Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall on The Counter

In an attempt to master the art of uploading pictures on the new blogger interface, I took some pictures of the small touch of Fall decor on my counter to experiment with.
Yes - The smallest pumpkins are what you may think they are !! :D
Yum ! Won't say how many I have eaten - prefer them over candy corn.
Click on picture to enlarge.
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What ever your plans - Have a great week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another All New Materials

Cool morning, beautiful blue sky - had a craving for some homemade beef veggie soup.  Only problem with that was, I had everything to make it except for the ground beef.  Did not really want to make a trip to the store, but kept thinking about the soup.  One small problem - Actually a VERY large problem!  See that big crane in that picture!  Yeah! The picture way  up yonder !  Sorry - trying to adjust to the new and improved interface.  Well anyway, that big crane (being used to work on the roof next door) was attached to a HUGE truck  about the size of a 18 wheeler, flat bed truck, and guess where that truck was parked?!? Right smack dab behind my car !!!  Well - thought about asking  one of them  if "they" could please move the truck (at their convenience) so I could get out. Never mind - took a look at the crew I would be speaking with, and decided that homemade beef and veggie was not so important after all.
What would I have done if I had an appointment?  Smiled and asked nicely, and the whole time praying that big guy operating that monstrosity was not as mean as he looked !! :-D

Figured it was about as good a time as any to experiment with the new interface - never mind the fact it was also a good time to do a bit of housework.  Guess what won.........

Actually, I started this post a while back and never got around to finishing it up.  Also, retook pictures of the finished necklace, as I was not satisfied with the other ones.
I used all new materials - some with a vintage look to them.  Before.........
I glued the 3 rhinestones on this piece - think I may need to get my eyes checked...

I attempted to wire wrap  the copper colored beads, but have since redone them with a regular loop. I need to practice the wrapping more.  Took this pic before I redid them.

 Finished necklace.......


The rhinestones are not blue - just the way the sun reflected.

Bit of a closeup.

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Have a great week!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finally - Getting With the Program

While snooping around the land of blog, I noticed how so many have already decorated for Fall, or at least started doing so. So I decided I needed to get with the program or might as well just wait until time to decorate for Christmas. Not a lot of creativity going on, on the dining table, as I used the same items I used a couple of years ago.
Even replaced the daisy on the tieback with a burgundy colored mum.
Also used items I already had on hand to add a touch of Fall to the counter. The candle has a "yummylicious" lemon smell. Not a Fall scent , but works for me.....
May or may not add a bit more around the house later on.

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ETA: My Fall header was made up from some photos I took a couple of years ago. You can see in the middle pic, this years table is almost identical.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recap of Creations

I guess you could call this post kind of a recap on jewelry I have made the last year. After my unfortunate experience a year ago, when the majority of my jewelry supplies were taken, I came close to not continuing with the hobby, However, I really enjoy creating new out of old and one of a kind, and had lots of encouragement from others.
And of course there is the thrill of the hunt for vintage/antique/old bits and pieces, and found objects to work with, such as one lone earring, broken pendant or broach, shoe clip, etc. etc..
Click on mosaic to enlarge.
After making the mosaic, I realized 2 pieces got left out.....
Recently posted about this one.....

A couple other pieces went out the door before they had their photo op.
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Hope to get a bit caught up on some things around the abode this week. What ever your plans - have a great one!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dab of This and That

On 8/25/12, Susan @ "Between Naps on the Porch" posted about her personal experience about "someone" stealing her blog content. You can click here to read her post. Yes - I asked her permission to link back to her post. :)
Her post reminded me that I had not checked my stats in some time, and when I did - "Ouch". Turns out I have had some strange activity in the last month or so, and when I googled the sites (I did NOT click on/open the sites), my security system sent up the red flags. Within the few lines under some of the site names when googled, it was easy to see what kind of sites they were - I will definitely be keeping "comments monitored" active.

My question - Why would this type of site even be remotely interested in my ramblings ?!?! It is not a situation of only a couple of times in the last month, but the visits range from 18 to 46 (more than one involved) in the last month. OK - Have to admit this really bothered me, so I went on a mission to find out what I could. When went on a search, found out that apparently this is a common occurrence and according to the google/blogger forum these sites don't have links to your site, etc., etc., etc.
Anyway, as a result I still went back and did some deleting - just being careful. They were all water marked, but still.......
Judging from some comments left on Susan's post and blogger forum, others have had this to happen also.

Have you checked your stats lately ?!? Whatever you do, do not click on any questionable sites showing up in "traffic sources" - that is exactly what the unsavory ones want you to do !!!!

Up date: Ok - I started this post on 8/28/12, and never finished as wanted to get a little more information together about the situation. In doing so, I randomly clicked on some of my photos and checked "image source", and only had to check a few before one showed up at a location where it should not be - a blog on a company site!?! My photo was "borrowed", posted on their blog, with no credit given to the source/ link back to my blog.
Emailed the company, received an automated reply stating they would respond shortly. Checked their site this morning, photo has been removed from their blog, and as I type have had no further response from them.

If the blogger for the company had "asked", given credit/linked back, I would have more than likely said "sure - knock yourself out" - after I checked with the person who originally took the photo and sent to me, along with permission to use on my blog..... See the web that is growing here!?!

Granted - What happened to me was just a microscopic speck in the bucket compared to what happened to Susan and some others out there - but still........

Have had a very nice weekend, visiting with some family and friends that have not seen in some time, and celebrating a big milestone in one someone's life. Was going to walk off some of the calories I consumed at an event I attended yesterday that served some "yummylicious" food, but the mosquito population is out of control.

Have a great week.

ETA: Photo in question - Yes it was watermarked, not that it did any good.