Thursday, October 27, 2011

Butterfly Necklace

When my home/life was violated, I mentioned to a few that I may not continue with my hobby of repurposing vintage/old jewelry and I got fussed at big time. So.... I decided I would continue to do so as it is something I enjoy doing so much, but this time on a smaller scale.

I have gradually been replacing some of my supplies. Recently I spent some time doing a little organizing, clean up and taking apart some vintage pieces that were past their prime - a few I found when out "junkin" few weeks ago, a couple of necklaces I bought in 70 or 80's (have not worn in many years - 90's maybe) I salvaged the glass beads and filigree bead caps. But, most importantly, some so very pretty pendants and charms that were sent to me from a special lady. You know who you are and you are #1 on my "I owe you" list :-D.

Many times I will take a piece that would be a great focal piece, match up with beads/chain, charms, etc., that I think will go well together and put in a small plastic bag. I call them "inspiration bags" and it gives me a good starting point when I take the time to sit down and finish creating a piece. In doing this today, many times I thought I can use "such and such" with that. Then reality kicked in and I remembered "such and such don't live here any more".
I had quiet a few of the "inspiration bags" made up and in one of the containers of supplies that was taken.
I was half way thru my first creation since August and remembered - you are suppose to have a "before" picture.......
And after......

I have tried numerous times to capture the true color of the beads, and since I am using a camera I know nothing about, I did not have much luck. The glass pearls are sort of a dark ivory and the smaller glass beads are an extreme dark copper to dark brown (hard to describe).

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A cold front and rain is on its way - Good day to stay in and and get caught up on a few things (or not). What ever your plans for the day - Have a great one.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just a Daisy

After a hot/dry Summer, the only real blooms in my courtyard right now are some ragged looking begonias. So dug around in my photos and found one to play around with - flowers from last Mothers' Day .
Same photo, but did a little editing......
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Just a Note: I am having a problem leaving comments on some of the blogs - getting the "Service Unavailable" error message. I don't feel picked on, as I have read that some others have had the same problem. I guess blogger is working on something. Just wanted to let you know I am still visiting around when I have a chance.

Just Another Note: Recently, I noticed that on the majority of blogs I was visiting and clicking on a picture to enlarge it, it would go into a slideshow mode. The first thought I had was "what did I accidentally click that caused this"? Then I got the bright idea to see if it was doing the same on mine and it was, so decided I needed to check out "blogger" to see what was going on. I changed the setting back the way it was on my blog. Just curious - Which setting do you prefer?
Make Note: Check updates on "blogger buzz" more often.

Got big plans for the weekend? Whatever your plans - Have a great one!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dab of This and That

Above picture from Fall 2010.
Just a quick post - Most of what has been going on has not been blog worthy.

I have enjoyed visiting around the land of blog and seeing all the pretty Fall decorating everyone is doing. Would like to say I have accomplished the same, but I have not. I did replace a couple of dead potted plants in the courtyard with some pots of faux mums I already had, to add some color and picked up an ornamental kale/cabbage last weekend. Plan on getting a pumpkin and some real mums, but put it off til the daytime temps are a little cooler so maybe they will last a bit longer. Also, most of the mums I have seen so far have already bloomed out and won't last much longer.
Fall decorating inside so far - Non existent! Unless, you want to count the peanut butter cup wrappers that are orange (finished off the m&m's last night). :-D

Checked out the list of estates sales for this weekend and don't see anything of interest. I did see where one listed jewelry as "gold, silver, costume (No scrap) sorry". Sounds like they had heard many inquiring about pieces to repurpose in the past, so would get the word out ahead of time.

Great weather predicted for the weekend - hope it is in your area also. Have a great weekend whatever your plans are.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sidetracked Again

Last time I posted, I was off to mark a few things off the to do list, and run some errands - some of which were very important! You know - Go to the grocery store so you will have something healthy to eat, pharmacy for whatever, trip to the post office to mail some checks to pay some bills so important things don't get cancelled - you know the drill.

Well.....I got sidetracked (whats new). I remembered a thrift store that starts marking certain things down on Thursdays and since I am working on replenishing my supply of bling to work with, I headed that way. Had not been there in a while as the last few times I have been there did not have much luck, and this trip was not any different. Told the clerk what I was looking for and she said "oh yes, all that old rhinestone stuff sells fast" - I am hearing that more and more these days. I did get 2 pairs of old clip ons from the 70' or 80's and not sure about the necklace, but thought I could use the pendant part.
Went by another thrift shop that I have not been to in a while. When I pulled up and started to get out of the car, a man stepped out of the motorcycle repair place behind it and said "the thrift shop is closed". Guess I did not look like a motorcycle rider and was not there to visit his place of business. :-D Thanked him for the "info" and moved on. Further down the road, stopped in an antique mall . Another place I have not been to in a while and remembered why, as many of the vendors are trying to pay off their mortgage with just a couple of sales.
Did get these 2 reproduction pieces, and even tho one is a very small frame, I am thinking I can convert it to a pendant - will see. The smallest heart is a pin.
Found a few vintage buttons - nothing to get excited about, but a start.
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So....What happened to my list of errands? The checks to pay the bills got mailed, went by a local spot and got their salad sampler to go, and never made it to the grocery or pharmacy .
The salad sampler - Delish, but was a salt overload, and days later I am still dealing with that.

On a side note - finally made it to the grocery this morning (3 days later). The rest of the list ? Well...........Lets just say, it is a beautiful day and I could use some vitamin D.

Have a great week !