Monday, August 26, 2013

A Dab of This and That Ramble

Just a "quick ramble" to let you know I am still around.
 Sometimes other things happen in life and we need to change our priorities.
 Praying all the "unexpected goings on"  will settle down to a much smoother ride in life very soon. 
 I purposely did not post an explanation about my "semi hiatus" from the land of blog, due to privacy reasons (concerns someone else).  However, I want to say a "Very Special Thanks" to those that inquired about my absence and as a result sent their much appreciated prayers and healing thoughts.  You will never know how much they mean - Thank You!!!  I am in the process of answering emails, etc. and hope to be caught up in the very near  future.
The "Nitty Gritty" of everyday "stuff" !
Long list of "to dos" while out and about playing catch up on errands,  one of which is get that nasty car washed!  We all know the one - looks like a dust bunny rolling down the street. You have to turn on the windshield (even on a sunny day)  to clear a space so you can see where you are going.     First stop - pulled up and a luxury car is parked just outside of the exit of the carwash with all of the car doors open, and a man  (appeared to be the owner and was NOT happy), and another person with a clipboard with pen in hand appeared to be inspecting the car and writing a report.  Rolled down the window and asked if it was out of order and was told that "there has been  an incident".  Turned around and moved on, ran another errand and stopped at another car wash and the entrance was blocked - out of order.
Guess I will continue to drive around in a dirty car! So if you see something traveling down the road that looks like a very large dust bunny - it may just be me!
 DO NOT put mayo on my muffuletta !!!  While out I stopped for a sandwich to go. Muffuletta and a side of potato salad  - have not had one in a while (due to salt over load). Got home turned on computer, grab a bottle of water, sat down to eat, took a big bite of the sandwich ....What is that?!? Lifted the top half of the bread and there was a thick layer of mayo on top of a very small amount of olive salad !  Good grief - Stop messing with the real deal!    Make note - Call restaurant manager!
Why is it we crave certain things to eat at odd times - especially late at night?  I have done that a lot recently   - NO!!!! I am not.....Get that thought out of your head!!!!!!!!!
For some reason I have been craving things like turtle pie, cheesecake, etc.   What is unusual about this?   Given a choice - I nearly always prefer savory (not sweet).  I have been really super stressed out recently so don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.  I did pick up a 2 slice pkg. of turtle pie at the grocery and indulged, but think I would have satisfied the craving more had I bought the whole pie and cut my own size serving. :)
Temps in mid to high 90's all week, so may be a good time to get caught up on a few things around the Dab of This and That abode - maybe!
Just another Dab of This and That ramble.
Have a great week!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wild Life in the Courtyard

Sitting at the computer, typing away and looked up to see a cardinal feeding a "kid,  fresh out of the nest".  At first, I wondered why the adult male was feeding another grown bird since it was just as large as it was.  Then after watching for a couple of minutes, I saw it flapping, exercising its wings and could see it was pretty young.  Hard to get a good pic, but the adult was offering it bits of dead bug - Ewww!  Yeah - I know...
Well apparently Dad did not serve it up fast enough and "junior" grabbed the rest and took off running.
Have had a lot of wrens and robins this year, but gave up trying to get a good picture, they move a lot faster than I do.
Chipmunks have been back, but not a lot recently.  They usually visit in the morning, but since we have had  a lot of rain recently (not to mention the temps are back up), guess they have stayed closer to their "abode" wherever that is.
The cooler than normal temps we have had recently packed up and moved on, and the  typical Summer hot/humid days have returned.  Saw a couple of squirrels laid out on the fence cooling off today when the heat index hit 105.  No current pic as  they ran off when I opened the door.  Took this pic 3(?) years ago of one doing the same.

That is what is going on in the courtyard these days!!
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Yes - I am  pretty much still on semi "hiatus" from my blog.  Hoping to be back  with my regular "Dab of This and That Ramblings" in the  near future. 
Have a great week....