Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing Everyone a Very...

Healthy, Happy, Prosperous  New Year !!!
Dab of This and That

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Dab of This and That Ramble....

 I have a feeling if I don't start doing a better job of posting, y'all are going to turn me in for loitering around the "land of blogs".....

So thought this would be a good time to do one of my "Dab of This and That Rambles".
Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays.  It does not matter if you had a house full of guests, attended events outside of your home, with tons of tasty treats, or just enjoyed some quiet time reflecting on the true "Reason for the Season".
Christmas rolled around way to fast this year, and for whatever reason, I just never got into the spirit of things.  I don't like typing those words as it is my favorite holiday.  However, so many things going on that tend to take away from......
I want to say a "Great Big Thank You" to all the bloggers out there that have shared their beautiful Christmas and Holiday decorations.  I did so little decorating this year, I did not bother to take pics, but did share some of my daughter's handiwork.
 No "Resolutions" being made here for the New Year, as I am not good at keeping them anyway.  But  will try to accomplish a few things that are "past due being accomplished".  In no particular order......

1. Get back to more physical activity such as walking more - have really slacked due to other issues, and can really tell the difference in the way I feel. May take a while to get back into the habit, as "it is cold out there"!!  Guess I could start making more trips up and down the stairs. Several years ago during extreme temperature times, I would go to a mall often to walk, but that got old for several reasons.

2. Attempt to eat a bit healthier.  I will be the first to admit, I have really got off track in this category.  Main reason stress!  I am not one to eat a lot when under a lot of stress, and usually do the opposite, and nurse a cup of coffee, graze instead of eating a balanced diet, etc..

3.  Force myself to walk away from people/situations  (regardless of the relationship) that cause the stress that is affecting my health/life in a negative way. Nuff said!

4. Work on my blog look!!! Yeah - I know!  It is sorta/kinda way past due for an update.  My original reasons for starting a blog went down the tube long ago, so need to revamp or take a break.

5. Finish the decluttering job around my abode I started - How long ago?!? So long ago, I have forgotten when.

6. Get some repairs, painting, etc done, that should have been done long ago.  One of those things just have not wanted to deal with. Not to mention, it seems like every time I get ready to call "the handyman" to do the work, something else comes along and takes a hit on the bank account.  We all know how that goes.

7.  Start repurposing misfit pieces of vintage jewelry and found objects  again.  I have not worked on any creations in some time now.  Everyday life does have a tendency to get in the way of creativity does it not?
And the list goes on  (as usual)........
Will I accomplish any of the above?  I have no no clue, but will give it a try - #3 being the hardest.
I am sure I have left many out, but it is a start.  Step #1 -  I just need to get off this computer and get it done!!!!
How about you?  Do you have any particular things you want to accomplish in the new year?  Please share - Would like to hear yours also.
What ever your plans have a great week!!
ETA: I just realized there is no picture. Sorry, will try to do better.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wishing You A Very...

Merry Christmas
From My Home to Yours 
Dab of This and That

Sunday, December 15, 2013

More of Lady Red's Adventures....

 Lady Red is not only still keeping an eye on The Little Red Head Cupid, but partying when the household goes to sleep for the night.
Seems she invited some friends over to enjoy a bag of chips...
but the next night, she crashed for the night.  She decided to get a good night's rest as the Red head Cupid came down with a stomach bug and had no interest in dealing with Lady Red's antics....
However, she quickly recovered (after sharing her misery with other members of the family), and Lady Red  was rested also.
So she sat down to read and enjoy a cup of coffee....
The next night someone left matchbox cars out in the floor, so Lady red cranked up the toy bulldozer to move them out of the way, before the "Mom" stepped on one when barefooted.
Then quickly climbed up into the Christmas tree for a nap before "Little redhead Cupid" got up for the day.
The next morning, she was found  curled up under the covers next to the bear friend, staying warm.
Rested, and ready to play again, Lady Red teamed up with a few of big brother's toys and went to battle to protect the household from a dinosaur invasion (or something like that - forgot what Mom said).
To be continued.....(I think)
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Have a great week and stay warm!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lady Red has arrived.....

It seems Mom and Dad needed some extra help for Santa to  make sure a certain little red head cupid  was being good.
Picture removed.
So, this character showed up on their doorstep, to keep an eye on her.
Red head cupid named her Lady Red and, sat her on an old ladder decorated with country decor - not knowing what was is store for her.
Seems Lady Red behaves during the day and keeps an eye on red head cupid.  However, she misbehaves during the night!
The first morning, they found she had helped herself to a bowl of cereal, and
the little red head cupid told her to clean up her mess,
and decided to put Lady Red up higher, so she would not get into anything.
However, that did not stop Lady Red - she fell in the mug head first trying to get the last of the hot chocolate, she made the next morning.
What to do! The red head cupid promptly placed her back on the ladder and soon learned Lady Red was just full of mischief.   The next morning she found that she likes clean teeth, and borrowed Miss Cupid's toothbrush.   Miss Cupid did not mind, but did tell her she was messy!
Well..As it turns out Lady Red likes to party, so that night invited a few friends for chocolate muffins, and one had a bit of coffee.
As it turned out, Lady Red must have indulged in some of the coffee also, and was still wound up that night and decided roll the living room in toilet paper.
Little red head cupid promptly told her to get down from there!  So with Mom's help Lady Red got down and was promptly put back on her perch on the ladder and told to behave.
( To Be Continued)
Not sure who is having more fun with this - Mom and Dad or Little Red head Cupid.

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Whatever your plans for the week - Have a great one, stay warm and stay safe!!

ETA:  Asked daughter to retake the pic of Lady Red's arrival at the door (as this one was blurred), but due to technical difficulties such as there being a sheet of ice on everything (including their front porch), they have not had power for several hours now, and dealing with all the other technicalities of being in a frozen tundra, that is not gonna happen.(Whew! Long sentence)