Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wildlife in the Courtyard

Went out in the courtyard to take some up to date pics last week, and what did I see! No - I am not talking about the weeds in the planter in the bottom right corner - just pretend you don't see those. I'm talking about the little fellow setting on the arm of the chair.
He/she did not move the whole time I was out there. Gotta feeling it was in shock after being kicked out of the nest and not getting any more "free meals from Mom or Dad".

Went inside for just a minute or two and when went back out, the baby robin was no where to be found. Hopefully it was able to fly off or hide in a safe place out of reach of the neighborhood cats !
On another day when I went out to water the plants and sit down in the courtyard to finish my morning coffee, I decided that may not be a good idea, as I did not know where the "builder" of this "structure" was lurking.........

Lets just say "I have a healthy respect" for spiders, as I don't know the good from the bad. I worked around it and got the plants watered, but finished my coffee inside. A couple of days later it was completely gone.

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Updated forecast starting 7/3.Won't be sitting outside any time soon......
Maybe this would be a good time to get caught up on a few things that need to be done inside (maybe).

Hope you are having a great week and staying cool !

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What is Going on in the Courtyard!

A couple of you have asked for updated pics of my courtyard. As it turns out, I could have used pictures from a couple of years ago as much of it looks the same. I just plant the "same old" each year as that is what survives my neglect.
These are up to date pics. I don't know what caused the blue spots in the upper left corner of the first one - every one I took of that area had them. Glare off the lens I guess.

The two top pots of impatiens are sorta sad looking, as they are victims of squirrels digging in them. :( Not sure what they are digging for, as the pots were newly planted this Spring, so no hickory nuts or acorns from last Fall.
Forgot to take a pic of the area up by the door, but nothing has really changed. This is one I took a while ago, but looks pretty much the same. Except for the purple petunias - they are sorta sad looking right now.


So - That is what's going on in the courtyard these days.

More on this little fella in another post.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dab of This and That

Summer has arrived ! It is HOT out there........
It is that time of the year - Popsicles, cookouts, dips in the pool (if you have one) - No pool - No Problem - Turn on the sprinkler..................

Also - that time of the year for : Vacation trips, gardens and flowers to tend, schools out, Summer time activities with the children such as VBS , Grands come to visit, Scout activities winding down, ball games, family reunions, out of town guests, and of course the June weddings and all the events involved with those, such as showers, rehearsal dinners, etc., etc.. A very busy time of the year for most everyone for all kinds of reasons.
Also that time of the year when the Spring/early Summer storms roll thru, torrential downpours, high winds, hail, loss of power, etc. Then when the storms subside, you peek out to see if you have any damage. Praying that if you do it is only minor and just requires some muscle power for a quick clean up, and not the results of a catastrophic tornado or straight line winds.
Thankfully - None here recently.

Stuff going on: Things going on, but not much that is blog worthy. I mean - Who wants to read about you cleaning house, running errands, grocery shopping, paying bills (need to win a lottery), scheduled appointments (hopefully nothing out of the ordinary there) - we all know the routine.

Busy day - Pick up takeout: Combo fried rice - suppose to be no MSG -So why did my ankles swell ?!?! Crab/cream cheese wontons - Why did I bother. Fresh strawberries and angel food cake - Best part of the meal !!!!!!

So - What have you been up to lately ?

Just another Dab of This and That ramble!
Hope you are having a great week!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Earring Turned Necklace

Another one of my repurposed projects where I took one of the "big" vintage earrings, attached to a stamping with a bit of glue................
dug thru the supplies and matched up with some glass pearls, added some head pins, chain, jump rings, and a bit of time................

and what do you get??
Took my creation on a trip over to picmonkey for a bit of "fluffing and puffing"....

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane

As usual I failed to take a before pic of the components used to create. The blue rhinestone, vintage brooch was missing whatever was attached to the center at one time, so.....
Got the trusty glue out and added a filigree piece, a vintage rhinestone button and now have this. It still has the pin intact, but will probably use it as a focal piece for a necklace.
What do all these pieces have in common? Except for the one in the top left corner, they were all earrings or part of an earring at one time probably 70's and 80's. You know - the era of the "big" earrings.
And, yes I wore my share of the big ones.

Cass @ That Old House (here) recently posted about big earrings and getting your ears pierced. Love what her Mother told her. I got a good laugh reading her post, as I remember very well when I pierced mine "during the middle ages". Yes - You read that right - I pierced my own. Would I do it again - NO! Would I recommend you pierce your own - NO!
Let me "splain" this situation. It was during the era that "everybody was getting their ears pierced" as that was the cool/neat thing to do!?!? You have to realize this was during "the middle ages". Today it is no big deal.
Would my Mother let me get mine pierced - NO. So.....What did I do? I got brave one day when she was not there, and sterilized a needle and thread in a pan of boiling water, and put ice cubes on both sides of my ear lobes to numb them (don't laugh - we are talking middle ages here), then pierced the first one (Ouch! That hurt). Got it doctored up and almost chickened out doing the other one, but decided I would look strange walking around with one pierced ear (like I said, we are talking the middle ages here), and did the other one. I repeat - Would I do it again - Noooooooo !!
I remember my Mother telling me they were going to get infected, cost her money, etc., etc.
I think that motivated me to take extra care, and keep them doctored up."My Ears Survived" !!!
I even took a break from earrings for pierced ears and wore "the big ones" clip on type for many years when they were in style. When I decided to wear those for pierced ears again, I thought the holes may have closed up and was surprised to find they had not. I did good ! :-D

Thanks Cass for the trip down memory lane.

Just another Dab of This and That.
What ever your plans for the weekend - Have a great one!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bit of Bling

When on a road trip recently, had a bit of down time before a wine and cheese event, and it was to hot to relax on the balcony - no cool breeze even tho it was on a lake. Hot out there.............
So pulled out my jewelry supplies I took with me (see - I can make a mess on a table where ever I go), and played a bit. Almost had it finished by the time I remembered to take a before pic.........
The brooch I bought at an estate sale that I posted about here. The after pictures I took there were pretty dark, so retook when got home. Then after a bit of "fluff and puffing"............

Very Victorian looking don't you think?
Also, made this one for one of my Grands, but forgot to take a pic, so daughter sent one she took. Grand chose the faux pearls and red crystals for me to combine with the vintage crucifix for her.
My small attempts at being creative lately.

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Have a great week!