Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Changed out Table - Finally

After I put up all the obvious  holiday decor, I  left out the candle holder with the Winter scene....
 I made this change right before Valentine's Day, but just now getting around to taking pictures and finishing up a post.
Life is a bowl of cherries.........

And very thrifty as I used items I already had on hand.
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As I sit here typing this, I  am already thinking it is time to change it to a "Spring" look, and have pulled out my green placemats. I need a touch of Spring, as we are back to cold temps and "they" are mentioning a chance of those "S" word flurries this upcoming weekend - pretending I did not hear that.
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Instead of Doing What I Should

I had to play a bit....

Supplies out and need to put a hole in one of leafs on the pendant, so pull out the handy tools. First the hole punch would not go thru ?!?! Tried a nail, then a punch . Nope - No go! Yes - that is chocolate on the right, but I was good and did not indulge (only because I had just had lunch).
After tapping the indention I had already made a few times with the nail and  punch, then using the hole punch again I was able to go thru the metal (don't know what kind of metal it is).  Why did I not use this handy, dandy drill?
I bought the recommended bit for different types of metals and something is not working like it should. Or could it possibly be that  "the operator is intimidated" and not doing something right.... ?  Anyway - Mission accomplished and this is the result.  The red, glass beads  are a dark red, but look much lighter in the pics.  The heart is a locket - Not sure if will be putting something in it or leaving that up to the recipient.....
 I really need to get over the intimidation of the drill as I have several tiny salt spoons that I want holes drilled in.

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Dab of This and That

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Soup Day and Other Dabs of This and That

Needed to stay close to home yesterday to make phone calls, work on paper work and such, so decided to make a big pot of soup.  Beef and veggie - add a bit of this and that, then let it simmer while tend to other things and end up with a big pot of Yum...........
These will go in the freezer.........

and another 4(?) servings are ready to heat up and eat with a sandwich and/or salad, maybe add a bit of fruit.  A quick, healthy and tasty meal.
Perfect timing, as temps are in the 30's today.
Made soup lately ?
It is that time of the year...................
Actually they should have already been done - a bit of procrastination going on here.

Yum.....Probably most all of us have our "little guilty pleasures" when it comes to foods.  Mine - One at the very top of the list - Very thin, crispy, hickory  smoked bacon.  Do I eat it often - No! It is a rarity in my diet due to the salt and cholesterol content.  However, there are certain foods that must have a bit of "bacon drippins" in them to make them taste right.  If you are from the South you know what I am talking about - green beans, purple hulls, crowder peas,  yellow squash with onions,  etc..  So on occasion  I will indulge, cook some bacon, save the "drippins"    for future use, wrap up the cooked strips, freeze, and micro a couple strips for a few seconds  for a future treat.
What is one of your "Guilty Pleasures"?

Can you tell - I am hungry and it is time for lunch - off to heat up some of the soup.
Hope you are having a great week.
Just another Dab of This and That ramble.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

 I  did not get any thing created for Valentine's Day this year, so dug back in the old photo archives and found these I took in 2009.  I thought I would just C & P the post I did at that time. Well...Leave it to Dab of This and That I messed up trying to do that, so just reposted the pics and started over.

The little handmade valentine (below) was made by my Aunt in the early 1900's - found it in a box of antique/vintage cards at an antique shop many years ago and recognized name and her hand writing was beautiful (beautiful old style script).  I asked her about it (before she passed away several years ago) and she seemed to think she was in the first grade when it was made.

Have a Great Valentines' Day
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Dab of This and That

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Dug around in my photo archives and found some mosaics/collages I never did anything with (at least I don't think I did), so thought I would share.
Click on picture to enlarge.
The colors tweaked a bit....

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Have a great week!