Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm and Sunshine on Saturday

Saturday proved to be a beautiful day. I think I heard it got up to 69, so needless to say nothing got done around the house, because I had to go play. First stop, the bead show. Had a free pass to get in (normally cost $5 ), so figured I could at least buy $5 worth of beads. As you can see I spent more than $5. After a while there, I decided I had done enough damage to my wallet and left.
My little stash of goodies. Sorry about the bad picture, as the light was reflecting off the plastic bags.
Click on picture to enlarge.
After lunch and a few other stops, I ended up with a "new to me" table and chairs for my courtyard. Best part - it was Free ! Yep! Could not beat the price. Since I was going to get a new set this Spring anyway, I saved some big money and don't feel so guilty about the splurge at the bead show. There was one catch - the person who gave the set to me wanted it moved ASAP. Big problem - There was no way it was going to fit in my car. But all ended well, as I was able to get someone with a truck to help out and it is now setting in my courtyard. Cloudy and dreary today, so will get some pictures on a day with sunshine and post another time.

Oh - The Weather: It is 62 as I sit here typing this, and the high Wednesday will only be 34. :(

The deadline for the giveaway here, is Midnight Central time, Wednesday night.

Welcome to the new readers . I am way behind in visiting around in the land of blog, and hope to get caught up a bit in the near future.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!

Middle of December I noticed that I had 200 followers (I prefer the term "Readers"). Actually, I am pretty sure it would have hit 200 long before then, but apparently I got to boring with my rambles and the numbers went up and down like a yo yo.
Anyway, I forgot about having a giveway. Things like that happen when you get my age.
Then in my attempt to declutter some more (I seem to be doing a better job of just moving things around), I ran across the shopping bag that contained these little goodies. Bought these a while back on sale at a great price. I know many of you people in the land of blog really like toile, so thought I would share one of them.

On with the details. The gift or prize (whatever you want to call it) will be the winner's choice of one (1) of the following toile tablecloths.
No. 1 - The pattern is a grayish blue color and is the largest of the two - 70 x 126 ins.

Click picture to enlarge.
No. 2 - The pattern is what I would call a brick red, and is 70 x 90 ins.
Click picture to enlarge.

I don't know this for a fact, but they appear to have the same pattern on them. I think it is just the way they are folded, that they appear to be different. I am not going to unfold them to find out, as I will never get them refolded and tied back up - remember what happens when you "unfold" a road map?

How do you enter the giveaway, you ask? Just leave a comment on this post, letting me know which one you would like to receive if you win.
If you mention this giveaway on your blog, let me know and I will throw your name in the hat a second time.
Deadline for entries is Midnight, Wed., 2/2/2011, Central Time.
Sorry, but due to postal rates, the giveaway is limited to residents in the United States. :(


Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Dab of This and That

I have managed to mark a few things off my "list" the couple of days. Nothing exciting, but did.......
l. Attempt to repair corner of counter. During the holidays , my counter was involved in a head on collision (not the counter's fault). :( Lets just say my kitchen work area is small/narrow, and there is not enough room for extra "bodies" in there at the same time. Especially when someone is in a hurry and had to get by right then. The corner of the counter gets caught on their jeans and gets broken off (jeans survived with no injuries). From what I have found out, it would be pretty pricey to have it professionally repaired, so ............
I glued the piece back on, taped up with masking tape until the glue dried. I used z6000 glue and am hoping for the best. I have gorilla glue, but from past experience I found that it expands as it dries and was afraid of ending up with a "big" mess. Crossing my fingers, that this works.
When I bought this place, the counter tops were the original ones and in really bad shape. Five years later, I broke down and had them replaced. Turned into a very expensive, nightmare of a job. Lets just say it is very doubtful that I will ever have a certain HD do a big job like that for me again. Started in mid July and not finished properly until November of that particular year. I could write a book on that ordeal ! :(
So...... When this happened, I thought my blood pressure was going to peak out. I picked up the broken piece off the floor, put it on top of the microwave and took a deep breath while mumbling under my breath. I am just now getting around to doing anything about it, and NO it was not me that did the damage (for a change).

2. Clean out and shred old bank statements, expired insurance polices, and such. Check
Still have medical statements, etc. to do, but that is listed as a separate item.
3. Change bag on downstairs vacuum cleaner. Check
4. Last of Christmas decor back in storage - except what I am getting rid of. Check
5. Wash and rehang sheer in guest room. Washed, but not rehung - may replace with something else. Half of a check!
6. Clean out fridge and freezer (where does some of this stuff come from). I really think the contents of my fridge has babies. Anyway......Check
7. Haul "stuff" to car to take to GW. Check
8. Cover gray. Check (and I am not talking walls here either) :-D

Question: Have you ever dropped a hand full of angel hair pasta on the kitchen floor ?!?! Take my word - try to avoid doing that ! Days after you think it is all cleaned up, you will continue to find pieces - that stuff multiplies !

