Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dab of This and That

I remember helping my mother can when growing up, but never attempted it on my own. I always froze extra food items - easier for me.
My daughter has been busy and the results are Yummy !
Strawberry Jam

White Niagara Grape Jelly
Daughter and son in law stopped by for a quick visit, and she brought me a jar of her homemade strawberry jam. I did not want to wait til breakfast, so made some skillet toast, slathered on some jam, and served it up on fine china by dixie. :-D
Oh My - Yummylicious !! Homemade is so much better !
I have no clue why I did not notice the knife was sitting at that angle, or a bit of bread crust was sticking out on the left side of the bottom piece when took the picture. Can you tell - I am NOT a food photographer. Guess I need to be more observant when photographing food. Ya think ?!?
Speaking of photographs:
I started this post a while back and am just now getting back to finishing it up.
When I first started blogging and someone noticed I repurposed vintage jewelry and made one of a kind pieces of jewelry, they suggested I watermark my photos of my creations, as there were "those out there" that took pics and claimed them as theirs, etc. I started out watermarking, etc., then I admit I slacked off and forgot to or just did not take the time.
Certain things have come to light so to speak, and maybe I should have done a better job.
I have not joined Pinterest, but have done a bit of snooping around. Just the bit of snooping around, I was surprised at what I saw!! Yep! Some of my photos from my blog. When I saw them, it was like - Okee Dokee, someone likes my stuff. I mentioned it to someone, and they said, be sure to click on your pic and see if it links back to your blog. So that sent me on a mission - I had to go back and locate where I saw my photos. My memory must still be pretty good, as I was able to relocate all but 2 of the photos. Fortunately the ones I relocated did link back to my blog - the other 2 I am still looking for, but they seem to have "disappeared". Someone else is looking in my behalf also, as they are of some jewelry I made and are definitely one of a kind pieces.
One of our fellow bloggers, who is a jewelry designer had an unfortunate experience when someone lifted posts and pictures from her blog and used them without her permission. When I commented on her post, I said "not that I have anything worth lifting", so was surprised when found some of my pictures floating around out there. You can read about it here.
Yes - I got Gretchen's permission to link back to her post. :)

At the end of her post on this subject, she posted a link to another blog with more insight and info on the issue. If you have concerns, you may want to check it out.
Using the phrase "Do not use content or photos with out written permission" means nothing to some.
Just thought you might want to know.

Just curious: What are your thoughts about someone posting a link to your blog, an article you wrote, or a picture you posted without checking with you first? I am not talking about "blog hops", giveaways, etc., where the hosts post an open invitation for bloggers to participate and link back to their blog.

Just another Dab of This and That.
Have a great week.

ETA: If you use blogger - be sure and check "Spam" under comments on your dashboard on occasion. I just found a legitimate comment there - it has happened before. ??

Friday, April 27, 2012

Now That the Glue is Dry

Remember this stash? I had planned to circle or number the pieces I used to match up with what I have done with it so far. However, since PB has changed their editing feature to where it is almost impossible to work with, without causing a person to go running, screaming, pulling out their hair, and losing what was left of their sanity, hope you can figure out what was used. Wow - that was a long sentence!
This was the remnants of a pin that was missing the center, so I glued a vintage button in the center.
The following were all attached to filigrees or stampings and will be repurposed into necklaces or bracelets.

These 2 were from a previous stash - The one on top is a vintage clip on earring and the bottom one with the lion's head was a either a button or once a pin.
Once vintage clip on earrings.

The top is one of the vintage shoe clips I got at an estate sale in March - added a small pin and will eventually become a necklace or bracelet. Bottom picture is a small rhinestone pin I attached to a very pretty stamping.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Bit of Bling

Hit an estate sale first thing on a Sunday morning and came away with a pretty decent stash to work with. The jewelry had belonged to the Mother of the lady doing the selling, and she was able to give me the time period for some of the pieces. Only one piece of the jewelry is marked - the butterfly (bottom right) is missing its clasp on the back is marked Regency and the company was in business 1950-70. What is left of the clasp on the necklace was used in the 50's/60's also. Most of the pieces are broaches/pins and have broken or missing clasps, which is not a problem as I got them to repurpose anyway.
3 of the pieces are missing a setting, and don't normally get those, but think the situation can be remedied pretty easy - already have an idea for the yellow daisy and one I have already replaced with a vintage rhinestone button. One has a old rhinestone missing and that one may be a challenge to find a match.
Have already started a necklace using the tasseled pendant on the left.
Found 2 miniature spoons in with the jewelry. The top one (2 1/2 ins. long)is a pin, but will probably turn it into a pendant. The largest (3 ins.) is marked avon and was in a little plastic sealed sleeve, as if it came with something else. Did some checking on the net, but came up empty handed. Think they will look quite sharp serving up a spoon full of rhinestones or such. :-D

Got another multistrand necklace (damaged) and length of multicolored rhinestones probably part of a necklace or bracelet at one time and forgot to take their mug-shot, as they were in jar of cleaner at the time.

