time.

Lets all have a great week !

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Dab of This and That

Want unexpected company? Easy -
Just get involved in a project, and have "stuff" scattered all over the place. Everything you have in the house to eat is healthy, low salt, low fat/cholesterol . You know - No tasty snacks. Oh - Be sure you have no makeup on and you barely ran a comb thru your hair that morning. Yep! Works every time!

Just one of "those" conversations. Why are those so small?
Me - They are cuties.
I know what they are, but the cuties I bought are bigger than that.
Me -
Here - take some home with you.
No thanks - I have plenty. Just saying the ones I bought are bigger than those.


A bit more done on the "L":
Went thru walk-in closet where a little of everything is kept. Mainly holiday decorations. Just straightened things up a bit and labeled boxes, as I went thru most of the decorations some time ago and got rid of quite a bit. Removed a stack of placemats and table runners that I have not used in years, and put them with some things for daughter to go thru next time she is here. Walk-in closet for general storage sounds ideal does it not? Well in my situation - Not. Reason being the ac/heating unit occupies one end of it, so have to leave full access to that area. Could have probably decluttered more in there, but I marked "walk-in closet" off the "L" and called it done. Check

Decluttered and organized main closet, dresser and large chest of drawers - may clean out clothes a little more when I change out seasonal items. I did notice several things I have not worn in quite a while. However, in the mean time I will consider that room done and ready to be painted. Check

One room left to be done upstairs - guest room. Opened closet door and could not get it shut fast enough. That room and closet is the dumping ground for things that need to be packed up or gotten rid of. So until it is decided if a yard sale is in the future and/or daughter checks to see if there is anything she wants - that area is on the "back burner".

Cleaned out and reorganized closet in LR. Pitched a several things I may regret later - but then that "may need later" mentality is why I am having to go thru and sort things now. "sigh" LR closet done. Check

Replaced weather stripping on slider. Check
Spray around outside doors. Yep! Bug season is just around the corner and they are NOT welcome in my home. Check

Decided to take a break from "physical work" and do a little "mental work"
Income Taxes Done !! Check - Check - Check

Side Note: The blogger cleaning crew never showed up! Sorry Ladies & Gents - Can't send them your way. :/
How about you? How are you doing on your "To Do List" ??

Just another "Dab of This and That" ramble on a rainy afternoon.