Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last of "Trip to the Market" Pics

But not the last trip to the market -

Just a few more pictures of the vast selection of pumpkins at the farmers' market.
Not sure what the oblong ones are,  gourds  I think.

Click on pictures to enlarge.
More of the standard orange, but a variety of shapes...
Some pretty flower arrangements using pumpkins as the containers.
Large variety of the smaller ornamentals and I purchased some of these to mix in with some things I already had.
Not sure what the pink metal thing is, as did not notice it when took the pic, so had a surprise when uploaded the pictures.  Very appropriate for the month of October.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back to the Market and All About Food

One of my main reasons for the trip to the market, was to buy some pepper jelly one of the  local vendors makes/sells.  Wonderful spooned on some softened cream cheese, scooped up on wheat thins. Yum!!!
Been buying it for years - couple of  jars in the Fall to use during the holidays. Went straight to the vendor's booth and there was none. The cashier said they would have some more the next day.  Small problem - I could not go back the next day, so hoping they will have some the next time I go.
Update:  Went back 4 days later and the vendor still did not have it in stock - apparently it was never put on the list to restock.  Well - Okee Dokee !! :/

Saw a display of fried apple pies - $2 ea.. :-0 !!  They were on the small side - about 5 or  6  bites, so decided to pass on those. Have not had one in many years and  I suspect those were not as good as the homemade kind I remember  from my  "younger"  years.  As I type the following has already been reduced down to a couple of apples, one tomato, and a sweet potato - it was all good!
Daughter  is making large batches of  friendship bread (more like cake to me) to stock their freezer  and give to others.  She brought me a loaf of pumpkin/cinnamon, a lemon and 1/2 of a cinnamon/vanilla.  Sorry for the glare in the pic, but the loaves were wrapped,   and I did not want to unwrap them until I could get them sliced, individually wrapped and in the freezer (which has now been done).  Lots of good eating in the future !
The temps cool down and we think about  foods such as soups, casseroles, other homemade goodies and comfort foods, then next Spring when the first blooms appear and the birds start singing again,  we will start thinking more about lots of fresh salads and the lighter fare. It is all good !!

What was that about: When I went back to the market Monday in an attempt to buy the pepper jelly, I noticed a dumpster piled high with pumpkins ?!?  The ones  you could see piled up did not appear to be damaged/bad, and lots of pie size.  Wish I had taken a picture, but did not think to as it sort of caught me off guard.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Going to the Market

Beautiful Fall day and time to make a trip to the farmers' market.
From the typical orange and white...

to a wide range to select from
 Those with warts to pastels....

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soup Time and Other Ramblings

Cool, Fall weather sets in and it is "Soup Time".  Made  a big pot of beef and veggie and it was a winner.  I have been making it for years  - no recipe, just wing it and hope for the best.   It does not always turn out like I want, but  this time  it was a winner - Yum !!
A couple of bowls with yeast rolls for dinner, then
after it being in the fridge over night, took off any fat that solidified on the top, then froze a few containers for future cool/cold days when I need a quick, hot meal.

Years ago, a friend stopped by after I made a pot of the soup and after she had a bowl, she wanted the recipe.  I explained there is no recipe, as I just sorta/kinda throw it together.  I wrote the basic  instructions down that included all the ingredients I put in the soup that day, cooking time, etc.    She made some, and said her's was good, but did not taste like mine.  It is one of those use what you have, don't measure, throw in a bit of this and that and hope for the best type of situations.

Eating habits: I tend to do a lot of  "grazing" when it comes to meals these days.  Think I have mentioned before that I am not a breakfast person, even tho I enjoy many breakfast type foods such as breakfast casseroles, omelets,  scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage  (all of which is a treat for me due to cholesterol issues), with a bit of fruit, but want it later in the day.  Will I prepare this type of thing at home? Only if have guests and it becomes a brunch and/or someone else prepares it and does all the cleanup afterwards.  Can you tell - I am NOT a morning person.

Lunch - Could be just about anything.  Depends on where, when, with whom or what I am craving on any given day.  Been known to stand at the kitchen counter scanning thru the latest edition of  a magazine and munching on apple slices or cinnamon/apple rice cakes with peanut better slathered on them, or enjoy a lite lunch  of soup, sandwich or salad, or  full scale meat and 3 type meal.

 Dinner - Usually depends on what I had for lunch - Big lunch, then a lighter plate of whatever is lurking in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Some days - Grazing all day long.  When that happens, I just try to be sure there is at least a good bit of protein,  veggies and/or fruit on the plate.
In other words - My eating habits are sporadic.  How about yours ?

 Don't compromise on potato salad:
I had a craving for potato salad recently and decided to make some. OK - Decided to make a new version with no salt added - Big mistake!
Potatoes + eggs and NO salt, cholesterol free mayo  = Big mistake!! Oh - I added the pickles and such, but the lack of salt and using "unreal mayo" instead the real deal or miracle whip made a big difference, and not in a good way. As much as I hate to waste - most of it hit the garbage.
Trying to eat a bit healthier is not always easy !

  New place to shop - Or not:  I have noticed that many bloggers like to shop at Home Goods.  Have not had one in my area until recently and trying to decide if it is one of those places I need to stay away from.  I have been on a mission for a while now - No new home decor coming in until I finish my major declutter and so far that is taking a while (lazy side kicked in). 

 What did you think?: With all the hype about the new show "Nashville",   just thought I would throw the question out there - Did you see the show and  did you like it?  I watched it (had already seen a showing of it on abc web site), and even after seeing it the 2nd time, my opinion  is still out with the jury.

You know when you live in the country when.......
Daughter called and said she knew she lived in the country when she saw a flatbed truck going past her home with a  large cow laid out on the back !  Headed for the butcher shop - filling up freezers for the Winter.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall in the Courtyard

Not a lot going on in the courtyard now days.  A few blooms here and there, but most of the annuals are giving it up .  I got two  pots of mums a couple of weeks ago, and one of them is already looking pretty sad - sure wish they would last longer.

The ferns and wax begonias will probably last until the first hard frost.  The begonias  have not looked real spiffy for a while due to the  hot/dry Summer, even tho I kept them watered.
Fall shadows are so different than any other time of the year.......
A few pots of impatiences still hanging around, but won't be for much longer.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Case of Faux

Took a pair of faux silver and pearl bead,  vintage,  clip on earrings, and  attached them  on some stampings.  Paired up with some more silver tone vintage beads,  new chain and findings.  Found the vintage earrings at a thrift shop a year ago, and posted about here.
As usual had already started working on it before thought to take a before pic......
This was a fun piece to create.........
as many times I am dealing with one of a pair of vintage earrings, but this time had a pair and incorporated both in the same necklace.  Supplies have been put away for a while now with other things going on, but looking forward to  getting them back out and creating again.  I do need to get busy with the holidays coming up.
Had planned to go to the bead show/sale last weekend, but with all  the excitement  of my first Great Grand being born, I did not go  -   we do have our priorities. :-D

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Courtyard Table Top

I have really been slacking for a while now and have not done anything in my home that could be categorized as "decorating".
Went out to water the plants/flowers and decided my table in the courtyard may qualify for "Table Top Tuesday".......
Flowers always make a big statement.
Started  this post mid Summer.

I get an idea, start a post, get sidetracked and never finish.  Am I the only one that does that - Hope not?  
 My how time does fly...........
The way it looks now......
I prefer the Spring look!  That poor bunny has had to endure Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter temps, but he has held up beautifully.
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