Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Tried - I Really Did

I tried to do some "junkin" last weekend - but guess it was not meant to be. Want to add to my stash of vintage "bling" to repurpose, so scanned estate sales for my area - nothing of interest and it is still to cool for yard sales. Then the "light flickered upstairs" - flea market this weekend! Yep - that is where I will go - even put on a full coat of makeup ( just in case I run into someone important). Checked "moo lah" supply, grab a bottle of water and snack size m&m's (gotta have a quick sugar boost some times you know), and off I go.

Or so I thought ! Hmmm! Let me think here a minute! If I get in my car, crank it up, put in reverse and floor board it real hard, what is the possibility of me being able to move that SUV out of my way that is double parked behind me. Well - Maybe not good.
Next choice: Analyze the situation and decided maybe, just maybe I can do some real creative maneuvers and get out without leaving a blemish on mine or their "metal babies" - Or what ever they make vehicles out of these days. Who does that thing belong to anyway?.
Well - Glory be: After some real creative driving and almost out, I see this human run out, hold up their hand for me to stop, they jumped in the SUV and moved it from behind me and then parked in someone's reserved place. I lowered my window and said "Ma'am" (could only see their back). Well - Ok! They were no Ma'am! He came around the fence and He had some pretty, long hair in the back, but also had a mustache in the front.
I think I said - Sorry, then said - thought you need to know (I wanted to say - can't you read the sign?), you parked in someone's reserved parking place and she will have your vehicle towed. I know who the person is that reserves the parking place and trust me - I knew this person was not connected to them.
"He" proceeded to tell me that they were moving - yada - yada - yada!!!
I think I said Have a Nice Day - At that point I am already wanting a m&m fix (it don't take much).

Okee Dokee!! I am on the road and get almost to where I am going and thought - why is the traffic so heavy, and why are there traffic patrol cars out, and people in bright yellow vest directing traffic? Then I saw the sign CIRCUS ! That is when I should have turned around and headed in the other direction - but NO! I wanted "bling". So, I took my chances and made that left hand turn, edged along in a sea of traffic past the arena where the circus was being held, then past where early voting for something was going on and added to the traffic, then get in the section where the flea was being held. What can I can say - I drove, and drove, and drove, and ............Well you get the picture - this was a situation a snack size package of m&ms was NOT going to fix! There is NO parking - NONE - ZILCH ! Oooops! Sorry - did not mean to yell !

So I said -Dab of This and That - This is NOT your day to shop for "bling" - You best go find something else to do for the day. Soooo.......I left the area, stopped to buy gas (that put a dent in the wallet), picked up Chinese takeout and went home.
Friend called later, and said - Hi! Where have you been? I almost yelled - but kept my composure.
Answer to the issue: Easy - get up early Sunday morning, get "fluffed and puffed" and arrive at the flea when they open at 8 AM, since the circus won't start til early PM! Well.........Let's just say Sunday morn rolled around, jumped (crawled) out of bed, had my morning coffee, etc.. While brushing teeth, I looked in the mirror and asked (yes - I have talked to myself before) - Do you really want to do this ????
So...........I reheated my coffee and turned on the computer.

So - What did you do last weekend?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Touch of Spring

Had to make one of those dreaded trips to the grocery a few days ago, so softened the blow, by treating myself to a little touch of Spring.........

Joining Mary @ Mosaic Monday. If you have not already, be sure and visit Mary to see what she and the other participants have to share with us this week. There are a lot of talented photographers hanging out in the land of blog.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finished (Almost)

Over 9 months ago I posted about converting vintage wooden hangers into jewelry holders here. Over 9 months later and I just now finished attaching the cup hooks to one of them. The wood is so hard, could not do it by hand, so the project was put on the back burner. Well - I christened this little guy!
Actually the wood was almost to hard for the drill also, but just worked slow and let the bit cool between each one.
Ran out of hooks and was not interested in making a trip to the hardware store at the time, so will add more hooks and to the other one later.

Even tho I want to add more, I am joining in with Susan @ "Metamorphosis Monday"
and Kim @ "Wow Us Wednesday"
Who knows - may be another 9 or 10 months before I get around to finishing this up. Ooops!
Be sure and visit Susan to see what she and the other participants have to share this week. Thanks Susan for hosting again this week - you are appreciated!
When got up this morning, it was raining and dreary outside and that sorta set the tone for the day - all I have wanted to do is be lazy................
Here it is mid afternoon, the sun is shining and my "get up and go" got up and left with out me.

Lets all have a great week!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update on This Could Be Dangerous

After doing a little research on my new toy, I decided a work station was the way to go. Found where HD had them in stock, so when out and about I decided I would check them out. Only 2 in stock and one box looked like it got run over by a train, so decided on the other. Got to checkout and the cashier told me if I applied for their credit card, I would get an instant $30 off my purchase - Works for me. Don't really want the credit card, so will take care of that situation later.
Later - same day thought I would get this little jewel put together and I would be ready to roll. WRONG !!!

Took all the parts out and lined them up, open manual, read as instructed.... Hmmmm! About as clear as mud.
Decided the instructions were not written by someone who.............
Well - anyway, I picked up some of the parts and went to the computer and typed in how to assemble a .............................
Watched video on youtube - one small problem (actually not small) "they" show the piece that attached to the stand as sliding on very easy - Mine did not and had to be forced. When reading others reviews, I saw where I am not the only one that had the same problem - someone even said they had to use a hammer to force it on. By the time I got to that point, I had had enough and walked away.

