Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Heart with Bling....

Last year, a very kind, generous person sent me a box of old/vintage jewelry to repurpose.  It was a gift of treasures to go thru and think of all the new creations that will be made.  Example - A pair of  heart shaped earrings, black with rhinestones - one missing on one, one finding broken - but both ready to be repurposed  into  pretty creations.  This one, I replaced the rhinestone - not a perfect match, but looks great to me as it stands out..
Pleased with the results.....

Actually I made this necklace a couple of months ago, started the post, but never finished it as I am thinking the rondelles between the faux pearls are too big.  However, with other things going on, enjoying warmer temps, and Spring flowers, the supplies have been put away for a while.

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Looking forward to a great weekend and hope you are also!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Year's Courtyard Decor - So Far..

Not  much different than what I did the last couple of years, but it works....
The begonias in the pots on the right have some growing to do, but after a dose of fertilizer that should be soon.
Large pot on the bottom right is a geranium that is trying to come back from last year after sitting out all Winter.  Normally mine don't last thru the Winter months, so hoping this one  will flourish and bloom.  Bottom left a pot of hens and chicks that I had planned to plant in a concrete planter, but found that it no longer drains.  Apparently the holes are stopped up and it is not an easy project emptying it out and redoing as it is so heavy. I have a strawberry pot to put them in, but for some reason the last couple of times I have planted them, they have fizzled out pretty quick, thus reason for wanting to try the planter.   Had good luck with them where I used to live, but not where I am now.
I should retake  a pic of the azaleas, as they have bloomed a lot more.
There are begonias in the pots, but also need a boost of fertilizer to give them a kick start. There is that blue spot again - Wished I knew what causes it and how to stop it happening.
Just sharing my teeny, tiny, microscopic speck on earth.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just Some Pretty Trees in Bloom

These are the same ones here, just 5 days later.....

When I went back to take these, I did not see the goose or his mate around.
 Went back to photograph the wisteria on the silos this year.  Beautiful, but the blooms did not seem as vibrant this year - need to go back to see if they have changed.
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Had planned to share pics of new blooms in my courtyard this week, but got sidetracked and did not get the post done.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Another Dab of This and That

I was past due for some "fun shopping",  and since the weather was beautiful Saturday, I decided it was a good time to do just that !    My stash from the bead show....
Sorry the pics are not better, but the small disco balls are sorta blingy like rhinestones,  and the  largest resembles cut steel.  The turquoise nugget and pendant I got with a certain person in mind.

A strand of tiny,  blue, real  sapphire beads caught my attention, but I  am pretty sure I heard a whimper coming from my bank account when I was told the price.  So...They did not come home with me.   Looking forward to working with my new stash, but will save that for a not so friendly weather type day.

Talk about embarrassing !!!   I went by one of the big box stores for flowers, and one of my purchases was a oriental lily - so pretty and I love the smell.  Any way  - one of the buds had bloomed and of course I had to smell it (got to close). Keep that last sentence in mind!
I then went to the bead sale and after leaving there I refreshed my makeup to go to lunch.  I looked in the mirror and  thought "oh good grief" !  I had a strange looking spot on the end of my nose - actually  it looked kinda dark orange/reddish!   Anyway - could not find where it might have come from, wiped it off and went on about my way.  Much later I get home and took my plants out of the car and got some of the pollen from the stargazer lily on my hand, and I realized where that strange "stuff" came from !!!!!  On My!  I don't want to know what all the people I conversed with at the bead show were thinking. Word to Self !  Self - be more careful about sniffing the Flowers.

When looked out this morning 3 more of the buds had bloomed.  Hoping the remaining 8 will be slower to open, so I can enjoy them longer.    Today I planted some more pots of annuals and took some pictures, but have not had chance to sort thru them.

Have you done any fun shopping lately?
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Sky

Last weekend the weather was wonderful, trees full of buds, beautiful blue Spring sky..

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Just a short/quick post. Storms rolled thru last night, so did not get much sleep - loud thunder tends to wake me up, especially when it rattles the windows.  Got things to do and I need a nap already.
Hope everyone is having a good week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Bit of a Change.....

 By the time I finally got around to decorating just a bit for Easter, it was almost over, and I never got around to taking a picture.  Put it all away, pulled out a bisque porcelain  swan container, put some faux roses in and at this point in time,  calling it  my Spring look for the dining table......
Done the "thrifty way", as I have had the swan since the late 80's, and the roses for several years.  They are the same ones in my "about me" photo.
  A softer effect.....
Was going to redo the mosaic/collage and add my "about me" icon, but the one in PM looked a bit wonky and  picasa decided to take a nap and not accept it when tried to add it to the album - strange.  So it gets to stand alone.....
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Thank you ladies  for taking your time and all the work you put into hosting these weekly events.
If you have not already, be sure to pay them a visit to see what they, and  all the other participants have to share this week.

Gorgeous weather here over the weekend, so needless to say I found lots of reasons to be outside soaking up some vitamin D.
Have a Great Week !

Monday, April 1, 2013

Colors of Spring...

Busy day - out and about, and actually remembered to take the camera along for a change.
In my rounds I looked for some pretty, Spring color and found some, but not as much as I expected.  Some flowering trees...
 A bit of wild life.  Usually there is a couple, but did not see his lady friend today (out shopping maybe ?).
Was hoping the owner of the vehicle would  show up and move it, but did not happen, so blurred out the license.

Saw lots of flower beds planted with tulips and pansies, etc., but not where I could pull over and take pics, and am pretty sure others would NOT appreciate me obstructing  traffic.  I can see me now trying to explain to an officer that I needed to take pictures for my blog..........
Did manage to work in a trip to a big box store that starts with a "L", and bought a few annuals - nothing big, but just needed some flowers.  Will need to keep an eye on them and will probably be moving them around to protect them from the elements the next couple of weeks - More on that later.

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Have a great week!
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