Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just to Let You know.....

Must take a break for a bit - Hope to be back before to long.
In the meantime these are for my "blogging friends".
Will visit around as time allows.
Dab of This and That

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What to Do On a Cold Winter Night...

 You embroidery on anything you get your hands on.  Daughter found some embroidery transfers marked down to 97cts. that would fit right in with her vintage/retro kitchen.
She plans on framing and hanging in a group in her "in progress" vintage/retro kitchen.
Then a trip to the GW store, she found a set of  My Little Pony sheets produced in the 1980's  (during the time she played with them).   $2.97 for the set - score!!!  She is cutting out sections and embellishing with embroidery, then will  frame for the little redhead cupid's  room  (who loves My Little Pony).
Or you could do what the well loved, fat cat chose to do - curl up, take a nap and hope Spring arrives soon......
Kitty - Move over!  Think I will join you for a long Winter's nap! 
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Hope you are having a great week and staying warm!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

One of My Dab of This and That Rambles....

Woke up to about 1/2 in. of snow this morning.  Pretty, but glad to see it melt off rapidly.  Unfortunately "they" are predicting much more in the near future.
Seems like lately I have read where more bloggers are thinking about giving up blogging. Some have said they don't have the time to put into one anymore, others say they don't create, decorate, etc. enough to post on a regular basis, and a couple  have said because  can't and/or don't want to compete with the "big blogs".  Some have just stopped with no explanation. Some I have thought about occasionally, and hope they are doing well and enjoying life.    But when you think about it - they did not owe any of us an explanation.

I have thought about giving up my blog a couple of times, but then I realized how much of a diversion it has been for me from "life's issues".  You know - Real life issues such as things going on with family, daily "whatever", etc.. Stuff we all need a break from on occasion.  OH!!! Did I mention plumbing falling apart.

Then my daughter chimed in and said she needed me to keep blogging to share her projects.  She has a "big, really big one" she is working on right now. Why does she not blog about it herself?  She does not have time with very active children  (including the precocious little "redheaded cupid") with school, appointments,  outside activities such as scouts, etc., a hard working hubby, a "new to them"  home with lots of projects in the future.

What I am attempting to say is - don't feel you have to compete with the "big" blogs.  Share your creativity, whether it be in repurposing an item, making jewelry, sewing, quilting, cooking, gardening, decorating your home, artist skills, photographing nature, love to read about y'all's "junkin" adventures  (I am past due for a good junkin trip), etc., etc.. I for one really enjoy seeing what others have to share (many more out there do also), and yes - including the beautiful snow pictures - even tho I don't want to experience any of it around here, so don't send it my way.  :-D  Unfortunately there is some of that white stuff in the very near future . Boooo!!!  

Blogging has really changed over the last few years.  I posted the first time in Nov. 2008, but did not really get into it until 2009.  I have seen a dramatic change in the way people blog, and more are advertising for income purposes - can't blame anyone for that. Thought about doing some of it myself a while back.    Does it bother me to visit a blog and see the ads on the sidebar? Absolutely NOT !  Don't want to read the ad?  Simple - Don't click on the ad!
OH! If you have "word verification" checked for comments - PLEASE Change that option!!  If you have problems with spammers leaving comments, etc., go to comment settings, then click on "comment moderation" ,  and uncheck word verification.
How do you know if you have comments  to be moderated?  Go to your dashboard, and you will see (stated in red) the number waiting to be moderated.  Click on that statement and it will display those comments,  under the comment you will see 3 options, so click on publish, or if  not something you want published - simply click delete or report as spam.
  That way you can control what comments are published - the spam/advertisers/ ugly stuff you can delete or click on spam,  and they won't show up under your comments on your post. 
Many times visitors won't leave a message/comment on a very nice/informative  post if  "word verification" is activated for comments.  Some of  the words/letter combinations are  almost impossible to decipher, and many do not want to take their time to "jump thru hoops" to leave a comment on a post.
So.... If you are one that is thinking about giving up blogging - May I suggest "put the thought on the back burner" for a while and let it simmer.  Post a one liner saying "Taking a Break".  You may change your mind later.
Would like to hear your thoughts on this also!!!!
Just my 2cts. worth !!!
Have a great week and stay warm - looks like Winter is hanging around for a while!!
Dab of This and That