Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Market

To big for their bowl ?!? No problem - they will be used up very quickly. Yes - That is a vintage pyrex dish. It was given to me new as a gift "umpteen" dozen years ago. Oh my! How times does fly!

I had planned to go to the the farmers' market yesterday, but by the time I ran other errands I was "over" dealing with the heat. Instead, I went to a local owned produce store that does carry local grown when it is available. The "Big" plus - they have air conditioning and the farmers' market does not. They also carry some pickled veggies and cheeses that I like.

Bought some shelled purple hull peas so needed some chow chow to go with them, and little pickled ears of corn are pretty tasty with fresh veggies also. I don't eat many jams/jelly type products (because I don't do breakfast much), but a jar of orange marmalade jumped in my basket. They had fig preserves also, so may go back and get some of those.
Needed a little fruit and of course the bananas are not local, but why one peach? It is local, but it does NOT have a wonderful peach smell like the ones I bought recently at a roadside stand, also seemed kinda pricey. Hummm - We will see.

Good food is so photogenic don't you think ? :) The things that had to be refrigerated had already been put away, so it missed the photography session. :-D
Click on picture to enlarge.
How about you - Are you eating fresh these days ?

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Have a great week! It is going to be another HOT one here.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


In the stash I was given not long ago, there was a shamrock pendant/charm in a little box with a card stating that it was a real, preserved shamrock, souvenir Old Bushmills and Old Bushmills is etched on the back. So curiosity got the best of me and I did a little google work - turns out it is a distillery in North Ireland dating back hundreds of years. The pendant/charm does not appear to be very old - just a souvenir someone picked up on a trip abroad. Dug around in my supplies, found a glass, green heart, a few czech glass beads..........
and finished ! How about that - A souvenir from across "The Pond" and I have never been there. I know a 4 leaf clover is suppose to bring you good luck, but don't know about a shamrock. I have a whole lot of Irish in me, so maybe it will bring me good luck also.

Yeah! I know - I am playing around with jewelry and on the computer a lot these days, but that is what I do when it is Hot outside, and I am sitting around waiting for others to do what they are suppose to be doing, and/or waiting on phone calls, etc.. Well...........You know what I am talking about.

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Have a great week!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dab of This and That

If it is as hot where you are as it is here, maybe this picture I took 1/10/11, will help cool you down a bit. :-D
"The gang" has gone home, crumbs swiffered up, tiny finger prints wiped off the glass door once again, etc. - until next time.

A bit less clutter: I had gathered up quiet a few magazines and books to pass on, and when I told my daughter about them, she said they were not ones she was interested in, but could take them to a library close to where she lives. Glad to see them go to a good home.

What is your home decor style ? This question came up recently in a conversation, and I have said it before and will say it again - Mine is mainly "Early Attic and General Junk".
I don't have anything that is "matchy-matchy" or "sets". Oh, I did when started up housekeeping many years ago as that was the thing to do. Started out with Italian Provincial (matching end tables & coffee table, lamps, night stands/dresser/chest, etc.).
Then a few years later, on to a heavier Spanish influence in dining , living area, with a little wrought iron thrown in.

Then as many of you know - The country/primitive influence showed up in the late 70's (during the bicentennial) into the 80's, and some even slid on into the early 90's, and took over many of "our minds" ! :-D
Looked forward to all the Country Living and Country Home magazines to find out what the hottest collectible was at the time. My kitchen/dining area looked like a antique shop. I had lots of crocks, baskets, dried flowers, old jars/bottles, antique candy molds and biscuit cutters piled up in a wooden bowl, etc. I would pull out a drawer on my antique cabinet during the holidays, and arrange a little vignette in the corner. It all attracted a lot of dust!
Well - I went on a "binge" one year in the 90's, and did a major clean out. Passed a lot on to daughter, called someone with an antique booth, who came over and did a "major" shopping trip at my house and I sold a lot in a yard sale. Now that I look back, there are some things I sorta wish I had kept. From that point on, my home has been a mish-mash of no particular style - just a "Dab of This and That".
I have things that I have accumulated over many years - no particular "style", but makes me "Happy", and that is why I hang on to them.

How about you - What is your decorating style ?
Have a great weekend !

ETA: I forgot - My sofa and love seat do match ! :-D

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Cloches

It is time for Marty's "Summer Cloche Party", and Kim's "Wow Us Wednesday".
I have not been making any decorating changes around the house in a while now, and that also goes for my cloches. They still have their Spring decor in them, but since that includes birds, nests, etc., I think they still work for the Summer months also. Many of you have already seen these pictures, so they may be a re-run for you.
Click pictures to enlarge.

Actually this wire one is back on my dining table now, but I am getting things ready for "the gang" to arrive this afternoon, so don't have time to take new pictures today.
Apothecary jar with shells, and another with a sprig of ivy and butterflies.....

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Have a great week !

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer's Bounty

But not out of my garden. Main reasons - I don't have a vegetable garden, don't have the know how to have a successful one, don't want the work involved, don't have the room for one here, and to much shade. Is that enough reasons? :D

So like many others - off to the farmer's market, roadside stands, etc.. One of my Grands and I made a pizza run one evening recently for dinner, and we passed a roadside stand. I told her to remind me on the way back to stop and get a watermelon - she thought that was a great idea.
Made the stop, popped open the trunk and told the man I needed a nice ripe melon..............
and added some yummy looking ripe tomatoes.
Asked Grand if she saw anything she would like. Oh Yes ! Peaches! They were ripe and you could smell them several feet away.
Paid the man, and went our way. We had not gone far down the road and we could smell the peaches inside the car, along with the aroma of fresh baked pizza - Yummmmm..........! Was that a perfect pairing of food ? Have no clue - probably not. However, it tasted yummy and what made it even better was the fact I did not have to cook dinner that evening.

Antique, wooden bowl the peaches are in ? Bought at a yard sale in the late 70's from a very old lady, who said it had been in her family as long as she could remember. Price 50 cts.
Summer reds !
A little editing done here.
I am really "slipping" these days, as I have not cooked a pot of fresh purple hull peas, or yellow squash with onions, yet this Summer. Had planned on going to the farmers' market today for fresh vegetables, local made pepper jelly and chow chow. However, after I ran my other errands, and getting so hot in and out of the car I decided to wait. Plus since the peas and fried squash requires at least a tiny bit of bacon drippings to cook them just right, it would require a trip to the grocery - which I was NOT going to do today.
Just trying to "Keep things simple these days" .

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ETA: Forgot to take a picture of the melon after it was cut, but it too was a beautiful Summer red and yummy.