Friday, August 29, 2014

Just Wishing You.....
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

She is on a Roll....

Like I said in a recent post "Someone is busy in the kitchen" and it is not me.  She  has not only been making pickles, but  busy making a variety of jellies also.
Jalapeno Mint
Spoon some over some cream cheese and scoop up with wheat thin crackers - Yum!
Apple Mint
Where did the orange flavor come from?
An orange flavored soda!! Yep!
 Stocking the shelves.
 I am not much of a root beer fan, so asked what it was like, and she said it tasted similar to a pancake syrup, so suspect it will come in handy on a weekend morning breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs.
A variety of jellies for some good eating...... 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Someone is Busy in the Kitchen....

and it is not me. Daughter was telling me about what she had been making, so told her to send me pictures of her accomplishments, so I would have something to post about. My creativity is still on vacation without me - has been for some time now.
Pickled okra and yellow squash - yum! She said she used fresh dill and garlic along with the pickling spices.
How about a slice of homemade rosemary (that she grew), garlic and cheese bread.
Now this creation - not sure about. Fire cider vinegar.
Suppose to be good for colds, flu, etc., and since everyone in her house has a Summer, head cold right now, guess she figured she did not have anything to lose.  She said even Kitty was sneezing, but I doubt she will convince him to try her natural remedy.

Think I will pass on the "fire", but slice me a couple pieces of that bread, along with some thin slices of a sharp cheddar or a good garden veggie cheese, a nice serving of the pickled squash and okra, and a glass of wine - Yum!
Click on picture to enlarge.
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Looks like this week will be a good time to get caught up on inside chores.
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dab of This and That Ramble

The Good....
It is the little things:   A beautiful bouquet of roses from someone's garden,
delivered in a pint size canning jar.....

along with lemon and cherry friendship bread.
Wrapped in saran wrap and in plastic bag does not make for a clear picture.
 A beautiful new crocheted throw...
which I will just admire now, and enjoy its warmth next Winter.
And The Bad.
Warning - Not a good ending:  Daughter sent me this pic of 4 baby birds in a nest in a crepe myrtle in her yard.  I ask if she could try for a clearer picture.
A day or two later, she said her heard a loud commotion of birds squawking and said it sounded like a fight was going on, and their kitty was having a fit at the window trying to see what was happening. She said she had  seen some kind of hawk around a lot, so it was more than likely the culprit.

 Later that morning she went out and saw the damage. 2 of the babies gone, one in nest appeared to be dead, and the other was out in the yard with the Mother circling over it.  Little red headed cupid was NOT happy about the situation and kept telling the Mother to come get her baby.

Later, she, along with my grandson and redheaded cupid went to check the situation out, and see if anything could be done.  However, the Mother bird wanted no part of them being around and started dive bombing them, so they had to run for cover. Last they saw, the baby was hopping off and appeared to be trying to fly, even tho it seemed to young. Later there was no sign of either the Mother or the baby bird. Can only hope Mom got it to safety.
Hard to believe it is August already, and most schools in this area start back this upcoming week. 

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