Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whole Lot of Bling Going On

Remember this post, where I created this.....
Instead of getting caught up on some important stuff while staying in out of the heat a while back, I pulled out the supplies..........
and created this. The glass beads have almost a rhinestone shine to them. Tried to capture them the way they really look, but could not. Anyway - they are shiny !
Yep - A whole lot of bling going on...........
so much so, I am already thinking about redoing it another way - there I go "over thinking" the situation again.

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Hope everyone is having a good week. If you are in the path of Isaac, stay safe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dab of This and That

Still working on decluttering: Got a bit more done recently, and I do mean just a bit. These items were packed up, along with a large shopping bag full of things went home with my daughter, several other bags full to GW and another bag of clothes that were to washed out/worn went to the garbage.

Time to get the hard hats out again: It is that time of the year again. The squirrels are setting up in the Hickory nut tree every afternoon, dining al fresco style and dropping their debris. Bad time of the day to be under that tree.

Did it again:
Went to DT to pick up a couple of things and ended up with 30 something things at checkout. They had restocked the faux swiff. cloths, and those yummy piroulines that I posted about here . Also stocked up on several other items like alum. disposable cooking containers, cheap garbage bags, etc.

Just Curious: Did anyone else watch "Secrets of the Manor House" on PBS? I did and as much as I love Victorian and Edwardian period jewelry, I can't image living during that era. It seems that either you had it or you did not and there was not a lot in between. I am one that if I wanted to show up at the table in casual attire, I would want to do so without raising eyebrows, eyes rolled and being gossiped about by the scullery maids and other household staff.
In my "younger years" I use to think I wanted to own/live in a grand castle or manor house. Not any more! First I could not afford to do so, the maintenance and utilities would be horrendous, and there is no way I would want a full time staff hovering over me.

I do enjoy seeing movies/documentaries about the era, and I am looking forward to the new episodes of Downton Abbey.

Craving Noodles: In one of my "craving noodles" modes again. Don't know why I do this periodically, but I do - may be the need of carbs. I have been trying to be careful of my diet for some time and one thing is restricting carbs and I think that is what is causing the craving. Anyway I have been craving some well seasoned favored/tasty noodles for a while now , so I am off to dig around in the pantry to see what pasta I can doctor up for lunch.

Just another Dab of This and That ramble.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Road Trip Continued...

A continuation of daughter and her family's road trip. While they were in Nashville a trip to the lego store was in order, which was a favorite of grandson's.
Checking out the star wars display........
Picture removed.
Lego sushi anyone?........

All made out of legos..........


I intended to post the individual pics that could be clicked on to enlarge, so the lego structures could be seen better, but had already deleted them. :( Sorry!
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84 as I type and that is suppose to be the high for the day - Doing the "Happy Dance".
Have a great week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another All New Materials

I am behind in visiting/snooping around the land of blog these days. Does that mean I have accomplished a lot on my "To Do" list ? Of course not ! Just other things going on, and have been out and about a lot. Needless to say being out and about in the heat we have been having has not been fun.
This is a "vintage inspired" necklace I made a few weeks ago, but using all new materials.

I keep looking at it, thinking the glass pearls are to large....
LinkI may change them out for a smaller bead, but not now. Supplies have been put away for now, with other things going on and table space needed. I really need to do something about a better work space.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fresh is Good

Fresh vegetables and fruits can be so photogenic - well actually about any food can be photogenic I suppose.
I am really not a picky eater, but have to admit I have my limits on certain things.
But these beauties are not in the dislike category. Out and about taking care of business, stopped at a roadside stand and picked out some yummy, vine ripened tomatoes, peaches and new potatoes. Sorry new potatoes, but you did not make the photo cut (pic to dark), but you will be delish roasted in a bit of olive oil, rosemary, garlic powder and cracked fresh black pepper.
Yum !!

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Have a great week!