Next Day: Another grey, dreary, wet Winter day, so gave it another try. Several minutes later, and Wal La!
Now just need to figure out how to use this thing. Would like to hear about anyone's first hand experience with one - especially when it comes to drilling items used in making jewelry.
Side Note: After I got the work station home and opened the box, it was obvious that it had been returned by someone - fortunately all of the pieces were in the box (I think). Have a feeling someone may have run into the same problems I did and gave up.

Why have I avoided referring to this new toy by its proper name? Simple - Would hate for someone looking for help on how to put together/operate one, to google the name and end up here and left as confused as I am.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Could Be Dangerous

My New Toy: OK - All you well seasoned jewelry artists out there - don't laugh! Many times, I have walked away from some bits and pieces/found objects out there, that I thought would make a pretty piece of jewelry, because I did not have the right tools. Well - I broke down and bought "Me" a present. Started out with one with only one speed, but realized with only one speed and it being 35,000 (fast) - in my hands, that could be dangerous.
So, back to the hardware store and ended with with this - which has variable speeds starting as low as 5000 to 32000. So hopefully I can work with it without losing a finger or 2.
One problem here - I am intimidated by any type of power tool. I already have a regular drill, but it is big and heavy, and I - well lets just say it makes me nervous. Soooo - decided this one might be a little more user friendly for jewelry. Now - I need to get my taxes filed, and get my piddling refund back to justify spending the money.
Just a Ramble: Ole Man Winter has returned ! When I got up this morning it was 27 with a wind chill of 15. As I sit here typing it is 32 - the high for the day. I hope anyone that had daffodils in bloom, got them picked and inside before the cold blast came thru. This time last year, we had snow - don't want a repeat.

It is that time of the year again. The birds eat berries, sit in the trees that overhang my patio and you can guess the rest..........
What makes it worse, it is to cold to hook up the hose and hose it off.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and staying warm.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Couple of Ooops !

Pretty little piece - probably part of an earring at one time. Maybe if I flatten it out, I can use it as a focal point for a bracelet for necklace. Yeah ! That sounds good......
Ooops! Never mind - did not survive the surgery...............

Decided it was time for a pot of beef & veggie soup last weekend. Had all the ingredients on hand, so got busy.

Been making this for years. I said my children's friends could smell it miles away as they seemed to always to show up when I made a pot. But something went wrong this time and I have no clue what. It is OK, but it is suppose to be a savory soup and this time it has a bit of sweet taste (which I don't care for), and I don't know why.
Strange! :(
One of the many things I had on my "list" to do this week, was to try to rearrange the furniture in the living room. The main pieces have been in the same spots since moving here years ago and was hoping for a different look. However, after rearranging in my mind, thinking and rethinking, it is not going to happen due to where doors and window are located, etc. Sooooo............Marked that off the list.
Cleaned out papers and shredding up to date - Check
Library card renewed - Check
Picked up forms to file taxes - Check
Tags renewed - Check
Dup. keys made (after 3 sets that did not work) - Check
Spent way to much time on the computer trying to resolve issues on my blog - Check
Had planned on doing some cleanup outside, but it was cold and dreary (again) so that did not happen. - Still Pending
Schedule a couple of appointments. - Check

Check on elderly neighbor. - Check
Lots of other petty but necessary things done. - On going

As you can tell - Nothing exciting going on at Dab of This and That's house this week.
Off to see what else I can mark off the "list" that can't or won't be done - Just seems like a good way to shorten the list. :-D

Hope you are having a good and a productive week.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just a Dab of This and That


Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch is having an impromptu party about 20+ things you can't live without. Here are a few of mine, many are some of the same of hers.
ETA: #1 Item "My computer"
Scissors in almost every room.
Protector Pads for furniture and decorative items
Flashlights in every room (power outages common here)
Goo Gone (saved many a day)
Magic erasers
Sticky notes/index cards/paper clips (worked in an office to long)
Wood markers
Extra measuring tape - only my extra retractable one is in my purse. :D
Leveler (have 2)
Night lights in both bathrooms
2 vacuum cleaners - one on each level (real back saver)
Hair Rinse (like some shades of grey on the walls - not my hair) :-D

I am sure there are many others - just can't think of them right now. Thanks Susan for hosting this fun impromptu party.
Be sure and go visit Susan to see what she and others have to share.

Went back to DT this week to buy more of the yummy piroulines that I posted about previously and there were none. When I asked an employee, the answer was "Oh Honey - Those went fast " and to check back as they may or may not get more in. I did stock up on several other items I needed such as various sizes of ziplock bags, foil, generic swiffer dusters, and generic cleaning erasers - needed more of the cloths, but again not available. I know a lot of things at DT are not top quality and not always a good buy, but some of them work for me, and a lot cheaper than other places. As said before, I rarely buy a food item there and will read the label first.

Oh My ! Another "quirk" popped up on trying to access blogger. When I click on "account settings", instead of it going to the accounts page to click on blogger, it immediately goes to the google accounts security page. Then I have to scroll down to the bottom and click on "visit the previous version of google accounts screen". Looks like it may get worse before it gets better. :(
I am aware that we will all be forced to deal with the new changes eventually, but I sure hope they re-think some of them.

Rain today and tomorrow - may be a good time to get caught up on a few things around the house - if I can get off this computer long enough.
Off to heat up some left over pizza, call it lunch, then get busy with some much needed house work.

What about you - Got any fun things planned for the weekend?
What ever you do - Have a great one!