Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dreaming of Spring!

Why the picture of wild violets, when 2 - 4 ins. of snow is predicted during the night/early morning ?  Just to remind myself  that Spring will be here before long - I hope.......
I feel sure many of you in the land of blog are saying "couple inches of snow - what is the big deal"?  Around here, that small amount sends many into a tail spin, and in a panic to get to the store for that "gotta have loaf of bread, milk and other necessities such as junk food, etc.".  Of course being Christmas night, that may really send some into a panic mode, as most places closed early today, so hopefully most will have enough holiday treats to tied them over.  :-D  Christmas decor still out and here I am looking forward to Spring and warmer temps.

Hard to believe in a few more days, we will be starting a new year.  As I said long ago - I don't make resolutions!     However, in the upcoming year I hope to get more accomplished, and start thinking about future plans.  If you read along much, you know I am always mentioning the infamous "L" word.  Well - One of my goals is to redo those "L's", make my priorities and get more done, than to just "think/talk" about what I need/want to do.  Hopefully, I will get certain things accomplished to a point, where I can get some much needed repairs/updates done next Spring.  Of course I would get more accomplished if I spent less time on the computer, but then I would miss surfing around the land of blog and seeing what all the creative/talented bloggers have been up to lately.   Sigh - Decisions, decisions !

My main family get together is still to come due to other schedules and travel times.
Hope everyone has been enjoying the Holidays

ETA:  12/26/12 -  Did not get the 2 to 4 inches predicted - just a heavy dusting, which is fine with me...

 Picture I took last Winter, but if I took one of the same spot this morning, it would be almost identical. To cold to go out and take one this morning as it is 30 degrees (feels like 20) as I type this update.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

From My Home to Yours

Merry Christmas !

From My Home
to Yours!!
 Hope everyone is enjoying this "Wonderful Time of the Year !!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Creativity Going On.....

but not at my house!
Remember this sweet face.....
Well, he resides in a home where all this is going on....
Do you think his owner likes a "certain team" ? :-D
I was told the "furbaby"  does not bother the tree or packages.  It seems that a  certain "little, red haired, cupid" (won't mention any names) is the one that has to be watched.
Yes - in case you are wondering! That is a big, red, pretty cabinet .
Sorry for the blurry pics  - daughter sent them from her phone.
Speaking of the "little, red haired, cupid" - she is sporting her new hair clip her Mother made for her.

 Hey Mom!! Got a bit of bling to tuck inside that flower ?!?

Think she said the yarn she used for this scarf is called fruit salad...
 No real creativity going on at my place right now, so thought I would share what is happening at the "little, red haired cupid's"  abode.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Finally - The Tree is Up !

After debating (with myself) as to whether I wanted to put the big tree up this year - the little 4 ft. one won out again this year.  I really enjoy the big one, but lugging it up and down the stairs......Well anyway - small it is!
Click on Pictures to enlarge.
Thrifty, as everything I used, I already had .  After taking pictures, I see several places that need tweaking....
How about you - if you are putting up a tree - big or small?

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