Sunday, October 31, 2010

Necklace Mosaic


Took a break from "decluttering", and getting the "old" out of the house, and worked on some necklaces this weekend. Vintage/old reusable jewelry does not get decluttered around here. This one, I started with a vintage, screw on type earring which I removed the back and attached it to a filigree piece (new), then built the necklace from there. Used some amber colored czech beads and filigree beads.
Click on picture to enlarge.

The focal point on this one is also a vintage earring. My camera will not pick up the color of the dark crystals correctly, as they have more of a dark purple color and sparkle to them.

This one is from all new materials. Was in Michaels recently and saw a package of charms that included this one with 43 on it, and decided I needed to use it in a necklace or bracelet, the 43 has a special meaning to me. :-D
This one - Not sure I am through with it just yet. The chain, faux pearl bead chain and the purple beads are vintage. The purple beads are a mystery to me - they are vintage as I know when I bought them new. :-D The mystery is that when I bought the original necklace the beads were a very deep cobalt blue, and over a period of time the color changed to a deep purple!!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Friday's Junkin

I decorate for Fall (not a lot this year), but don't put much out that is Halloween related. Grands will not be visiting this weekend, so only put out my little jack o lantern tea light holder. I have had this character for several years and each year I put him out somewhere in the house even if I don't put anything else out for Halloween. Just a Dollar Tree find that makes me smile !

Last Friday my plans for the day got changed so went on an unscheduled "junkin" trip. Went to the thrift shop where I usually have fair luck finding vintage bling/trinkets to work with. Nothing! :( As a matter of fact the last few times I have been, "pickings" were slim and what they did have was over priced for repurposing. Stopped at another place that was really a "junkin" place! Walked in and gas/oil fumes hit me in the face! :( Seems there was a shop in the back where they worked on motorcycles, etc. What we go thru to find a little vintage bling! :-D Stopped at an antique mall that I have not been to in years. Several of the vendors had vintage jewelry, but over priced for what I would be using it for. Also stopped at 2 yard sales.
So - This is my "haul" for a couple hours of "junkin" which is not a lot - 4 brass buttons, 2 rhinestone buttons, some gold colored charms (?), part of a faux pearl clasp, rhinestone chain (bracelet), and my favorite the very worn cameo piece.
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Took a break from "decluttering" this afternoon and got caught up on some of the necessities of life like paying bills, cleaning house, etc.. We all know how that goes.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Dab of This and That

Some of you may remember the vignette I created in the half bath about a year ago, and had a little white pumpkin sitting on the black urn. Then last Spring I replaced it with a bird and nest, and it stayed thru the Summer.
Since Fall has rolled around (again), I put the bird and nest away until next Spring, and out came the little white pumpkin.
Actually these are pictures I took last October, since it looks the same now. My camera was in the car, and to be honest I have not done anything today that required a lot of energy. :D

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Thank You: Want to say "Thank You" for all the nice compliments on the necklace I posted about Here . I replaced the rabbit with a butterfly, but not sure it is working out either. It is now one of those situations where I need to walk away from it for a while.

Welcome: I want to Welcome all the new "Readers" (followers), who have decided to find out what I ramble about on occasion. Will tell you what I tell everyone else " Hope I don't get to boring for you". :-D

Service Not Available: Recently, many times when I try to leave a comment on someone's blog, I get a "Service not Available" message when I attempt to post my comment. I try to go back later and comment later. Are others still having this problem?

Went Junkin: Out and about yesterday, and due to a change of plans I decided to go "junkin". Found a few vintage buttons, and bits and pieces for jewelry for repurposing.
Will take pictures and post about at a later date.

To Do List: I did manage to get something marked off my on going "To Do" list a couple of days ago. I have a walk in closet that has the central air system on one end, and I store seasonal decor, etc. on the other end. I finally took the time to straighten and clean it out - Clean Out walk in Closet - Checked off List!!!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Small Change

I did a post a while back about this pretty little box I got at HL for 90% off - paid $2.
I decided this shelf above the TV needed a change from the rustic urn and pear. Actually probably should have left it like this til after Fall. I can't put a lot on the shelf, as I am not interested in it all crashing down on the back of the TV, as buying a new one is not on my shopping list these days.

Anyway, one afternoon when the squirrels were not dining in the hickory nut tree that hangs over my courtyard (and dropping hickory nuts and/or shells), I gave the urn a new coat of paint.
Replaced the battery operated green candle with a regular white one. Hope to find a battery operated white one before the holidays. Have seen ivory, but not white.
I am trying to make small changes to get a different look without adding more clutter.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday in a Nutshell

So what did I do last Saturday instead of stay home and clean my house that definitely needs some attention, and accomplish some things on the never ending "To Do" list. I hit the streets - first to look for some pretty Fall color, but did not find much.
Went to HL armed with a 40% off coupon to buy some chain for a necklace, then to Jo-Ann's where I bought some more chain that was on sale. Then I remembered an estate sale listing that had a picture of a table full of costume jewelry. It was 3:30 by that time and figured it would be pretty well picked over, but went anyway. It was several miles from where I was, and I got there a couple of minutes before closing time at 4:00 . What was left was 1/2 price, so picked out these pieces .

