Friday, July 27, 2012

All New Materials For a Change

Nothing vintage, old, or found objects included in this necklace project, as it is all new materials. What a shock !! I think the last time I made jewelry with all new components was before the holidays for some young ladies on my gift list.

I am not an orange person. Oh - I like it in the Fall decor such as pumpkins, foliage, dreamsicles, juice, etc., but not so much in everyday decor or jewelry. Last Fall I bought a mixed strand of semi precious stone beads and these orange ones were included. I don't know what kind of stone they are - have kind of a frosted look under most lighting. Anyone know? Just noticed one has a dark spot in it - need to see if have another to replace it with.
As usual half thru before remembered to take before pics.

Added some filigree beads, chain and a simple lobster clasp. The orange beads look darker in this picture than they actually are.

A few special effects added .....
Just another one of my "to hot to go outside" projects.
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What ever your plans - Have a great week!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Finished - Finally

I originally posted about this little gem that I found at an estate sale here.
As it turns out, I don't think I have ever taken so long to finish one necklace. Originally started working on it in April, then putting it on the back burner a couple of times
Click on pic to enlarge.
I ended up using a different chain I already had and this is the end result.
Guess I could have straightened it up a bit before taking the picture, but I had taken it outside to photograph, it was hot, and I was ready to call it quits.
I am calling this Finished !!!!
Had thought about using a small charm also, but figured it was time to stop.
Good thing I don't make jewelry as a source of income to eat, because I would starve.

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Predicted high today 100. 98 now with a heat index of 107, so I am playing here today. Just finished replacing a few tiny rhinestones, cleaning up the mess after spilling some, and attempting to get glue off my fingers.
Yep - I am avoiding what "needs" to be done around the house. What can I say !
Have a great week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rubies and Pearls (Faux that is)

Thought I would share a necklace I worked on a week or so ago. Used a pendant from a necklace I posted about here.
Some of the original chain can be reused, some not - but that will be another project.
Gathered up a few glass pearls, and red glass beads, along with new chain, and after a bit of creating.......
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Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It was fairly quiet around here and what was happening is not blog material. I did manage to hit 2 sales - one a bust, but did score a couple of pieces of bling to work with at the other one. More on that after I get pics taken.

An update on my "decluttering process" that is taking forever. All cabinets in kitchen area finished now except the area under the sink. If I totally disappear from the land of blog one day, it is probably because I got swallowed up in that dark hole that is full of cans of left over spray paint, and "tons of things" that got stashed under there because of that infamous "might need that one day" mentality.
Question: If a can of spray paint does not have an expiration date on it, how long is it still good ?

Have a great week !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

On another HOT day, had no plans of getting out, but needed to go to post office, then pick up a bit of "to go" food as it was to hot to cook. First stop: Post Office - Sunday - late morning, not many people around - run in to mail bills, check box, back out and move on. Food to go: Use drive-thru - nobody gonna see that you have very little makeup on or barely ran comb thru hair - You all know the scenario!!!! Then: What did I see - an "Estate Sale" sign - things like that can cause me to brake. I did not remember seeing it listed on the estate sale website, so decided I needed to check it out. Found a few pieces of jewelry to work with. Everything in the house priced, but no prices on the jewelry, so went to the person at check out (Oh good grief! How can she have all that makeup on in this heat - am I the only one slacking!?! ) and asked - 50cts. each! Works for me. Picked out 6 pieces (not much left), then wandered around the house, but did not see anything that reached out and tugged at my hand saying "buy me".
Went to pay for my "piddling purchase", and the total was half of what she quoted when I asked the price the first time !!!! Yep!! 25 cts. each !! Total $1.50!  Do you think my appearance had anything to do with that ?

So - What did I get for $1.50? The dress clip in the middle is from the art deco era !!! How do I know this? It is marked and did a bit of research . The piece in the bottom, right corner is a vintage dress clip also, along with a pair of vintage earrings, 2 pins, and a lone, red, rhinestone earring.

Doubtful that my 2 clips have much value, as the clips on both are pretty worn (one rusty in places), and one is about to fall off, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can create out of them - 25 cts. each - I can't loose.
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I finally broke down yesterday, and made a major trip to the grocery store in this heat - a person has got to eat ya know. I wanted to look for some chain to finish up a jewelry project, but decided it was not that important when the heat index was 104.
Dug around in my pics and found this one I took 2 or 3 years ago, and saved it as my desktop. Maybe the power of suggestion will lower the temps just a bit. :-D

Have a great week and stay cool !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another One Finished

Remember this one? Probably not, but posted about it here.
At first I just used chain.....
but decided, it needed a little more so added a couple of black glass beads, and this is the end result.............
Called it good..........
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Spent the most of the weekend inside piddling around, creating jewelry, and trying to stay cool.
Still Very HOT here, as is a large part of our country. Went out to water what is left of my potted flowers and ferns, and within just a few minutes the patio was dry and looked like I had not even had the hose on. The plants soaked up the water like a sponge, but they really need some rain water. Mosquitoes are really bad, but not sure why since it is so dry - no standing water around here.

Have a great week and stay cool !

ETA: Someone asked if the picture of the spider web in the previous post was a "doctored up" pic. No - it was not. I just got lucky and happened to see it when the sun was shining on it and it showed up that clear for me to photograph (even with my pitiful photography skills).
Just got lucky on that one.