Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After Holiday Bargain From Last Year

When getting out the Christmas decorations, I ran across these little goodies that I bought for 90% off at HL after Christmas last year.
Don't you love it when you buy something, tuck it away, forget about it and then find it later? Almost like finding a gift. Well - maybe not.
Anyway....All my clear glass containers were either to large or to small for the red light bulbs, except this candy dish. They don't show up real well in it, but will do for now.

The tree is decorated, along with a few other places around the house. I tried taking more pictures today, but is a very gray, dreary day and I ended up deleting just about all of them.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dab of This and That Weekend

Made a trip to HD over the weekend, and they had some very pretty poinsettias for $3.99 ea., so 3 came home with me (sorry for bad picture). I suspect 2 of them will be going home with family this next weekend. I thought that was a good price, considering Kroger is asking $7.99 for the same size. One lost a branch, but put in a vase with water and it still looks good today.

Went to an estate sale on Saturday and bought this cross, angel pin and some eye pins to go in my jewelry supplies. Woman at the sale said the cross was made from the metal of a very old horse bridle. I was going to ask if she had more information about it, but when I got ready to check out, there was some kind of "drama" going on between her and someone else working the sale, and I was not interested in being around with that going on, so paid and left.
After a stop for lunch, went to the flea market and that is where I got the mercury dime from a coin dealer (above picture) that was made the year I was born, and it had been gold plated for $3. Will be working that into a piece of jewelry.
The aluminum religious medals (below), I bought from a vendor that had a lot of silver charms, lockets,vintage jewelry, but was pretty pricey. Also, the vendors (husband and wife), acted like they were mad at each other. (?) Won't waste my time typing out that story.
The vendors that I bought the "grab bags" from in September were there, but did not have any this time. Also, they seemed to have gone up on their prices since September.
The vendor I bought the tiny salt spoon and demitasse spoon from in September here , was there , and I had hoped to buy more of the salt spoons but she had sold all of them. :( She said it was getting harder to find them, especially at a reasonable price.
My Experience at the Flea market: Did a lot of looking, bought very little, listened to conversations between sellers and buyers, then watching the buyers walk away without buying.
More vendors than when I went in September, but just more with the imported "stuff", yet they appeared to be the ones selling. Very sad. :(

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Have a great week!
ETA: Did a little research on the cross - It is made out of horseshoe nails, not part of a bridle.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dab of This and That

This really has been one of those "Dab of This and That" days. I had good intentions of getting certain things accomplished today - none of which got done. Instead, I sat here for a while and played. Actually for more than just a while.
Remember this pendant that did not work out, as the rabbit's nose was covered up?
Replaced it with a butterfly. Thought all was well until I closed the latch and something shifted! :( Since I am the one wearing it, it may just stay that way - or maybe not. I am one of those people that when I know something is "out of whack", it bugs me until I make it right (or at least try). That is one of the reasons I rarely sew anymore. If I make a mistake, even tho no one else may be able to see it, I know it is there and it drives me "buggie"! :-D Anybody else like that?
Remember this? I have not been real happy with the vintage buttons and beads on the left - to stiff, and the buttons flop to the side.
So replaced them with this. This is with one button and a couple of black metal charms. Either way, the button still "flops" to the side ! Any suggestions?

In my effort to "declutter" I ran across a container of buttons that I had forgotten about. Some of these would be considered vintage according to their age, but since I know what some of the clothes they came off of, there is NO way they can be vintage (or can they) !!!!! The term "Vintage" sounds old until you read what is considered "vintage" (that is just wrong!!!!!) - I am NOT VINTAGE !!!!!

Remember this? Well - I got some of it cleaned out - then more fell.
Grounds crew was here today, and I had left my gate open (in and out most of the day). Looked out, and one of the workers had come up in my courtyard and was blowing leaves out of my gate (property owners are responsible for their own courtyards). Don't know what prompted him to do so (will ask management), but when I went out to give him a tip, I could tell he was VERY happy even tho he did not speak English !!!

