Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mosaic Monday

Time is getting away - realized I have not posted in a week.   When out and about a couple of days ago, I  went in search for some pretty touches of Spring and just did not find a lot.  So...dug around in my archives and ran across these that I took on 3/19/11.  Big difference in what is in bloom (or not in bloom) so far this year.
Click on pic to enlarge.
That should be changing soon as "they" are predicting temps in the 70's every day this next week.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Successful Junkin Day...

Most anyone who has read my posts recently, is aware that I have a daughter who collects vintage dishes (see note at end of post).  Well, she just happened to visit a GW store one  morning recently, just as one of the clerks was putting out some pieces for sale, and she immediately claimed it all.

Total for all - $7.00
So guess she was paying attention while munching on her soft pretzel, slathered with a bit of mustard, and following her Mom around at the flea market many years ago.
I taught her well !!  :)
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ETA:  The snack set and casserole are by Fire King, and the Corelle ware cups by Corning have the same butterfly gold pattern as the Pyrex dishes in a previous post..

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring !!

First day of Spring!  How about you - What did you do today ?
Me?  I stayed in - close to the comforts of home.  Not what I had planned, but do what you gotta do.  Don't know if something I ate, or one of those "ugly bugs" floating around out there in public places got me.   I did work on the never ending  "L" 
I don't really do Spring cleaning or Fall cleaning - just  try to get it done when needed.  Or, just add to the "L" - procrastinate and do whenever.  
Marked off several things already  done, but then turned around and added that many more.  Anyone running a household knows how that goes - it is a never ending job.
The temps are actually trying to climb a bit lately, which sends us hopes of soon seeing the pretty little faces of wild violets popping up.
 Most all of the country has had to deal with the extreme cold/snow/ice, and those certainly are not conditions that you go out,  and "piddle around in the courtyard flower beds".  This is a pic I took of some violets that popped up in my flower bed a a few years ago.  I always have some to bloom each Spring, but that particular year there was a bumper crop.  Should have taken more pics that Spring, as there were so many, and they lasted for a while  - which is unusual.
 My Error:  Recently I cleaned out my email, and saw where I responded to a couple of bloggers more than once on the same comment/questions, etc.. I apologize.  Still dealing with  "drain bamage" as a result of to much going on, and  a long, cold, miserable Winter.
Looking forward to  warmer days, blue skies, and beautiful Spring flowers.
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These are for you!
Have a  wonderful weekend !!!
 Dab of This and That

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ooops !

Think I may have started a pyrex addiction here!  During one of my decluttering episodes, I gave one of my daughters these 2 pieces...
Then  she found these 2 matching dishes.  Actually, I had one of the divided dishes at one time also.  Was thinking it might have been broken, but now think I remember selling it  in a yard sale many years ago.  Never used it, and never thought about what it might be worth years later.
Now she has a set !

And has started another color set...
Said she was looking for more of the turquoise, but most has been pricey.    It is  a perfect addition  to their "kitchen redo".  Posted about "here".
Their plans are to leave some of the upper cabinets open to display their collection.
Yep!  Looks like someone is hooked.....
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Dab of This and That

ETA:  Wake up "Mother Nature" and get with the program  - First day of Spring is 3/20/14!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Dab of This and That...

Temps in mid 60's and sunshine  today, so decided I needed to get busy doing a major cleanup in the courtyard.  I have visions of.......

 Have really slacked this Winter - but for good reason.  We all know how irritable  "Mother Nature" has been this Winter.  She kept many of us in a deep freeze for long periods of time, and she decided we needed icicles to decorate our trees and roof lines, and turn the highways/interstates into skating rinks.
OK - back to the clean up.  Started raking mountains of leaves out of one of the flower beds and  the handle on the rake broke.  Still determined, used  the outdoor broom  (also not in the best of shape).  Fortunately I had the gate open and 2 enterprising young men (guessing about 11 & 13 yrs old)  walked by, and one asked if I needed some help.  I could not say yes fast enough - showed them what I would like to have done, and asked how much they charged.  The youngest (who did most of the talking)  said $5 each. Told them, do a good job and I will double that.  I supplied the leaf bags, and another broom and they went to work, and in no time they had it done.  When they said they were finished, I gave them $13 each and those were 2 very happy young men.  Also, told them to tell their parent(s) where they earned the money, and if they had any questions to tell them where I live. 
Perfect?  No.  Good job and worth $26?  Yes!!!  Not to mention it kept me from having to take ibuprofen, walk funny for the next couple of days, and keep reminding myself   "Dab  of This and That, you are NOT as young as you used to be". 

Oh !   And one of the outside brooms bit the dust in the process also.  Make note - Buy new rake and outside broom (hopefully some that are more durable).
 Not the kind of snak  I had in  mind, but it will do in a pinch....
Actually not to bad, but had rather had some of the crunchy/fried  things that are higher in sodium, more crunch, etc..  Yeah - You probably know what I am talking about  (crunchy cheetos).  I don't buy these often, but there is a certain little red head that wants to know if I have any when she comes to visit, so try to remember to have some on hand when know she is going to be here.
Hope you are having a great week, and hopefully enjoying warmer temps in your part of the country.
Dab of This and That

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just a Dab of This and That.....

Random conversations between Father and Daughter.


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Dab of This and That

Monday, March 3, 2014

Old Man Winter Keeps Hanging Around....

Yay! Snow! Schools closed - again.  The only problem - This has happened so many times this Winter, even the children seem to be tiring of Old Man Winter's repeat performance this year.
 On a cold Winter day - It is fun to play in the snow for a while  - just a little while ( too cold to stay out very long).
You taste your first bowl of snow cream....
Then you hoover over a cup of hot chocolate to take the chill off.
Picture removed.
 Pretty sure this character was not invited  in for snow cream and hot chocolate.
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ETA:    Giving credit to daughter for all the pics she took and sent to me today, and I used in this post.  Me?!?! What did I do on this bitter cold Winter day?  Stayed inside, reheating my cup of coffee, thinking about what I should be doing instead of getting it done....
Dab of This and That