Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dab of This and That

Picture has nothing to do with the post, but gotta have a picture ya know. I took it a couple of years ago (my iris did not bloom last year or this year), so dug it out of the archives, took it on a trip to picmonkey and gave it a bit of a makeover........
That "L" Word Again: As some of you know, I frequently refer to that "L" word (To Do Lists) and how good I am at making them. Has not been to long ago, I got them organized, but as usual they multiplied and got out of control again. Some times I wonder if my lists have babies. You know - like garbage seems to multiple...... Where does it all come from.
I can definitely see why "those with disposable income" pay someone else to take care of all those "chores" for them !
Anyway - back to the "L" word. Recently I had to look for a note I had made about some info I needed for an order and ended up digging thru a pile of lists, notes, etc.. So spent some time going thru and marking off things already done, already bought, calls made, etc.. You get the picture. We will see just how long they stay organized this time.

Question: Why did it take 8 days for a package to arrive from 1025 miles away, and only 2 days to receive one from 1100 miles. Both same size, same service and same rate. And they talk about raising rates again !?!?

Don't know how much I will be around this week: I have a list a mile long (or seems that long) of things that I need to get done this next week, so will check in when I can to see what everyone else has accomplished, whether it be creating, decorating, renovating, sharing trips, posting about everyday life, or special happenings, etc..
What ever is on your agenda for the week - Have a great one!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

For Those That Like Vintage

Just thought those out there that like "Vintage" would enjoy seeing this photo. My Daughter took this picture of a vintage airstream, when she attended an event recently. She sent me some other pictures she took on her phone and will do a post on them when I get a chance.
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This is kind of a short post - things to do.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pictures From the Archives

I have not been taking many pictures lately, so dug around and found these I took while on a trip a few years ago.
Click on picture to enlarge to read.

I was playing around with some of my photos on picmonkey, and decided to remove the utility pole in this picture of this very old, historical, family cemetery (Not my family).......
When removing the image of the pole, it also removed the blue of the sky. I thought the result was very interesting, and decided to leave it as is. It seems very appropriate.


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Have a great week!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

To All the Mothers......

Wishing you a
Anything special planned? What ever you do - have a great weekend !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dab of This and That

A while back I posted about a small change on my table.....Remember this rare sight?
I said it would not stay that neat for long. I was right - it rapidly went back to the messy look......
Well, I had to get busy and get it cleaned up again, as family came in town Saturday for an overnight stay, and the table space was needed. They have now left, so will enjoy the neat/tidy look for a brief time.
Actually, the clutter has already started to return as I am sitting at the table now with notebook typing. I gave up a while back trying to come up with a workspace that does not have to be cleared constantly. Think I am going to put that back on the "List".
Actually, if I would get rid of some of my junk treasures around here, I would have more room to work with. Of course that is a whole nother subject. sigh

My Time Ran Out: A bit over a year ago, I did a little cutting on some expenses here and there - one being my cable service as I was paying for so many channels I never watch. One of the changes was that I would no longer have HGTV. I continued to get the channel and figured I misunderstood something. Turns out it just took them a year to change my package and it has now disappeared. I rarely watched the channel anymore - Sadly not what it used to be. Just my opinion.

Just Curious: When doing a little net surfing, I ran across a site and there was a post about Spring cleaning. Some were commenting about "washing walls". I remember using wall paper cleaner (looked like a big wad of pink bubble gum) to clean the wall paper in the house when growing up, but don't remember ever washing the walls. OK - When I do a major cleaning job, I scrub/sanitize certain wall areas in the bathrooms and kitchen, spot check door facings, switch plates, etc. to see if I need to wipe off finger prints, smudges, etc., as well as use a long handled duster to get any dust bunnies/cobwebs lurking in corners, behind furniture, etc.. Normally, I just wipe off something when I notice it, or if can't stop to do it right then, I put it on my "list" and do later. But to actually "wash the walls" down from ceiling to floor - No. Am I the only one that does not " wash their walls" ? Am I misinterpreting what they are saying?
ETA: Now that I sit here and typed all that about washing walls, I guess there are certain types of heating systems that could cause a film on the walls and washing them would be an alternative to having to repaint so often. Hmmmmm!?!?

Off to cover some gray - not talking about paint either.

Just another Dab of This and That ramble.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fini ! Maybe

Finally finished a necklace that I started working on over a week ago. Pulled the supplies out and just never got back to it until yesterday. Could not decided whether to use chain, or beads, so ended up using some of both. May still redo it, as used a strand of vintage faux pearls that are not glass and they just don't have the depth/weight needed to go with the pendant. I rarely use plastic, but was to lazy at the time, to make a strand out of glass ones with the gold tone head pins. Anyway.........................
Click on picture to enlarge.
Pendant I used.
Click on picture to enlarge.
Back of the pendant
Click on picture to enlarge.
Finished (Maybe)
I used PicMonkey to edit these photos - lightened the first 3, added watermarks to a couple of them and darkened the edge on the last one.
Several bloggers have talked about using PicMonkey to edit their photos and how much they liked it, so decided to give it a try. Played around with it a bit yesterday, and think I am going to like it a lot!
Why did I darken the edges in the above photo, you ask? Because I was trying to hide the lipton tea bottle reflecting in the mirror in the top left corner. :-D

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Off to put another load of laundry in the dryer - so much excitement going on around here. N ot !!