Happy with the stash I got - even tho I probably paid a bit more than I normally would. The lady doing the selling said 2 women came when she first opened on Sat. and bought most of what she had. I did not see the ad for the sale til Sat. night - I am going to have to get up earlier and get to moving. But I think having to hit the floor running before daylight for so many years took its tow on my way of thinking as to when a day starts. :-D

While there, a man came up and said his wife sent him back with orders to look for certain things. He kept looking at my stash the seller was holding for me and I was thinking "don't even think about it". He bought a few pieces and left and the seller said he and his wife were there the day before and bought quite a bit and she got the impression they were looking for items to repurpose also.
Have already made usable pendants/focal pieces out of some of these odds and ends, but need to get some pictures taken.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Simple Change

You are seeing a "rare sight". My dining table is not cluttered with stacks of papers, laptop, jewelry making supplies, etc. When the fresh tulips fizzled out......
I replaced them with a single, peach colored, faux rose. I thought it looked pretty good with the faux peaches, and it will be my Spring/Summer look for a while.

I already had the peaches and rose - bought them for 80 cts. each, over 2 years ago when a store was going out of business. Post on it here
Will it stay this neat ? Nope! It is already cluttered. "Sigh"

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Latest Creation

The privet hedge is in bloom, so my allergies are having fits. Attempted to do a little outside cleanup and had to give that idea up when it got so bad, my breathing was affected.
So about as good a time as any to pull the supplies out....................
Yes - that is the blue perfume pendent up in the corner. I started working with it and got to a point I was "over thinking" what I wanted to do, so put it aside for a while.


Picture quality not real great - Sorry ! Still have not taken the time to figure this camera out.

When turned on the computer this morning and went to blogger, it went straight to the new interface/dashboard. Supposedly it is more streamline, etc, but to me it is not as user friendly . Fortunately I was able to revert back to the previous version again for now. Am I the only one still having problems with the new version?

Any big plans for the weekend? What ever they are - have a great one!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day of Sale Hopping

Three weeks ago, I checked the estate sale listings and found a couple that appeared to have a bit of bling, so hit the streets and look what I found !! :-D A perfume bottle pendant that was marked $5 - I offered $3 and it is MINE ! Checked ebay and found one for $44.99 BIN. Did some checking around, and found a couple at other sites. One stated 1950's and one 80's - anyone know? One stated the cap was sterling and one said silver tone. I have not polished mine yet, so don't know how that will come out, but there are no markings and don't think it is SS. What ever it is - I like it, and have some cobalt blue beads that will look so pretty with it.
While looking for info. on mine I ran across an emerald green one like it also .
There was a large, antique, victorian pendant that I would loved to have bought, but had to pass - out of my price range. Found this broach and small pendant at the same sale. Broach needs a bit of repair, and the pin is off the back, so will use it in a necklace.
Decided to keep going and went to a thrift store I had not been to in a while, as had left empty handed the last few trips. Got lucky this trip and found a few rhinestones to work with.......
The necklace on the right is napier and in excellent condition, so will leave as is.
Next sale was in an area I probably should not have been in. Not a lot of bling and what was there, was pricey - probably property of the person handling the sale. Worker asked me if I was looking for anything in particular and when I told her, she said she sold a bag full of bits and pieces earlier that morning - late again. Decided to leave the hood and get back to an area I was more familiar with and it was lunch time. Checked a couple of yard sales, but did not even stop as there was lots of children's toys, etc., and those usually don't have anything I am looking for.

Was out and about quiet a bit yesterday, stopped at one yard sale but nothing I was interested in buying.
Steadily building up my supplies and anxious to get busy creating again.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Want to Say...........


Have a great weekend !

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So - What I have been to up lately ?
I should have moved the tacky plastic chair on the right before I took the picture, but it was the end of the day and I was tired. Did not even notice it being there til saw the picture.

Left the hanger on a couple of them, as not sure if they will get hung later.
The wax begonias are in the pots - they just need to do a little growing so they can be seen.

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