Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Own Personal Rainbow

First - I want to say "Thank You" for the nice compliments on my new header. Those are some pictures I took last Summer of gladiolas I bought at the farmers' market.
Some of you may remember when I did a post in May on my little rainbow . The morning sun causes reflections in my kitchen area from a crystal candle holder that is on my dining table.

A couple of weeks ago it showed up on some hydrangeas I had on the counter.

The blue in the first photo is actually truer to the color of the hydrangeas I had. Not sure why some photographed with more of a purplish tint. Regardless of the color, I love hydrangeas!
NO - I did not grow these! I would love to be able to grow them, but I don't have the right conditions where I am.
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Have a great week!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let Me Show One of my Favorites ThriftyThings

Those of you that have spent any time reading my blog know one of my favorite things is birdcages - no live birds just the cages. Even tho I do have several faux feathered friends hanging around. So - when I found this one marked down it came home with me.
I thought it was a pretty thrifty bargain at half price.
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Part of a conversation the other evening when neighbor was watering her plants.
ME - Here, let me do that. It is muddy and slippery and you are going to fall. I won't type the next thing I said !
Bet you can't guess who these jeans belong to ? Lets just say - I had ibuprofen for breakfast the next morning. That sums it up ! :-D
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Thought seeing this picture of my courtyard might make you feel cooler. :-D
As hot as it is, I can deal with today's temps better than this - Winter 2010 !

Click to enlarge picture!
Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mosaic Monday

This week's mosaic is made up of some pictures I took last Summer, of some gladiolus I bought at the farmers' market.
Click on mosaic to enlarge the pictures.
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Today is another very HOT and Humid day, and according to the weather man, it is going to be this way all week. Stay COOL and have a great week!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thrifty Find & A Dab of This and That

Don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it it HOT & HUMID here !!! This kind of weather has a tendency to limit my outside activities. I saw a lot of yard sale and estate sale signs last weekend, but was good and did not stop at any. I am still dealing with picking out some flooring. I should have already had all this taken care of by now, but had to just walk away from it all for a while. I have been marking a few things off of the to do list, but nothing to write about - we all know those jobs like straightening closets, cleaning out clothes, etc.
I did pick up a bargain recently - found this book for $4.99, which normally sells for $19.99 , so it came home with me.
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I am going to blame this next little indulgence on Susan @ Thoughts From Over the Rainbow! :-D Why you ask ? Well, she did a couple of posts recently about cupcakes here and here . YES !! CUPCAKES !!!! I had cupcakes on the brain for days after seeing her posts, and decided to try out a local bakery where cupcakes is one of their specialties - All Kinds of Cupcakes!!! I brought these little jewels home with me!
Cupcake #1 - Dreamsicle - orange flavored and very good. #2 - Pucker Up - Lemon with lemon icing - Probably my favorite of the three. #3 - Strawberry Fields - Strawberry cake & strawberry icing - good, but needed more strawberry flavor. It came closer to tasting more like vanilla than strawberry. Just my opinion. No - I did not eat them all at one time - I spread them out over several days. :-D

The day I went, it was close to lunch time, so decided to try their BLT with pimento cheese - Oh My Gosh!!! They make their own pimento cheese and it was so good (I am picky about my pimento cheese). Had to watch what I ate for days after, because of the cholesterol overdose. :-D
I made myself hungry just typing this, so need to fix some lunch.
Hope everyone is having a great week and staying cool!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorite Things

I always enjoy seeing all the adorable furbabies out there in "blogland" that allow humans to occupy their homes. I do not have a furbaby at this time for a couple of reasons. The main reason - because of allergies. I was going thru some photos a few days ago and ran across pictures of the last 2 that allowed me to share my home with them. Pictures not real great as I had to scan them from photos taken many years ago with one time cameras.
These 2 definitely fit in the category of "Favorite Things".
Simba was the last cat that I had, and was an inside/outside cat. I am aware inside cats usually live longer, but he would not accept being inside 24/7 ( did not know his past). His main fault - Never met a stranger! He disappeared on a Saturday morning after I left to run errands. I don't know if someone picked him up or got on the back of a delivery truck that was parked across the street when I left. I called the company to find out if he was found on the truck on their next stop, but they insisted that the delivery men would have told them if a cat jumped off the truck. I spent a lot of time walking the neighborhood calling "Simba", and I am sure my neighbors thought I was nuts. Sure hope he ended up in a good home.
Here is sweet Oreo. He was a sweetie and loved to play fetch with starlite wrapped mints. I Kept a supply of them in an antique scale and if I was sitting on the sofa he would bring one to me to throw down the hall. He would take off running like crazy, pick it up and bring it back to me to throw again - this would go on for some time. When he would get tired of the game, that mint would be pitched in the trash. Simba would do the same, but not as often as Oreo.
Hi Mom - Let's play !! I will get the mint for you to throw - OK ?
I am ready - throw the mint!"
OK - I am tired now. Can I have a special treat?
Unfortunately, Oreo had to be put down, as he got the dreaded feline UTI, and it was to far advanced before he showed symptoms. :-(

I have had many other pets, but these were the last 2.
Click then click again to enlarge the mosaic.
I no longer have the country/primitive decor. - Got rid of most all of it before moving where I am now.
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I want to Thank everyone that has offered their prayers for GR. This is a very difficult situation/time.
Also, I want to welcome the new "Readers" (followers) who have joined in - hope I don't get to boring for you as I tend to ramble some times. :-D
Sure hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Out running errands one day and saw this Koi pond and could not believe I actually had my camera in the car that day. Thought I would share some of the pictures with you.

When I walked up closer to the pond, the fish moved closer to where I was. I have a feeling they were expecting me to throw them some food. Sorry fish - only thing I had in my purse that was edible was some mints, and I don't think you would care for those.
I remember walking by the same pond last Winter and it was frozen over, except for a small area, and the fish were still in there.
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