Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wishing all my blogging friends a....

Very Happy, Healthy, 
New Year ! !

Dab of This and That


Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Dab of This and That Ramble...

First of all:  Why does a smoke alarm always start chirping during the night (when you are trying to sleep),  to tell you the battery is weak?!?

Why, Oh Why"  did I keep all this "stuff" , and where does all this "paper" come from.  Can you tell - I have spent way to much time recently cleaning out and shredding paper?  Thought I had it under control not long ago - that is what I get for "thinking".
Well that was fast:  When daughter checked for Christmas candy on sale the day after Christmas, she found this instead.
The bargains went fast, and the stores are not wasting any time setting up displays for the next occasion to indulge in all that chocolate goodness.

Not a good way to start the Holidays: I am sure you all have heard about the storms that left trails of destruction and most importantly - loss of life.  Her area was spared, as well as where I live.  However, many were not as fortunate.
Picture daughter took close to their home on 12/23.  Temps have been unseasonably warm for this time of the year, and unfortunately that is usually a sign, bad weather is on its' way.
Yum:  Neighbor traveling for the holidays got notice a food gift had been shipped to her home after she left, so called and asked if I could get, check contents to see if anything needed to be refrigerated before she got back, and to help myself to its' contents.  I was tempted, but will wait until she returns and let her decide what she wants to share.
Love the cheeses, spreads and variety of sausages, but also know the sodium content, so will be very selective.
  How did this character wind down Christmas Eve:  Making smores of course - Well attempting to do so over a battery operated candle.

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 Just one of those Dab of This and That rambles.
Dab of This and That

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Are You ready for Christmas.......

Hard to believe Christmas is less than a week from now.  Am I ready? In one word - NO!
However, at daughter's house.....
Looks like this character is making her appearance again this year.
She decided a halo orange would make a good treat while everyone slept.

Been watching the lady of the house crochet a lot, so decided to give it a try.
The household furbaby has the right idea. 
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Dab of This and That