Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trees of Spring

Flowering trees are always so pretty this time of the year. I took these pictures a week ago, and they are probably all green by now.
Click on picture to enlarge.
See the goose in the middle picture? It was by its self, which is unusual. I see a lot of geese in this area, and they always seem to run in twos. Several times I have seen traffic come to a complete stop, while a couple leisurely stroll across a busy street or parking lot. They seem unfazed by the moving vehicles or people trying to get them to move on.

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I had plans to finish cleaning out the flower beds this weekend, but our warm temps and sunshine went South. It is a chilly, gray, dreary, rainy day, and looks like mostly the same for the next few days.

Have a great day !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Couple of Simple Changes

I have not done anything around here that could be called decorating in quiet some time now. Just a minor change here or there. About a week ago when going thru some pictures, I found this one taken during the holidays of ornaments in the urn.

and remembered that I had replaced them with faux lemons and limes.
The frame on this mirror, use to be gold and I spray painted it white about 3 (?) years ago. I had intentions of collecting several mirrors , painting the frames white and doing a grouping on the wall by the stairs.
For some reason, I just could not get with the program and get it done. The one lone mirror hung by it's lonesome all this time, until a couple days ago.

 I had this mirror with the dark wood frame propped on a antique stool to hide an unsightly electrical outlet and plugs in another room. Decided it was time for a change.........
What did I do with the mirror I took down? Look up. :-D I had a picture above the little bookcase at the top of the stairs, and decided it needed to be changed out. Sorry you won't be able to enlarge the last picture. I had to put it in photobucket, then post it from there in order to get it in the right sequence for the post. No picture taking today, as it is gray/dreary - no sunshine today. :(

Just a couple of simple changes for a little different look.
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Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Touch of Spring

I decided to change my dining table to something more "Springy" looking, and put the cloche on the table. Some of you may remember I got this cloche with the nest already in it last Summer, and had it on my dining table for a while last year. Actually, I left it as is and on a table in the living room area thru the Winter months.
I have it sitting on a cake pedestal.
Click picture to enlarge.
Many of you have seen this one in different pictures, as it has been sitting in the same place in the window for some time now - not very creative am I. :D

That is my little contribution to Marty's "Spring Cloche Party"
and Laurie's "A Few of My Favorite Things Saturday".
Be sure to plan on visiting these ladies to see what they and the other participants have to share. I always enjoy visiting the participants and seeing their pretty creations. Maybe, this events will help "Bring on Spring". :-D

ETA: This is the neatest my table has been since.............? I don't remember when.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dab of This and That

The beginning of the year, I said I was going to "spiffy" up my blog, change my blog look, figure out how to do more things, etc., but so far it has not happened.
So, first step - I decided to do a little clean up on my computer and in an effort to do so, I ran across this mosaic/collage I made from some pictures I took and posted about last Spring. Hope you enjoy seeing them again.
Click on picture to enlarge.
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Be sure and visit these ladies to see what they and the other participants have to share with us this week.

One of the reasons I have not been visiting around the "land of blog" that much the last few days or accomplished much of anything else for that matter, I have been watching "Lark Rise to Candleford". One of the very reasons I don't read as much these days - I get started and don't know when to take a break. Which reminds me - It is after 2:15 pm and have not eaten yet. So many distractions!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Talk About Getting Distracted

I set out yesterday, with a list in hand to run errands. First stop - buy gas !! Ouch !!!!!! That was a blow to the bank account ! After a several other stops, I knew what I had to do . Took a deep breath and pulled into the grocery store parking lot . I think I heard a "little moan" from my debit card when I pulled it out to pay. I can't decide if the little "squeaking" sound I keep hearing today is a battery going out in a smoke alarm, or my wallet, after exposing it to the high cost of food and gas.

Okee DoKee..........Let's move on to my productive day today. After having coffee and a fruit and cereal bar this morning, I decided to get off the computer and get some things done.
Vacuum downstairs - Check
Dust - Kinda sorta
Clean 1/2 bath - 1/2 of a check. We will get back to that. OK ?
Update pictures of Grands in frames while waiting for bathroom floor to dry - Now that is what got me distracted !!!!!! I never did get the Grands most current pictures in the frames, as I pulled out a container of pictures that I took at a wedding over three years ago with a one time use camera. I glanced thru them, remembering a beautiful wedding, luncheon, and evening reception afterwards. I remember taking this picture so well, as I was leaving the luncheon. It was a gorgeous day with blue skies, warm temps and this was the view as I walked out of the club house.

Click on picture to enlarge.
Ok...........Back to reality. I scanned the picture, so not real good, but in real life, it was a beautiful view.
Let me "splain" the rest of the day. I took the photo upstairs where the scanner is, and after scanning it, then decided to look at some other pictures I had on a CD and uploading them, then deleting some pictures I did not think I had further use for. Well.....You get the picture!
Hope you got more accomplished today than I did - I am so easily distracted these days !