Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Another Dab of This and That

Weather was nice Saturday, so checked out estate sale listings and hit the street. Found one with lots of jewelry.

Did not find the type of vintage bling I really wanted and prices high, but did get a couple of "grab bags" with some usable pieces.
I just kinda piled everything up to take this picture, but there are a lot of pieces that can be repurposed, such as glass pearls, metal and wooden beads, some charms, etc.. Started going thru cleaning, sorting, etc. yesterday.

Of course there were a good bit of "junk" items also (expected in grab bags), which will get donated after Grands go thru it the next time they are here. Now I just need to get motivated and get busy.

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Thank you Leigh for hosting again this week. Be sure to check out what Leigh, and the other participants have to share this week.

Just some notes:
Old Interface: In case you are having problems/not happy with the new interface on blogger at Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life posted on how to change back to the previous interface. I was so glad when she told me how to change back.

I am still having problems leaving comments on blogs where the comment section is embedded in the post. Sometimes it will post, many times not. I type the comment, click post and it disappears. :(

Gray, dreary day, but at least it is in the 60's. Back down in 20's tomorrow night - crazy weather.
Off to tackle a stack of paper work.
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What To Do On a Gray, Dreary Day?

Well..........Guess I could go sit on the courtyard brick wall and watch the world go by. Neighborhood kitty seemed to think it was the right thing to do.

Or I could finish a necklace I started about a week and half ago, trying to decide if it needed something more...............

Nothing seemed to really click, so decided "less is more" and called it "done".
It is a combination of repurposed vintage and new materials. Don't know the age of the pendant as it was a gift. The wire wrapped glass beads are vintage - part of a necklace I bought many,many years ago, but have not worn in years, and the gun metal chain and toggle clasp are new.

 Trying to decide if I want to sign up for a jewelry class coming up later this month.
Spent a lot of time on the phone. Seems a couple people I have not heard from in a while decided to "check and see what Dab of This and That is up to these days".
Worked on plans for a "Road Trip" - past due for one.
Answered door when neighbor came by - that was a mistake!!
Played on the computer for much to long.
Ate leftovers - To lazy to cook and did not get the pimento cheese made.
Watching "Downton Abbey" tonight - are you ?

What should I have been doing?? Lets just say I will be doing laundry, along with several other chores this next week.
How about you - What do you do on "a gray, dreary Winter day" ?

Have a great week!