Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Simple Fix - Should Have Thought of it Before Now..

Over the last few years I have tried several things to hold a lid rack on the inside of the cabinet door, without making it permanent, etc..  I used one of the heavy duty, stick on type of hooks and it worked fine, and lasted about a year and half, until the bottom of the rack got caught on the handle of a heavy skillet and pulled it loose when the door was opened. Did not remember what brand the hook was or where I bought it and tried a couple of different ones - none of which would hold.  The "light bulb came on upstairs" - make a hook to go over the door out a wreath holder that I already have.

Even tho it was light weight/flexible metal, cutting off the long part was not easy.  However, with a lot of persistence, and bending it back and forth  "umpteen dozen +1" times with a pair of pliers - wa-la!  It was a shiny chrome, so wrapped the part that would be seen on the outside of the door  with black electrical tape.
Pretty - No!        

Functional - Yes!
Now to find all the smaller lids that have magically disappeared into the "black hole", also known as the back of the cabinet.  Lets face it - Dab of This and That is not getting any younger, so the less I have to bend searching for something that got shoved into the "black hole" the happier my knees and lower back will be.

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 In my rounds yesterday, stopped at  the produce market to buy some in season veggies and fruit. When got home, put everything away - or so I thought.  Fast forward - today needed to go to post office, and see if there were any empty boxes outside a liquor store (great for packing glass items that are being passed on to their new home).  Got in the car to leave - Good grief! The smell of ripe cantaloupe closed up in a warm trunk for at least 24 hrs. is not very pleasant.  Quick trip to post office, went to closest liq. store - no boxes.  Decided I did not have to have them today and not worth driving around looking for boxes with a stinky cantaloupe in the car.
Looks like I will be spending some time outside the next few days - No heat wave this week.....
 Oh - Where is the stinky cantaloupe now?  In my kitchen smelling  up the place.
Time to get off the computer, cut the cantaloupe up, put in container with a tight lid,  in fridge, and take the stinky rinds to the garbage.

Just another Dab of This and That ramble.
Have a great week!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flowers for Me ?

Actually, this is a photo of some flowers I received a couple of years ago - just needed a pic for the post, you know.
Taking a break for a few minutes,   been standing on my head (well almost), cleaning out and organizing the contents under my kitchen sink.  Shame on me for letting it get that bad.  Actually I have an excuse - When my allergies flare up, I tend to get fluid in my inner ear and many times I don't know it is there until I bend over and/or tilt my head back and when I straighten up things go spinning.  Not a good feeling, and can be dangerous if I am not holding onto something.
So why did I take on that little project now?
Because of this.......
To hot to hit the streets or play outside, so thought it would be a good time to mark off at least one thing on that ever growing "L" word.
Now if I can find a good excuse why some of the other things have not been done.

A strawberry shake with whipped cream sure sounds good about now.  Nah!  To hot to go get one.
Back to sorting those half filled containers and the tool box - where did all this stuff come from anyway?!?

Just another Dab of This and That ramble.
Hope you are staying cool where you are.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Road Trip

A few more pics from road trip...
Dock side...

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Up Date On TheCourt Yard

Now -  Lots of greenery, because the annuals that lost most of their blooms from the heavy rain we had a couple of times, crazy temps when Spring could not make up its mind if it wanted to stick around or not, and having to replant some begonias, there is not a big show of blooms.  They just don't want to recover like they should have.
Think I had said I had all boston ferns this year, but then realized there are 2 kimberly queens, and 3 boston ferns.
Yes - the geranium is setting on a stack of chairs.  Reason - I move it and the pot of petunias where they get the most sun during the day, hoping they will bloom more.

Not a great job on the pictures, but was trying to avoid getting the bluish  spots caused from reflection on the lens - I notice I did not succeed on some.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So What Was On Your Agenda Today ?

On a walk recently, I went to see if there was any sign of the hydrangea bush coming back - no such luck.   A neighbor has 2 small bushes with blue blooms and they are beautiful.  The neighborhood brats  undisciplined children have picked a lot of her flowers, including several of the hydrangea blooms.  A couple of days ago I found this pretty bloom  laying on the sidewalk starting to wilt, so brought it in, immediately put in water and it perked up after a few minutes.
Trying to take a picture thru the screen door does not work to well - ya think!
The chipmunks have been coming around again a lot lately, and I was trying to get a pic of one, but they are so skittish it is almost impossible.   They have learned to move fast around here to stay clear of the neighborhood cat population. As you can see, no chipmunk in the picture - it was gone before the shutter finished clicking.
Watered plants and did a bit of cleanup outside, but called it quits early - starting to heat up out there.  The calendar says the first day of Summer is 6/21, but according to the weather forecast....
 *Summer has arrived*
Heat Index - 101 (as I type)
Outside - plants watered - Check
Outside clean up nature's debris - 1/2 check (see temp above)
Half bath cleaned - Check
Clean out fridge - Check
Take out garbage and chitchat with neighbor for a few of minutes - Check 
Phone calls - 1/2 check (still some to make)   
Make grocery list - Check
Boil eggs and make tuna salad - Check
Clean glass on back doors - Check - Ahhh! Much better !
Start another box of  junk   treasures to donate - Kinda sorta a check  (at least it is a start)
Clean out/organize living room closet - No Check today (does thinking about it count ?)
Major trip to grocery today--------------   "        "        "     (see temp above)    
Catch up on some computer stuff - Will start AFTER I click "publish" and fix me something cold to drink.

Just a short ramble...
Hope everyone is having a super week!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Picnic In the Woods?

Click on photos to enlarge.
A closer look -  think I will pass.....
Looks inviting, but between the swarms of mosquitoes, and not to mention the "mother to be" raccoon lounging around the area in daylight hours.  Everyone was keeping their distance from her.
Then lots of these characters were  jumping out of the trees onto the decks, tables, etc., looking for a handout every time they saw a human.
  All of them looked like they were well fed - apparently getting lots of treats.
There are paths (very steep) to walk down to the lake. Have I hiked down that steep hill to the water? Yes -  many years ago and no plans on ever doing it again.  Going down was not bad, but the climb back up - Oh My!

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