Friday, January 24, 2014

Nice Memory......

                                                           Nice Memory  !!!!  
 You should see it now - Or maybe not ! :(
Still had lots of leaves piled up in the flower beds, dead plants in pots as it just got to cold to soon to deal with the issue this Fall/Winter.  Then to add insult to injury, the "fountain of destruction" erupted.  The temps dropped (again), and it became an issue getting all the wet/damaged "stuff" out of the house to the garbage.  As a result I have just put a lot of bags/boxes of damaged/water soaked items in the courtyard, until I can deal with the situation.
The clean up/repairs has been  slow going, as this area had a major freeze recently, and the restoration services, plumbers, etc. that deal with frozen/burst pipes are backed up.  Making lots of money - but backed up!  My situation was not frozen pipes - but same type of damage.
Good News: Temps suppose to be  warmer this weekend, so hope to get more done. 
Bad News:  Temps dropping again first of the week.  :(
Sorry - just needed to ramble.
Dab of This and That

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Dab of This and That Ramble.....

Oh the joys of home ownership!  Can you detect a note of sarcasm  in that sentence?  Believe me - it is there.
A short version of what happened....
Nothing like stepping on wet/ soggy carpet when you first get up in the morning!   Long story short -  get up, wander down stairs to make coffee, start the day with thoughts of going to the flea market and/or bead show and sale.  Ooops!  Why is the carpet squishy feeling and wet? Opened door to closet where the hot water heater is,  and hit in the face with  water spraying everywhere.  Decent size closet with lots, and lots of things stored - heavy sweaters, coats, gift bags/wrapping, shelf with files of paperwork, vacuum, chargers, etc., etc.  Yep! I suspect you see where I am going with this.  To add insult to injury, when did it happen?!?  Apparently the "fountain of destruction"  started during the night - while I slept.
Little side note: Coffee never got made. :/
I knew it was time to make some changes in the decor around my abode - but THIS was not what I had in mind!  Yep! Five of them.........
Click on pics to enlarge.
Let's don't forget this character....
Anyone that has had the privilege of "these guests" in their home, knows you do NOT sleep very well, can't hear TV, or the radio, and  hope anyone you talk with on the phone can hear  half of what you say.  Oh - did I mention - you do NOT sleep very well?
Oh the joy of wet paper - the soggy mess has to be dealt with.  Have lost count how many large bags have been taken to the garbage already, and keeping an on going list of things I need to request a copy of or can print off on the computer. Waiting for some papers with personal info. on them to dry out so can be shredded. Then the list of items waiting to dry out and see if can be salvaged, throw in garbage or worth filing a loss on insurance. See that stack of files on the counter?  Used to be approx. 2 ins. tall and weigh a fraction of what they weigh now.  After the "fountain of destruction" erupted - over tripled in height and very heavy.  Water soaked paper seems to take on a life of its own.
Actually, these pics look good compared to what it looked like earlier in the day.
I know I have been dragging my feet "decluttering" that closet , but come on now - this is NOT  the kind of incentive I needed.
 Not to mention - a couple of  appts. had to be rescheduled as must be available to deal with plumbers, restoration service, electrician, insurance - and the list goes on.
Well - Fair or not, that is a short summary of what I have been dealing with!!!
A very sleep deprived, "drain bamaged" blogger !

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Remember this post?

"Somebody Moved"
Well...... probably not. However, the following pics will give you an update on what is going on.....
In progress.....
Click on pics to enlarge.

If I remember correctly, the upper cabinets will be white.
Right now they are limited as to what they can do because of the drastic weather conditions, as they can't open windows when painting or take anything outside to paint. They will take a section at a time and not get in a hurry.  Yes - that is a big kitchen and a lot of cabinets.  I reminded her how many cabinets are in that kitchen,  if they decide they are tired of the color later - but they said that is what they wanted. Can you tell - I don't like to paint ?!? :)
****Will update as they progress with "a major project".****
I will sit back, smile and say "I remember when"!  My first set of kitchen counter canisters were turquoise, a wedding gift in that era was a set of 3 matching pyrex bowls, 2 with the same turquoise color (one did not survive over the years). Remaining have been passed on to her.
What were the poplar color choices after that era?!?!?  Glad they did not go that route!  Lets forget the olive green, harvest gold, and copper tone!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A bit of Colorful Creativity...

Sharing some of the creativity going in at daughter's home (since nothing happening in mine).  When they moved into their (new to them)  home a few months ago, they found an old, weathered (unsafe to climb on) ladder that had been left behind, and she decided to clean it up and use it as a prop for a colorful throw, a stack of books,  patriotic decor and some country themed items.
A bulletin board she made for one of the Grands' rooms. Grand wanted black,white and a touch of red, and use Paris, France related items.  That being the goal, the room is a work in progress, so more on it another time.
Little red headed cupid's room is the colorful one in the house - just a sample of what is going on in there.  The lamp was an old, brass lamp my daughter had in her room for years when growing up. She decided it was time to get out the spray paint, then take strips of fabric (leftovers from another project) and create a colorful shade.  The table is another "redo" project - more on that another time.
Children grow, change their minds on their likes/dislikes, so spray paint, quick craft projects become your friend......
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Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Sticky, Gooey Homemade Cinnamon Rolls..
Friend of daughter and her little girl visited her recently, and the next morning my daughter made homemade cinnamon rolls and biscuits.  She said the the little girl was fascinated watching her make them, and told her the only ones they have at home come out of a can.  I can't say anything - mine always came from the bakery or grocery already made. Ooops!
Then there was a bowl full of fresh baked biscuits...
I never was good at making biscuits - have not even tried in many years. Rarely eat one, and I am very picky about the texture and taste.
Goes back to childhood years - had to eat them almost every morning. They were heavy and made with lard, with thick gravy made with bacon drippings (arteries were probably clogged by the time I could walk), then walked to school. Never was a breakfast person, and they did not settle well - "Shudder". 
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 Heat wave today - Mid 50's and sunshine!!
Another Dab of This and That ramble!
What ever your plans, have a great week.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Recap....

I  decided  to do a recap of jewelry I made in 2013 - then realized I really did not have a lot to share.
So included a few pieces I created and posted on in 2012, but  were not included in the recap I posted in September, 2012.
Then the first of 2013,  I made several vintage marble pendants.  Kept them very simple with just a charm added...

While typing this post, I realized all the marble pendants had been given away - but that is ok as I have a lot more of the marbles to work with.    If I had to choose,  I think my favorite would have been this one, with the cathedral  beads.

Also, two heart pendant necklaces that I made and posted about in 2013.
Supplies have been put away for some time now with other things going on, but hoping to start creating  again in the near future (I keep saying that - now I need to get busy).

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Hope everyone is having a great week and staying warm! Is it Spring yet!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Colors of Winter...

Or lack thereof......
Hope it is warmer where you are, because it is cold and everything is very drab/lacking in pretty colors here.  After watching the national news today, I am very much aware it is much colder in other parts of the country.  Makes me shiver just typing that.
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I  confess - I still have a bit of color in my courtyard.  A real pumpkin left over from my Fall decor is still sitting outside my back door.  I suspect it is frozen at this point and when things thaw out, it will collapse into a pile of mush.
Hope everyone is having a great week and staying warm !!