Monday, May 16, 2011

Talk About a Flashback !!

Picture has nothing to do with the post, but as you know - Gotta have a picture!!!
Picture I took in neighborhood............

Have you ever traveled VPike ? I have! I really had to do some "brain searching" to remember some of the addresses where I have lived over the years. I was really amazed at the major changes in the neighborhoods. Yeah! I know - We are talking many years, many, many years involved here! I made a list of places I have lived over the years. Could not always remember the exact street number, but typed in the approx. address (more often just the name of the street) and was surprised at what I came up with. There are several places that I can't even remember the name of the street much less the house number (still working on that).
Some places still standing and still as pretty as it was many years ago, some not so much, and some wiped out and new homes built (actually not new any more).

I think the real surprise was one place I lived is not only still standing, but in good condition considering how old it is, but suspect the neighborhood is not what it used to be. I did not have a car when lived there. Walked to the bus stop on the corner - in a pair of "High Heels" !! Yes !! Everyday!! - Five Days a A Week!!!! Walked in them all day - trips to court house, federal bldg., bank, post office, lunch, shopping during lunch time, dinner and shopping after got off from work, night life after work. Then walked blocks back to the bus stop to go home - rain or shine!!!!!
Ladies - come down off those stilts !!! Take my word - they will come back to haunt you !!!

I also remember the first TV (black and white)I bought after striking out on my own - had to make monthly payments (hard to set up when new on a job) but got it done and paid it off in a short time.

Just a trip down memory lane!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hangers Repurposed

Anyone that has been visiting around my blog lately knows that I have not had a lot of creativity/repurposing going on for a while now. Just other things going on, however during my rounds of the "land of blog" I saw where Joan over at "Anything Goes Here" came up with a wonderful way to use vintage wooden hangers. Since I was looking for a unique way to hang my necklaces - "My ears perked up" or "Eyes wide open" reading her post - not sure which. I knew I had some vintage wooden hangers and went on a journey to find them. The special one I wanted to find is from a famous hotel, and the hanger was made before it was renovated back in the 70's. Still have not located it, but will keep looking. Could not have gone to far as I had it after moving here and I only have 4 closets in this place. In the meantime - found these 2. This one is still in the process...........
I don't know what kind of wood it is made from (extremely hard wood), but I am having major issues attaching the cup hooks - still working on that. It was made prior to August, 1959, as Hawaii is listed separate from the USA. I had already hung some of my necklaces on this vintage hanger from New Orleans.


I did not come up with this idea on my own, and give credit to
Joan @ Anything Goes Here - Thanks for the inspiration.

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My post that disappeared when blogger had some problems recently never came back, but I am not complaining. Google has provided this service to us for free, so can't complain.
You would have thought that I would have got more done during our "down" time - but Nooooo! I think about the only thing I accomplished was add more things to my "To Do " list. I think I added 4 more and only marked 1 off - something wrong with that ratio. :-D

Only in the 60's, and lows in the 40's the next few days - Crazy weather !!
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day Flowers

I think they speak for them self ! Enjoy...........

Click picture to enlarge.
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Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Life of a Dining Table

Nothing exciting going on in the category of decorating, redos, repurposing in my abode these days. I was going thru some pictures and realized how many looks my dining table has been thru since the first of the year.
Shortly after the holidays - makeshift jewelry studio....
The promise of Spring came along........
then moved the cloche to the table behind loveseat, so the container of cherries returned.
I did a mosaic of the changes over a years time, back in September 2010, but the pictures were much more "tidy" than these. So....Will skip that process this time around.
Next week there is no telling what it will look like. This is the one spot in my home that gets changed out the most, and more often than not is in a mess!

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