Friday, April 30, 2010

Tulip Tree

When my Daughter's Tulip trees were in bloom I took pictures, so thought I would share a few of them. Enjoy!
Click picture, then click again to enlarge.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dab of This and That

Last Saturday when the weather went crazy around here, I was going thru another cabinet (part of the clean out process), and ran across this old liquor decanter that I bought for 50cts. at a yard sale back in the 80's. Then I remembered I had bought a bottle tag on sale at Michaels back some time ago. Welll - there went the "clean out" project! :D
I dug around in my " bling" boxes for some chain to match and Wa La!. Not a great pic., but it is a lion with the word Bordeaux written under it. I was going to put it with a small bottle collection in the bathroom, but not sure I want a bottle labeled for wine in the bathroom. :D
While I was digging around looking for the chain, I ran across a chain and black metal flower I bought not long ago. I decided I needed to play a little longer! :D The flower has a place in the center to put a bead or a cabochon or such. So after not finding something I wanted to use in my stash, I looked up and saw my jar of marbles - guess what got glued in the center! I keep looking at it and can't decide if that is what it needs or not.
Since I bought the bottle for 50 cts. (even if it was about 20 years ago,) and the bottle tag on sale, I am linking up with "Thrifty Thursday" hosted by Leigh @ Tales From Bloggeritaville. ,
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Shopping news: Went to the new Anthropologie store here last week. I saw a few things I would
not mind having, but at their prices - think I will wait til it goes on sale.

Spring: I guess it is official - Spring is here! How do I know this! I put the chenille throw away until next Fall.
I turned the radio and TV off so I could hear the birds sing while on the computer. :D
It is 7:30PM and a robin is setting on my fence singing it's little heart out.
I am hearing the Mourning Doves again - I love to hear them early in the day.
Don't want to do: Make that dreaded trip to WM . I don't go often, but I need to make a trip. I stock up on lots of paper, cleaning and personal items, then keep an on going list of things I am running out of. Then I take a deep breath and make a major run ! The one I go to has been redone/upgraded and it takes me forever to find what I am looking for. I did get a $5 gift card in the mail, so will use that.
Schedule out of whack! Don't know why, but have been staying up later and getting up later! Not sure that is a good thing. I would blame it on the time change, but started doing this before we changed over. Does it have anything to do with age ! I did not type that!!! :D
Thanks: Thanks to everyone sharing their beautiful Spring flowers. I have enjoyed visiting everyone and seeing what is blooming in their part of the world.
Irritates Me ! When 2 people are carrying on a conversation and both of them are talking at the same time. After the morning news, I turn the TV off - need I say more.
Guess I have rambled enough.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fireworks & Symphony in White

Update 4/25/10: After I typed this post yesterday , another round of some bad weather came thru. If you live in the MidSouth/South you know what has been going on weather wise - not pretty!

4/24/10: I started this post yesterday, got sidetracked (that happens a lot these days) and never got back to it and was late turning the computer on this morning due to the "Loverly Weather" that came thru! When I say "Loverly Weather", believe me I am being very sarcastic. We needed the rain, but not all the FIREWORKS that came along with the rain.
Anyway - I took some of the pictures I had taken around the neighborhood and put together this mosaic. I will call it " Symphony in White". How about that for a name ! :-D
Click the mosaic then click again to enlarge the photos.
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Remember this character that is one of several that occupy the air space over my courtyard? Wellll - one landed on the fence very close to me a couple of days ago, and I got a good look at him or her. It turns out, it is a Carpenter Bee, not a Bumble Bee. No matter what it is, just hope they continue to leave me alone.
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I want to say "Welcome" to all the new Readers (Followers) that have joined. I will tell you what I tell everyone else - Hope I don't get to boring for you. :-D I do have a tendency to "ramble" sometimes (well, maybe a lot).
I had a couple of other things that I was going to "ramble" about today, but according to "Dave" the weather man, another round of "Loverly Weather" is coming thru. Soooo - guess I will shut this computer down "again" and go find something else to play with.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Bargain and A Little Bling

I know many of you are familiar with Author, Michael Lee West and her great blog "Designs by Gollum". Well, I was in a used bookstore about a week ago, and look what I found - one of her books !! I think she wrote this one after "Crazy Ladies", which I have already read. I have not had a chance to start reading this one just yet.

And look at the price! It was definitely a "Thrifty Treasure".

What else have I been doing besides enjoying the beautiful weather these days? Enjoying this beautiful weather, the beautiful flowers and trying to avoid anything called "work". I was going to clean out and organize a closet this week. Opened the door, took one look and shut the door. Did I do another "work" project ? Nope ! Pulled out the bling and played with that! :-D Picture not that good, but it is a combination of white and gray faux pearls and silver plated meshed covered glass beads.
All the years I worked, I always had a watch on my wrist. When the battery died recently in my last watch, I did not bother to replace it as the band was not in the greatest of shape. I will eventually get another watch, but for now I put one on a chain. I had some watch faces that I had not done anything with, so put one on a chain with a little vintage faux drop pearl and a Swarovski crystal.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Around the Neighborhood

Another beautiful Spring day ! However, Mother Nature turned down the thermostat the last couple of nights !!!
This is a mosaic of some pictures I have taken around the neighborhood the last couple of weeks, when walking. Well - With the exception of the one in the middle. No, that is not a bird - it is a huge bumble bee ! There is a nest under the carport next to my courtyard, and every Spring and Summer I have to share my outdoor living space with them. Some of them are HUGE ! This has been going on for years, and luckily I have not been stung yet. There are quiet a few of them and I just dodge them when I am outside, I am more afraid of the wasps that are out there now.
Click on the mosaic to enlarge the pictures.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Already!

