Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not much going on in the courtyard on a hot Summer day....
The usual annuals are there, but did make a mistake this year.  For years have planted wax begonias in the wall planters as they  seem to tolerate the heat best.  This year planted impatiens and they are struggling.

These two characters have continued to do their damage.  I think that "tree rat" (squirrel) would look healthier if it would stick to a diet of nuts, acorns and other normal squirrel food, and stop munching on my petunias, and wax begonias.  "Chubs"  the chipmunk has fattened up on something. It digs in the pots uprooting plants, but does not appear to be eating any - so far.
Recent visitors to daughter's flower bed: The frog hangs around if not in the flower bed, then in a potted plant.
One ugly frog!
 One very large moth. Think the wing span gets 5 to 6 ins. or larger.
Not something I would pick to do on a hot Summer day, but she baked 12 loaves (different flavors) of friendship bread to stock the freezer.  To me it is more of a cake instead of a bread.
Chocolate Chip
 None of it will be stored in her vintage bread box, as it is being used for magazines...
  So, what is going on around your abode on a hot Summer day ?
Just another Dab of This and That ramble...

ETA:  Not sure what is going on, but my email account is being flooded with spam, etc.. At first it was going into the spam folder, and now some has spilled into regular mail. Emails that appear to be coming from someone that it is not.
If anyone receives an email that appears to be from me asking for money or any other kind of  help, and/or has an attached link  - DO NOT open as it did not come from me! Please let me know if that happens.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Summer Sunset....

Sharing pics  daughter took while they were waiting for the fireworks to begin...

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Working With the Bling....

As stated in a previous post, I created the center piece/pendant a couple of years ago, by simply attaching a vintage (?) rhinestone pin to a filigree stamping.  It was a toss up between using the premade piece with the white faux pearls (bought at one of the craft stores - don't remember which one) , or scale it down some with something I put together.
Ended up creating the embellishment myself using clear glass beads, gray, faux pearls, and rhinestone rondelles.
The hardest part of this blingy project?  Trying to photograph it to show how it really sparkles.    The end result...
Click on picture to enlarge.

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Hope everyone  enjoyed their holiday weekend.  On July 4th, late afternoon it was only - repeat only 82 deg. outside and 42% humidity.  Wow - unheard of in this part of the country for  July 4th! Beautiful weather!
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