Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Better Arrive Soon......

Cause she can't get out and dig in the dirt planting, so is going crazy with the paint brush. Daughter sent me a picture of the  inside of her front door that she painted.  She did say the true color is not as bright a yellow as it looks in the pic.
She is still slinging those crochet needles and cranking out throws to keep everyone toasty warm.  Her latest creation....
Update on Kitty:  Some may remember my last post about the kitty that showed up on their front porch looking for a meal and warm spot for the night.  Posted HERE.
He has not been back the last few nights, so hoping he has found a warmer place and is doing well.
"They" are predicting more of that "frozen stuff" tonight and in the morning....
Don't know about you, but I am done with Winter!
I need sunshine and 75 - 80 degree temps!
Just another one of those Dabs of This and That.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Forget that statement I made in my last post -  "We have not had the extreme cold temps other parts of the country have had so far this Winter, but cold enough".
Well - Winter has arrived! It is 26 as I type with a wind chill of 15, and a prediction of some of that "frozen stuff" in the near future - as in "tonight and tomorrow".
 Trying to channel my thoughts towards warmer temps, and beautiful Spring flowers.
A mosaic made from pictures I took Spring 2010.
Click on pic to enlarge.
 Linking up with "Mosaic Monday"
When temps drop,  hats you can pull down over your ears, and a thick scarf around the neck and across the chest sure come in handy.
This was a special request project daughter completed recently - matching hats and scarfs for a mother and daughter.
Forecast for this week. Ugh!!
If you are experiencing the bitter cold and/or the "frozen stuff " in your area, bundle up, stay warm, and join me in dreaming of warm temps and beautiful Spring flowers.

Have a great week !

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dab of This and That.....

In December, I posted  I would be taking a bit of break.  However,  I did not realize how long of a break I would be taking.  Things happen, and the next thing you know.....Well - We all know how it goes.
Went in for regular follow up last Fall to have meds reevaluated, etc..  
The results:  Dang - Sure did NOT see that freight train coming !!!  
Time has gotten away:  Realized today, there is a pot of faux, orange mums still sitting on the table in the courtyard - "in February" ?!?
What daughter has been up to:  When not chasing after kiddos hectic schedules, appts.,  slinging those pots and pans, and the lists go on?
Putting those needles to work. 

 Same throw - colors just look different in pics.

 Finished !!
 Think she called this her "Happy Window" where she has some herbs and other plant cuttings taking root.  Planning ahead for Spring....
 Her rosemary plant  is doing well thru the Winter.  I never had much luck with one.

 Don't know about the rest of you:  But I need warmer temps.  We have not had the extreme cold temps other parts of the country have had so far this Winter, but cold enough. Pic where a relative lives...
Picture removed.
 No thank you - won't be visiting there any time soon.
Little Side Note - Self:   Do not spill a bowl of blueberries on a dark colored floor, at night - especially when the overhead light decides to blow the bulb.  Don't ask me how I know this tidbit of info..
Hope to be posting more in the near future.
Just another Dab of This and That.