Sunday, September 27, 2015

Just Another Dab of This and That....

 What happens when you plant  two different colors of pink, knockout roses next to each other? Daughter's knockout roses - picture taken in May.
After a hot Summer,  and then the Japanese beetles did their damage, they are starting to spring back and produce a few new blooms before the cold sets in.  It seems a little cross pollination took place, and here is the results.
Sadly, to late in the year for them to spring back to their beauty they displayed last Spring, and Summer.  Looking forward to next year's display.
On their yearly trip to the local pumpkin patch, they found some very odd ones.
 I asked her if the white were attached after picked, and she said they were grafted together while still growing in the field.
More pics from the trip to the pumpkins patch another time.
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  Anyone tried these yet?
I have not.  However, daughter did and said there are 3 colors, each one representing a different part of a pecan pie. She said they were good, and felt she deserved them after a major grocery shopping trip on a Saturday morning when everyone else decided to do their shopping. Excuses, Excuses. :-D !
Actually - sounds like a good enough excuse to me.
I remember the old time karo pecan pies many of us grew up with in the South.  Many years ago, the head of the department I worked in always brought pecan pies to many of our luncheons - whatever the occasion.  They were so good and  when she heard I liked them so much, she would bring an extra and tell me to tuck it away and take it home.  She said she would give me the recipe, but it never happened.   Kinda think it was her "little secret" - so good.
Dab of This and That

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy First Day of Fall.....

Happy Fall !
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

In Memory......

For those who read my posts on occasion, more than likely have read about "Bill".  Bill (named by the "red headed cupid") showed up at my daughter's door step on a bitter cold night last Winter, looking for a  meal and a warm place to sleep, which she and her family provided for him.  Even tho Bill made himself at home, and always showed up for a meal, and a safe place to sleep when it was too cold or hot , he definitely was an outside kitty.

They never knew if someone moved and left him behind, or  was just left on the side of the road. What ever his story, he was loved and taken care of by his new family - including their spoiled indoor kitty.
 And posted about  here , here, and other posts.
They had been gone from the house for just a short time, picked up dinner to go and when returned found Bill laying on the side of the road. Apparently he was on his way home from one of his adventures, as it was time for dinner and settle in for the night, and was hit by a truck or car.   Thankfully,  "red headed cupid" did not see him.  Bill was buried and the site will be marked another day.
Sweet, lovable, Bill has "Crossed the Rainbow Bridge".
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Just Another Ramble....

Remember the "Little Red Headed Cupid"?  She is such a big girl now - hard to believe she started PreK this year.  Her Mom had a harder time dealing with the first day of school than  "Red Headed Cupid".   Most anyone with children knows how that goes.
She settled right in and found it was fun to learn, and play with new friends, etc.. She did learn real quick  -  if the teacher says don't throw the pea gravel on the playground, that is just what she meant. Ooops!!  School lunches have been an adjustment - I think pizza day and chicky nuggets with fries day are her favorites. So Mom makes sure she eats a healthy breakfast and dinner at home.

She recently enjoyed going to  a friends home who has chickens, and when feeding time came she knew what to do ( hope Mom has a good formula for removing grass stains out of those shorts).
then off to gather the eggs.
Remember "Bill" who showed up last Winter looking for  free meals, and  a warm place to sleep?  Well - he is still around and stays around daughter's feet when she is outside.  I told her he knows who runs the "chow wagon" around there.  He earns his keep, as he has been keeping the moles in their yard under control.
Another beanie hot off the needles.  Think she said this yarn is called farmers market.
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Have an enjoyable, safe weekend!
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