Sunday, July 5, 2015

How Does Her Garden Grow - Part 2

A variety of tomatoes - the green will go in the window to ripen. The bowl of cukes, squash and banana peppers will more than likely become pickles.
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They did not grow the corn (to many deer cross their property), but bought it farm fresh from a roadside stand.
Of course there is always a cucumber  that wants to hide under the foliage, and not found until it gets to big to pickle whole.  No problem - it will probably end up in a salad or a batch of relish.

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A Side Note: What happens to some of the green tomatoes that refuse to turn red?  Slice, batter,  and fry those babies up - of course.
Some in her household like ranch dressing as a dipping sauce, but for those who like something with a kick: Fire cracker sauce -  2 big spoons full of  mayo (real), sriracha to taste - depends on how hot you want it to be, and honey to taste.
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