This week has flown by! My Daughter and 2 of my Grands were here for a few days, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful ! This is my favorite time of the year, so have been spending a lot of time outdoors, and less time on the computer - which is a "good thing". The "green stuff" seems to have slowed down, and now the tree "squiggles" and the "caterpillar" looking things are falling ! Don't you just love my "technical" terms I use for "Nature's debris". :-D I went to Lowes today and of course had to walk thru the garden section - I wanted to say "I want one of those , one of these, and 20 or so of those". So many beautiful flowers. I pretty much stick to my "tried and trues", as I do get a lot of shade in the Summer - which is a "good thing" - saves on the utility bill.

I did a post on my miniature greenhouse back some time ago and the pictures were small. Since I still have not re-photographed it, I took the pics. and enlarged them in Picasa. Sorry they are a little blurry. One of these days I will get around to re-doing them along with the other minis.
Click mosaic then click again to enlarge the pictures.
Since my miniatures are one of my favorite things, I am linking up with "Show and Tell Friday" hosted by Cindy @ My Romantic Home. and Laurie @ "A Few of My Favorite Things". Thanks Cindy and Laurie for hosting again this week.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doll House

Click mosaic, then click again to enlarge the pictures.

I had intended to post some photos I took yesterday of some beautiful flowers. Well the flowers were beautiful, but the photos were not! Don't know if I had the camera on the wrong setting or what. So dug around in my photos to see what I could use. I still have not re-photographed my minis, so took existing pictures of one of my doll houses, and enlarged them on Picasa. Then I could not get more than one picture to load from Picasa to the same blog post. Geesh!! Not a good day for posting.
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Another gorgeous Spring day today!
Have a great week !
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just a Ramble

Out and about today, and remembered someone telling me about 2 old silos that were covered in Wisteria in the Spring, so I went on a mission - with camera in hand. Turned out I was not the only one photographing the beautiful sight. Another woman was photographing them at the same time I was, and I asked her about the history of the silos, but she just said they had been there "forever". Look up at my new header ! :-D Took pictures of flowers in the neighborhood today also, but have not had a chance to edit, delete, etc.

THAT GREEN STUFF: I just know I wasted $5 for an "Express" car wash today, but the "green stuff" took over my car. Had to turn on the windshield washer to see where I was going when left out today, and I looked like a "green alien" going down the street the last several days, so bit the bullet! I have a feeling it will be coated with that "stuff" again in the morning. After the "green stuff" , then the tree "squiggles" (not the technical name for them) that fall out of the oak trees and make a mess. Ahhh! The joys of Spring! I prefer to deal with the "green stuff" and "squiggles" any day over cold, snow and ice. Ahhhhh Chooo!!!!!

Off to bring in these pretty babies in for the night!
Just noticed a couple of typing errors - just pretend you don't see them!!!!! OK !!!!!
Don't know how much I will be around the next several days as my Daughter and a couple of Grands will be here next week for a few days (Spring break).
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dab of This and That

What I been up to lately? Playing in the dirt ! I love going to buy flowers in the Spring - well at least until I get to the checkout and I hear the words "your total is $$$$" !
These Potato Bush topiaries were beautiful, but at $54 each, none came home with me.
A flat, 4 six packs and 3 pints later - Sounds like I have been partying! :-D
my courtyard is starting to look more like Spring.
Photobucket Went out to take some better pictures this morning, but it is cloudy and threatening rain, so these will have to do for now. I did get a picture of my first iris and first azalea that has opened up.
I have a feeling, the freshly planted pots will be coming inside Thurs. and Fri. nights, as the temps are suppose to be in the 40's. :-(
Finally got around to making a wreath for the front door. Used what I already had - the wreath and bird I got for 80 cts. ea. at the dollar store that went out of business, daisies from last year and the yellow ribbon I have had so long, I don't remember what I bought it for.
Taxes are finished and mailed - Yay!
So see - I have done something besides play on the computer!!! :-D
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring & Easter Decor


I did not do a lot of decorating for Spring/Easter this year, but will share what I did do. I may get a little more done later on. I ended up up doing this cloche like I did last year. I liked it, and had several compliments on it, so thought "why fix it if it is not broken" . :-D
No, I don't have more than one of the egg topiaries. :-) It started out here -
Then moved it here - decided it was to big for the cloche -
Then moved it here - for now. :-D
On the counter -
A faux chocolate egg topiary and bunny in the kitchen - Photobucket
Lets not forget the bunnies that get high on chocolate -
or are they actually laughing at the chocolate bunny, cause they just know someone will bite his ears off. Of course they don't know he is about as real as they are. :-D
This bunny actually stays outside on the table year round. Remember the basket I got on sale at the dollar store in January? :-)
I will be linking up with Marty's "Spring Cloche Party" on April 2nd, @ A Stroll Thru Life.
Laurie's "A Few of My Favorite Things" @ Bargain Hunting With Laurie since flowers, birds, and bunnies are some of my favorite things, and Mary's Mosaic Monday @ Dear Little Red House
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!