Saturday, September 27, 2014

On Going Project

at my daughter's house posted about here.
Before:  In the process of renovation .....
Unfortunately the water line under the sink sprung a leak - A major leak.  As a result, the flooring had to be pulled up.  What did they find under a layer of vinyl? Another thin subfloor, then linoleum from the 60's.  Yep -  not so pretty brown and gold stuff.
What was under the 60's linoleum?  Big surprise - hard wood floor.
Unfortunately, there are a couple of large sections not in good condition, so trying to salvage the hardwood was not an option. Also, real hardwood in a very busy, heavily used area as this kitchen is, not a wise option.  After fans and  humidifier brought in, the contractor was able to lay a new sub floor .
Next step - new vinyl flooring.  After they brought many samples in and looked at them at different times of the day and different lightening, they chose one that looks like a wide plank, wood floor.
Color off as taken with a phone.
A Work in Progress.
Click on pic to enlarge.

More on this major renovation project in another post.
Side Note: Turns out one of the contractors who worked on the repairs does not live far from them and shared a bit of history about the house and the family that lived there.  He was a friend of one of the children growing up and often visited there as a child.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all....

It is hard to believe it is that time of of the year already. Everything is still green around here, but there are definitely signs of Fall in the air. Cooler night temps, low to mid 80's during the day, clear blue sky, lower humidity, etc.. Oh - and  sneezing more often.
No mums or pumpkins in the courtyard just yet as the area will still have some pretty warms days  in the future, and they would not last very long.  Need to clean up the mess the squirrels have made with the hickory nuts before adding any Fall decor anyway.

Time to light a Fall scented candle, serve up a big bowl of yummy soup, thin piece of crusty cornbread slathered in butter. Ready for some comfort food - can you tell?
Pictures from a few years ago.
Have said it before and will say it again - I like Fall but not what follows!

How about you - Is it starting to look like Fall where you live?
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Dab of This and That Ramble.....

Hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend, and enjoyed lots of yummy food.    Schools in my area have been back in session almost a month, yet in other parts of the country schools just started back this week. Hard to believe Summer is winding down.
One of Those Days: As hot as it was, I had a few errands I wanted to run today.  However...There was a glitch in my plans. Fluffed and puffed just in case I ran into someone I knew, out the door, in the car and turned the key - Ooops! It tried hard but would NOT turn over. Long story short - Call to road service, diagnosis equals new battery. Got that taken care of. Dang - the price of car batteries these days !!  
After standing out in the heat too long while dealing with the car issue, decided to cut the errand list short, picked up lunch and came home. Word of advice - don't eat right after getting too hot.
Another item on the agenda was to take pics of some jewelry for one of my daughters that she made, so got it set up on the patio table where the sun would shine on it  - what happened? Batteries in camera were "deader than a door knob"  (where did that expression come from??) !
I immediately checked my  phone to make sure it was charged.
Just one of those days.....
  An Update:  Some of you may remember the big kitchen project my daughter started a while back...
 Work in progress
 Her renovation project changing her kitchen over to a vintage beauty was on hold due to so many other things going on in life.  Well, it is really on hold now !!

They got up to water on their kitchen floor recently. Short story - water line into kitchen sink ruptured.  Bottom line - large section of floor damaged.
Needless to say, she is NOT a happy camper. Dealing with preparing meals, cleanup, etc., under adverse conditions while the cleanup/repair work is done can be over whelming - especially with 3 children.
When I had to deal with water damage several months ago, it was not near what she is having to deal with (thank goodness).

So - kitchen renovation,   and   pickle and jelly making shut down for now.
Odds and Ends:  Had planned to have a finished jewelry project to share this time, but just did not happen. Hey - I started on it, so does that count?
 Daughter sent me a picture of plant that  grew up in the middle of some daylilies, and ask me what I thought it was. Who Me?!?  I Love flowers, but know little to knowing about them.  Actually this was not a flower, but a sorghum or millet  plant.

Where did that come from ? Well.. Seems the "Little Red Head Cupid" dumped some bird seed in the flower bed last Spring. Yep!  My suggestion to her was to keep an eye on that  flower bed as there is no telling what all kind of seeds were in the mix.
I have to admit I am ready for a break in the high temps. I like Fall and looking forward to cooler temps, just not what follows.
How about you - What is going on around your abode ?
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