Friday, September 30, 2011

Short Post

Just a couple more of the pictures that I took 2 years ago.

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The weather here has been beautiful the last several days, and according to the weather man, there will be more of the same this next week. Hope it is as nice in your part of the world.
Have a great week !

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dab of This and That

A couple of years ago, about this same time of the year, I stopped in a florist/decor/gift shop to purchase a couple of candles. The Fall displays and flowers were beautiful, so asked permission to take some pictures and explained how I would use them in my blog. They gave permission (very reluctantly I might add), so I took some pictures, thanked them, paid for my candles and left. As it turned out, most of the pictures were not all that good and I ended up deleting the majority of them. Must have had the camera on the wrong setting, as most are a bit out of focus. Also, I the lighting was not great for picture taking and I did not want to use the flash in the shop. Recently I was digging around in my pictures, looking for some with a touch of Fall and decided to take a few of them to picasa and see if I could improve on them a bit.

I think ornamental cabbages are so pretty .......

Linking up with Mary @ "Mosaic Monday"

Great weather predicted here for this next week and hope it is the same in your area.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Blog Because.....

Because every post needs a picture.........
One of Granddaughter's B.Day cakes (No - I did not make it).:)
I was told the black icing tasted like chocolate - I did not try it myself - just something about black food! :D

A while back I started a post about why I blog and what I have gained in doing so - ended up hitting the "delete" button. I also had started a post about "the other side" of blogging that I have seen and was afraid what I was trying to say might be misinterpreted - again I clicked "delete".
One of our fellow bloggers Sue @ " I Need Mom" , did a post not long ago on "Why Do You Blog" and it was interesting reading the comments. Instead of writing a book in her comment section and her kicking me out, I decided to post on this also. Started this post in August and just now finishing it up. Slow - I know !

I started reading blogs a long time ago (years ago) - don't remember exactly when. I was trying to remember recently the first one I read, how I found it and when, but can't remember. Age does that you know! I took the plunge November 2008, and started on my own personal journey. Had no clue what I was doing and still don't. I originally started blogging because of my 2 main hobbies - Repurposing vintage/old jewelry and 1/12 scale miniatures & doll houses. Also small "redo" projects around my home. I enjoy communicating with people with the same interests. I don't watch a lot of television (especially daytime TV), can't read for long periods of time as I get sleepy (don't want to sleep my life away), and I am not one to just "do nothing". Also, most everyone I know still works, and I needed something to do to "keep me out of trouble and off the streets". :-D
As time went by, I found that I have steered away from some of the original reasons and have a tendency to ramble and post about a little bit of everything.
Things going on that I do not post about.
Bottom line?!?! Things change ! Good thing I named my blog "Dab of This and That" ! :-D

Now - I need to get off this computer, vacuum up the hickory nut shells that got tracked in last weekend, clean out leftovers from the family get together on Sunday, and dust. Won't tell you the last time that was done.

That is my story and I am sticking to it !

How about you - Why do you blog ? I would love to hear some more of your stories.

Hope you are having a great week!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tons of Paper Work

Have You Seen Me ???
and phone calls and far from being over. Just thought I would "check in" so you would know I am still around. This is my first post in a week, but have tried to visit around when I got a chance this last week.

First: I want to say "Thank You So Very Much" for all your kind words you left in comments and emails. There are so many caring people out in "the land of blog".

My stack of storage containers and boxes did not make much of a "decorative" statement in my dining area, but they sure are missed. :( Only 2 are left and they had the least important things in them, and all of which could be easily replaced. The rest - Well a large portion of the items will never be replaced.
I miss my messy table..........

and the convenience of having my notebook laptop on the corner. Where I could hear the "ding dong" (or what ever that sound is), when an email came in.
A chipmonk came in the courtyard this morning to eat some of the hickory nut pieces the squirrels dropped, and I automatically reached for "the camera that is no longer there".
Hope to finish the insurance paper work soon and make some decisions on what to replace, etc .

Note of interest: None of the obvious finished pieces of jewelry were taken. I scratched my head and thought "do they look that bad" ?!?!. Then someone said - They were not taken because they are one of a kind and can be easily identified.
Make Note: Make sure your home/car, etc. is not broken into on a holiday weekend ! I know - not something you can control! Things have been crazy, calls were not returned in a timely manner, etc..

This has been a very trying experience.
Yes - The things taken are just that "things", and I am so thankful that I was not here when it happened.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I Will Be Taking a Break

I will be taking a break from blogging for a while . How Long? I don't know at this point in time.
No picture for this post - I no longer have a camera. Necklace I started (previous post) won't be finished, my jewelry supplies, including the containers of vintage pieces are gone. I am not typing this post on my laptop, because I no longer own one, and the list goes on.
Long story made short - I locked up my home and left to run a couple of errands and when I returned, I found that my home had been broken into.
Have a fun and safe weekend.
Mine is off to a rough start - will be back when I can.