Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remember When & Emerald Green Glassware

Anyone (besides me) remember when boxes of oats, detergent, etc., would have a little extra in the container? I do (telling my age here)! I remember a tiny little plate came in the detergent my Mother bought, and I claimed them - think I had 2 or 3 at one time. I don't remember it being called a "butter pat", but that might have been what they were - to small for much else. Don't have a clue, as to what ever happened to them. Remember these dishes that came in boxes of oats? I do (there goes that age thing again)! I don't have any from growing up, but these were given to me several years ago. I always thought the emerald green glass was so pretty and at one time thought about starting a collection. Did a little checking around and research on ebay, and at that time they were a little pricey, so dropped the idea. Checked on ebay again, several weeks ago to see what kind of price it was getting, and did not see any listed. I really don't have room for a collection of it now. Anyway, I use these little pieces in different ways around the kitchen. The tallest bowl (ice cream or sherbert bowl maybe?), I use for artificial sweetner packets now. None of the pieces are very big. At one time I knew the name of the glassware, but I have drawn a blank.
The little plates are only 4 1/2ins. in diameter - maybe a butter plate (?). They are both the same size, even tho 1 looks smaller in the photo. It may be a saucer, but I don't remember ever seeing a little cup that would match. If anyone knows anything about this glassware and/or what each piece would have been used for, would love to hear your comments.

Was out and about earlier today, and noticed how many of the Bradford Pear and redbud trees
were in bloom, and the forsythia bushes were starting to bloom. Had planned to go back out and take pictures, but it is raining now and cold. We have had temps in the high 60's & low 70's off and on lately - however, today it is in the 30's with snow in the forecast for this afternoon and
tonight, with below freezing temps the next couple of nights. There goes the pretty blooms! :-(

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!