Soooooooo! Did I get the guest room ready for house guests? Nope!
Did I get the main bathroom cleaned? Nope!
What about vacuuming inside car? Nope!
Finish decluttering? NO! NO ! NO!
How about a trip to WM? Nope! Nope!
What is that famous movie line ? "Tomorrow is another day" - Sounds good to me! :-D
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Bit of Bling

Weekend before last, I stopped by an estate sale. When I stop now days, I usually go straight to the area where the jewelry and/or small trinkets, etc., that can be repurposed is displayed. Not a lot to choose from, but did get these pieces. I got the red bead necklace to take apart and repurpose the beads. Got it home and found the little Monet metal tag and did a little research. They are considered vintage and on ebay from buy it now $4.95 and up - the highest I saw was $24.50 - I paid $1.50. May leave it intact and add something with it. Got the other necklace (no markings) for parts for $3.
Locket - $1.50.
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Not sure where I am going with this just yet - I have a heavy chain it may be going on. May add more trinkets/charms, etc..
Playing around with photobucket.
80% chance of rain and high of only 52 tomorrow, so sounds like a good day to address Christmas cards, work on a piece of jewelry and any other hard job like that. :D
Someone else has an opinion about the up coming weather forecast. :-D Wonder which one of her older siblings taught her to stick her tongue out!?!? :D
ETA: Photo removed.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a Dab of This and That

The above picture (mosaic) really has nothing to do with this post other than the fact that I could not get it sized right to use it as my header. After getting tired of fooling with it, I just stuck it here. :-D
ETA: Ignore the above paragraph - I finally got the mosaic sized. :-D
Today was a beautiful Fall day, 77 degrees, low humidity, blue sky and sun shine. Would love for the weather to stay this way, but according to "them" it is not going to happen. I need to check and see if I have the ingredients to make a pot of soup tomorrow as "soup weather" is moving in. Did not walk today, as got my exercise cleaning leaves out of the courtyard. In a few more days - repeat chore.
An Observation: Don't know what it is about this time of the year, but I am more prone to buying and eating chocolate. Ooops!
Another Observation: Yard work plays havoc on your fingernails - Time for a manicure!!
Taking Inventory: Not for gifts, Christmas cards and such, as that is another list. But It is that time of the year that I stock up on things like personal items, household products, paper products, etc., etc.. Make out the list, take a deep breath and make that dreaded trip to WM. I know - Don't like to go there and all that, but I do save quiet a bit on certain items like that. Anyone else stock up on certain things before the "cold" months settle in?

Another necklace I finished - No vintage elements in this one.
Click picture to enlarge.

Just another Dab of This and That!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Table Top

I haven't done any rearranging/changing things out in a while. Hard to believe in a couple of weeks I will be putting up a Christmas tree and decorations . I feel like I just put all the holiday decorations away.
This is a trunk that sits behind a chair by the door, and is a spot that rarely ever gets changed, except for what is in the urn and that varies by season. Right now there are some very large faux acorns and fruit with a crackled finish.
The lamp is sitting on a reproduction set of the first set of encyclopedia britannicas ever published. - even the foxing, water marks, etc., was left on the pages when copied.
I would like to replace the trunk with a small table that won't take up as much floor space, but have not put a lot of effort into looking for one.
A book box I bought a couple of years ago in a shop in Franklin, TN.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Bling

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. It has been a quiet one under my roof (thank you). Attended an art show and reception Friday evening which was very nice - some great art work , company and food. Did manage to get some of the leaves cleaned up on Saturday, but that will be an on going job for a while. Also went to an estate sale Saturday and bought 3 pieces of jewelry to work with, one of which turned out to be worth a lot more than I paid :-D - more on that on another post.
On the cool side again today and my allergies are having a "hay day", so stayed inside and worked on another necklace.
Some of you may remember, in mid October I posted here about these vintage earrings
and these vintage rhinestone buttons that I bought at an estate sale.
Welllll - I got out my trusty tools
and a few supplies
and after a bit of time
I came up with this .................

Actually, I am not through with it, as I did not have a black clasp to use. Depends on what type of clasp I get, I may add another element on the back. I think it looks better than the pictures - When I grow up I am going to get me a "big girl" camera. :-D
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Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Four Seasons

It has been one of those rainy, gloomy days in my part of the world today. I was sitting at the table making a list of errands I need to run and other stops I need to make when the rain stops. I thought about my view from inside the sliding glass door on a rainy day.
Today - Fall 2010


Spring - 2010 (shortly before it started to rain)

Winter - 2010 (rain turns to snow)
That is a view of the "Four Seasons" outside my back door.
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Well the rain did not stop, but I got out and did some "puddle jumping" anyway - did not run all of the errands, but did put a dent in the list.
Hope everyone is having a great week.