Saturday, September 28, 2013

Somebody Moved !!!

No - Not me !   I Wish .
Someone decided they needed a bigger abode.  Think that will be enough cabinet space in the master bath vanity?
Yes - It does have  double sinks....
New appliances that came with the house - manuals and paperwork attached..... 
 The "little redhead cupid" found out it was fun to push the different levers on the ice/water dispensers on the door. Ooops!!!
Don't think that will be enough cabinets?
 Then check out the other side....
Yes - that is real wood paneling and cabinets in the kitchen and a room off the kitchen. What will they do to update the  look  you ask?  They have already been looking at all the possibilities, but not in a hurry to make any decisions/changes.  The great news -  New carpet, flooring, counter tops, paint through out, and baths have all new fixtures.  The previous owners  left a few of the wall heaters in different locations around the house after installing central air.  I am thinking that was a smart move  in case the central heat ever went out.  Daughter plans to put something decorative in front of them that can be easily moved if the units are needed.

OH! What will she do with that huge kitchen and all the cabinets?   No worry - She does a lot of cooking, freezing, canning, making jams and jellies, has a lot of craft/redo projects going on, big kitchen table for family meals, and where homework will be done.

Now.... If I can get her to remember to take before and after pictures of each project so I can post about all their accomplishments.
Is everyone thrilled about the big move?  Absolutely NOT!
She called when taking a load of furniture to their new (to them) abode, and in the back ground I could hear a certain furbaby meowing (actually yelling)  at the top of his lungs.  
Remember this sweet face?
 Well....It seems that sweet furbaby, did NOT have the same enthusiasm  about relocating as the other family members.
I think he was happier setting in the window alerting "his family" of the dangers of a runaway horse in "his driveway", or fighting off neighborhood cats picking on strays looking for a meal.
Talked with her later, and she said he had settled down a bit.  He is getting on up in the years, and we were concerned how he would adjust to this move. 
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and looking forward to a great week!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Absolutely Gorgeous Weather

Don't know what the high was yesterday, but certainly not above the mid 70's,  with a gorgeous,  blue sky and having a repeat performance today - 68 as I type.
Doing the "Happy Dance" as this is my kind of weather!!  "Probably a good thing you can't see me dance". :-D
Had planned to venture out to buy mums and pumpkins at the farmers market yesterday, but plans changed - we all know how that goes. So, will share some pictures I took last year.....

 Fall 2012
Beautiful Fall day and time to make a trip to the farmers' market.
From the typical orange and white...

to a wide range of gourds and pumpkins to select from
 Those with warts to pastels....

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Have a great week!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

One of "Those" Projects

One of the things on my "L" to get done was to remove the HD from a old PC that needs to be "laid to rest". First - Let me say I am not using correct terminology writing this post, because I would hate to think someone researched how to do the same and came across my post and they ended up more confused on the subject than I was.
Plus - I don't know the correct terminology. 

OK - So I researched  utube (I know - not the right spelling) on  "how to remove the HD from the PC tower".

Step 1 - Remove the side panels. Small problem - my PC is NOT like the ones used in the utube demos, so I was pretty much on my own with that little detail.
                                    Mission accomplished!

Step 2 - Remove the HD from the tower. Again mine did not look like the one in the demos, so had to wing it, but after removing a couple of screws it popped out.

Step 3 - Remove the wires and that strange 
looking, wide tape "thingy" that is plugged into
the end.

Now - How am I going to destroy that thing if it is encased in a metal frame. 3 screws were removed without a problem, the 4th was  stripped out, so had to round up several different size screwdrivers until found one that would work.
And the prize is......
Did a bit of research on how to destroy one of these little black boxes and think I will save that project for a day I really need to vent, let off steam, get rid of some frustrations, etc...
Add to "L" - find out where I can take the PC to have it properly disposed of.
If anyone has any fail proof suggestions on how to destroy a HD, I would love to hear them.
I have noticed around the land of blog, many are starting to decorate for Fall.  Think I will wait a while since..........
Summer is still hanging on around here.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and looking forward to a great week ahead.
Dab of This and That

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dab of This and That

Hope everyone is enjoying the long holiday weekend, whether you are cooking out, with lots of good food and drink, enjoying the company of family and/or friends  or enjoying a nice quiet time at home with a good book and/or a project you have been wanting to finish. Hard to  believe Summer is winding down.  The children in my area have been back to school almost a month now, and I remember when they did not go back until the day after Labor Day.
Had a surprise visit from the owner of these travel necessities ...
The lady bugs on her duffel bag are red  - don't know why they look orange in the pic.
Yep ! The little red head cherub came to visit !!
(I dread the day those beautiful red curls are cut off.)
Got a phone call at 8:15 Friday morning (before I had even had coffee) from her Mom telling me they would be at my house for dinner.  Did I rush to the grocery and plan a big dinner ? Nope  - too hot to cook!  She says they can't get good BBQ in their area, so I save my BBQ runs to a local place  for when they come in town - so that was dinner, and another daughter joined us. Good food and good company.
When they left Saturday evening they loaded up their vehicle with lots of junk  treasures that I was getting rid of in my effort to declutter.  I was glad to see it gone and daughter was glad to be the recipient, as she is visualizing  lots of  repurposing and crafty projects  in the future.
Too hot to be outside today, so swiffered up the crumbs, wiped the little red headed cupid's sticky finger prints off the glass door and edge of the table, and looking forward to their next visit.  I will look for the faux lime and apple she played with on another day.
 Enjoy the holiday weekend and the week ahead!
Dab of This and That