Just a mumbling: My place looks like a storm came thru. I pull something out, start working on it and to often just walk away and start something else. I use to be more organized - I really did. I am starting to get "cabin fever" , so will use that as my excuse for now.

Enjoy your week, and stay warm.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Gift of Bling and A Metamorphosis

Said I was not going to join any parties this week, but since I am not accomplishing everything I set out to do this week, I am in. :-D

Before Thanksgiving, someone I know went thru some jewelry that had belonged to her Mother, and she gave me the pieces that she did not want to keep. You can't beat free!
The travel bracelet (above) and the Noah's Ark pin below are intact. She gave them to me, thinking I would just want the charms to use in other pieces, but I don't know that I will take them apart. The Noah's Ark was made by a company that is no longer in business, and the pins are all over ebay, at a wide range of prices.

Remember the vintage, red, glass beads I bought at an estate sale a while back? Well, I had planned to leave them intact and add some other elements for a new look. That idea went down the tube when I found some some of the knots between the beads were frayed, and did not think they would hold up very long. Here they are with the scarf clip (above).........
I decided the head pins and bead caps needed to be replaced, as they were to shiny for the gun metal chain.
Did not have any bead caps that would work any better, so just left them off. After a trip to HL to get some head pins that would look better, this is the "Metamorphosis". :-D
Just noticed - I did not redo the drop in the back.
Can't get any thriftier than free !
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simple but Good

Some times some of the simplest recipes can be some of the best treats, and one of them is a pineapple angel food cake . I had seen the recipe floating around in cyber space for a while, but never tried it. Then Sue @ I Need Mom did a post about it and posted the instructions. Even as lazy as I have gotten about baking, I thought I would give it a try during the holidays and I am glad that I did.
Mix it up - Pour it in the pan.....
Bake 30 minutes, and you have a yummy treat. I served lite cool whip to go top, but did not add the vanilla and cinnamon like Sue did (forgot about it). Had planned to have fresh strawberries with it, but grocery did not have any nice ones and I did not have time that day to drive to different stores looking for them. It was still good without them. This was a big hit.
For complete instructions go here Sue . Thanks Sue for sharing the recipe with us.
Now - since I was going to eat a lite dessert, I decided to treat myself to some sausage balls that my daughter made when she was here.
Gotta get in there with your hands to do it right.

Yummy........... The only problem I have with these, is that I eat way to many of them. :-D
You can see how the cake collapses in this picture.

Have a great week!
ETA: I am not going to join any parties this week. Why - you may or may not ask ? I have some things I need to get done "tackle my to do list" , so I won't be on the computer as much this next week. I can hear those voices now "yeah right".
I will still be checking in on occasion to see what everyone is up to and visit around.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just a Dab of This and That

For someone that has not been outside for 5 days (due to snow and bitter cold), except to take the garbage out and go to the mailbox, I sure have NOT accomplished a whole lot. Oh - I did the usual such as laundry , play on the computer, cleaned bathrooms, play on the computer, sort and organize jewelry making supplies, play on the computer, swiffer, vacuum, dust, play on the computer , and the list goes on. You get the picture ! :D
You would think with time on my hands, that I would have put a major dent in my "to do" list - but it just did not happen.
There is that "list" again !!! One of these days you will open my blog and read where I actually accomplished several things on that list, and you will be telling me to check my temperature, since there must be something wrong with me. :-D
We have a real heat wave for Saturday - suppose to be 45 !! Yay! Have a list of things I need to do, since I know I won't turn to an icicle if I walk out the door. Never thought I would get excited over 45 degrees. :-D

Remember these spoons ? Posted about here. Well.......I decided to use the salt spoon (smallest one) in a piece of jewelry.
Well - Let me tell you! This little gadget will not punch a hole in that metal ! :(
I kept turning (very hard), thinking the bit was going thru the metal. Then it would not turn anymore, so removed the spoon. The hole punch had not even made a dent in the spoon, but damaged the bit. Sooooo...I spent a good bit of time filing the bit, and am hoping it will work again. I have a drill and a drill bit that I think is small enough to use. One problem - a screw driver attachment is on there now , and I am not sure I can change it out. I know - y'all are reading this thinking "what is wrong with her - that is so simple". Well.........Let me "splain". There are certain power tools that intimidate me and a power drill is one of them.

Just another Dab of This and That.
Enjoy your weekend!