The mother of pearl crucifix is only 1 1/4 ins. and the tiny gold cross is 3/4in. A shoe clip, a metal flask (probably for perfume), some chain, and a bracelet with no marking that I bought for parts. The piece above the tiny gold cross has the remnants of a screw on earring on the back , and 3 vintage rhinestone buttons still on the card.
A pair of vintage clip on earrings that were originally $8, but paid $4. Love these "blingy" things! :-D They will become the focal point for a necklace, or 2 necklaces, or a necklace and a bracelet.
Finished up a necklace.

Back side - which I need to redo, as the end of the rabbit's nose is covered up. :D
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After working so hard all day, I sit down at a still very cluttered table with a glass of wine and wondered what it would cost me to hire some one to come in and do my Fall cleaning. Oh well - Maybe I will double up on my vitamins, add some extra B12 this next week and get busy. I said maybe!!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More of the Grab Bag

I posted recently about a "grab bag" of old, vintage, and junk jewelry that I bought at a flea market. It had a few surprises in it, along with a lot of unusable things. I posted about a few of them here . I finally took the time to go thru the rest of the pieces and check out the pieces that were still intact for markings. These 4 bracelets were included. The first one
is marked "Goldette", so did a little research - Think I will keep it in intact! The second bracelet does not have any markings, but found several Goldette bracelets like it with the same charms, and found that there are Goldette pieces that are not marked. The Yin Yang bracelet (3rd) has no markings, but the style and clasp are like those made by Goldette in the same era. The orange one (4th) has no markings , but judging from the patina on the metal on the back of it, it has been around for some time. It is NOT bakelite - already checked. :-D

Click picture to enlarge.

Click on picture to enlarge.
The necklace on the left is Napier, the broach is Monet. Necklace on the right does not have any markings.
Nice little stash from one "grab bag" ! :-D
I have already used some of the dark blue glass beads (l0wer right corner) in a necklace. Not sure what I will be doing with the pieces that I won't be repurposing. There was also some pieces of chain, beads, bits and pieces of things I cleaned, sorted and put in containers before taking a picture. As long as I have been blogging, you would think I would know better by now.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Colors of Fall

A few touches of Fall around my home.
White pumpkins seem to work better in my living room.
Some oversize acorns - need to work on this some more.

I got one real pumpkin and a pot of mums to sit outside by the door, when family was here this last week. Want to get more, but the temps are pretty warm again, so was not sure how long they would last.
Click picture to enlarge.

In case anyone wondered what this was in the mosaic. Some of you may remember the grab bag of jewelery I bought at the flea market a couple of weeks ago . This vintage bracelet was in the bag and it definitely is one of the colors of Fall.
I finally got around to going thru the rest of the things in the bag and found a couple more surprises, and did a little research. Will do a different post on that, as I need to take a couple of pictures.

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Hope your weather is as nice where you are as it is here now. However, I think we need to start doing a rain dance, as things are a little to "crispy" around here.

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stash From My Junkin Trip

Last weekend I had no plans of going to yard sales or estate sales when I went out the door Saturday morning. Places to go and errands to run, then I started seeing "neighborhood yard sale" signs and decided to follow the arrows. The only thing I was interested in finding was vintage jewelry. After stopping at a few sales and telling the sellers what I was looking for, and being told a couple of times "I had some earlier, however a woman bought all I had - she said she repurposed vintage jewelry" - Dang it!! I knew then I should have got up earlier! :D Left that area and then saw an estate sale sign and decided to check it out. There was a long table a few feet inside the door with jewelry and small items, and one of the workers said whats left of the jewelry and other things on the table is half off - Sounds like a winner to me.
Not a lot left to chose from, but did find these pieces. Some rhinestone pieces including a shoe clip, screw on earrings, the long rhinestone earrings are clip and I can see a bracelet being made from at least one of them. The faux pearls are glass - the string they are on is not in great shape so will be taking them apart to use in different projects.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
A little closer picture. My camera is not the greatest to photo bling with, but the blue pendant really sparkles.
Some chain, sterling cross (in bad need of polishing), tiny key, one screw on earring, and a couple of pendants.
The pendant with the emerald green stones is my favorite. I can see it in a bracelet or necklace.
That is my stash from my unplanned "junkin" trip last Saturday. Now I just need to spend some time making something new out of the old. :-D
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Have a great weekend!

The Colors of Fall

Even tho it is officially Fall according to the calendar, the colors of Fall have not arrived here - still a little early. So, I dug around in photos I took in late October of 2009, and found that I did not really take that many pictures last Fall, however did find these. I love the deep blue, clear sky during the Spring and Fall months.
Click to enlarge picture.
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