Monday, January 10, 2011

I Am So Easily Distracted

Well - It was predicted and it came............
Pretty to see, but I will admire it from inside.
I have no intentions of getting out in this weather, so thought I would do something constructive.
First Project : Finish going thru Christmas decorations before putting the last of them in storage. Found some ornaments that are looking past their prime - toss in bag for trash.
Faux greenery with faux snow on it that sheds all over everything - toss in bag of trash with the ornaments that are past their prime.
Light Bulb Comes On: Betsy @ "My Salvaged Treasures" posted about using the hangers on vintage Christmas tree ornaments in some of her jewelry creations.
Dig thru trash to recover the ornaments, that are now dusted with faux snow. Shake and blow faux snow off of them.
Clean faux snow up that did not land back in trash bag ! Geeeesh!!
Dig out scissors and a knife to dig glue off of the hanger where I had attached decorations to the ornament many, many moons ago with a hot glue gun.
Got hangers removed, cleaned up and flattened out ! Yay! Thanks Betsy for sharing your great idea.
Second Project: Not a project, but cleaned leftovers out of fridge and threw in trash bag .
Third Project: Take pictures of the "past their prime" ornaments with the hangers that I planned to reuse .
Light Bulb Comes On: Dang.....The "past their prime" ornaments, minus the hangers , are now covered in leftovers "also past their prime" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry Gang - but there is no way I am going to dig thru the garbage to recover those ornaments just to take pictures for my blog!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll are great, but I have my limits. Period - Point - Blank !!!!!
I need to learn to finish one thing before starting something else.

Stay warm !

ETA: I just noticed the picture in this post was taken this morning and the one in my header was taken last Winter, and they look almost identical. :-D
ETA: Never mind - changed my header picture - again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

White Stuff Coming and A Great Deal

If we get the weather that is predicted this next week, I sure won't be looking for things to do outside !  Snow predicted on Sunday. Last I heard it will start late afternoon with 3 to 6 ins. predicted. I know to many of you, that is no big deal. Around here it could be a disaster. First of all, many people in this area don't know how to drive on dry streets much less the white stuff. I feel sure the grocery stores are packed today with all the people getting that "loaf of bread and milk".
Looks like we are going to have a heat wave on Friday - 44 predicted !
Maybe I will get a few things done inside for a change. I said maybe
No - I have not decorated for Christmas again! Remember the bulbs in the candy container? I had originally planned on putting them in a different container, but did not have enough bulbs.

Well..... Saturday I had to make a trip to HL for some jewelry glue (had my 40% off coupon), so wandered over to see what was on clearance. Quiet a bit in the 60% off area, but I was good and kept on walking. Not much Christmas left, and what was left was 90% off. Guess what I found ?!? 4 more pkgs. of the bulbs 42 cts. + tax !! Just love deals like that ! :-D
I will be linking up with Linda @ Coastal Charm for "Nifty Thrifty Tuesday"
Leigh @ Tales of Bloggeritaville for "Thrifty Thursday
Linda @ A LA CARTE for "Junkin Finds Friday"

Friday evening I was playing catch up visiting some blogs and was admiring Cindy's Winter mantel decor and pictures of the snow where she lives, over at Applestone Cottage. I said admiring the pictures, did not say I wanted snow !! :D Anyway.......I was reading along and saw my name ! I started doing the "happy dance" - I won her "Blog-a-versary" giveaway $75 CSN gift certificate !!! I plan to do some shopping in the very near future ! :D Thanks again Cindy!

Have a great week !

ETA: l/13 - Most of the white stuff is gone, some patches still hanging around, but still very cold.
Stay warm out there!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dab of This and That

I would like to be doing a post right now about a wonderful redo/transformation going on in my home right now, but that is NOT going to happen. Believe me - I have many projects that need to be done, but they will remain on the "back burner" for now. After 3 days of house quests that left out today, I have done well to get the place back in order. The tree is down and everything is ready to be taken upstairs to storage. Spent this afternoon putting "things" back in place, vacuuming, dusting, etc. Every year when I go thru this same routine, I say I am going to do things differently next year - then next year rolls around and is the same "old song".
OK - On to other business.
Thanks a Zillion: A serious "Thank You" for all the very nice comments about the necklaces I posted about in my last post "Favorite Projects 2010". I still have some emails to answer concerning that post and will do that within the next couple of days.
A Big Welcome: Welcome to the new "Readers" who have joined in. Just a warning - I have a tendency to ramble! :-D
After 3 Days: After 3 days of "the gang" being in and out, the sound of laughter, good times and children's voices it is now very quiet. Three days of eating the wrong foods, being afraid of stepping on the scales and very thankful I don't have to have blood tests done any time soon. Actually - I think I have done pretty good during this holiday season.
Even managed to have black eyed peas (in the form of Texas Caviar) for good luck, and greens (in the form of baby spinach) for money, on New year's day. Had some guests that said they did not like black eyed peas, but decided they were pretty good in Texas Caviar and scooped up with white corn tortilla chips. The baby spinach was not an issue since everyone liked salad. :-D
I am making new lists of things I need to accomplish in the near future, and took my old list and marked off some things that no longer seem important to me.

What do I plan to do the next couple of days?: A ton of bed and bath linens need to be washed, rest of the Christmas decor stored, upstairs cleaned, thank you cards written, etc., etc.
Definitely hope to play catchup on visiting blogs - I am so far behind.
I had planned to do a post for a giveaway for my first post of 2011, but due to everything else going on, it did not happen, but will be doing one in the very near future.
Have a great week!