Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

I know there are many times of the year we need rain and wishing we had more, but good grief! Someone needs to turn the faucets off around here for a while. If I heard correctly, a chance of rain is predicted for the next 7 days also.
Have wanted to take some pictures of what is left of my blooming plants the last week, as they are pretty much doing their last "Hurrah" for the Summer. But the weather has not permitted, and when I looked at them late this afternoon, they were pretty beaten down from the heavy rains. Since the temps are still pretty warm, maybe they will perk back up, before it gets cool.
I did not get any fun projects done this week, as have been taking care of some "necessary" projects - one being a plumbing issue. Hopefully taken care of, but was told I need to have two faucets replaced within the next year - I knew that was coming, just did not want to hear it. :-(
A RANT: It is that time of year again!! Unfortunately, I have a Hickory Nut tree that hangs over my courtyard. :-( Belongs to a neighbor, and why on earth many years ago, someone allowed that "thing" to grow there - I have no idea. Do you know what grows on Hickory Nut trees??? Hickory Nuts !! Those things are dangerous when they fall ! They will dent your car like hail does, one cracked my daughter's windshield several years ago, step on one and turn your ankle, and heaven forbid if one hits your head (ask me how I know this)! What adds insult to injury is - each afternoon usually around 3:30 or so, the squirrel population camps out in the tree and has dinner and if you walk outside you will be bombarded with the shells, along with whole nuts falling. Their dinner goes on for at least 2 or more hours. This daily event started about a month ago and will last another month or so. Ok - I am through (I think)!
Have a great weekend!


rosanna said...

it's raining over here as well and the forecast for the next 2 weeks is appalling. I giggled at your descrition of the squirrel dinner but I can see the point. That's annoying Have a nice weekend

Floss said...

We have had a little rain here this morning for the first time in weeks - things are still very dry! I've noticed that the river is higher than it was, though, so it must have been raining in the mountains over the last week or so. I'm sorry you're getting too much rain - would you like to send a little over?

Can you eat hickory nuts? Kind of get your own back on them? I don't know... (More of your exotic plants... )

Meli Abellán said...

Glenda we also had some rain at the begining of the week but now we have a clean and blue sky!!!
Anyway, we need to rain again!!
Have a nice week-end

Kelli said...

Raining here in South Carolina. Day 2! I feel the same way about hickory nuts. Dangerous and troublesome! Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

It's been raining and flooding here for the past two weeks. I am just sick of it. The temperature has been around 80, but it's sooooooo humid...YUCK. I hear you about the hickory tree. I never had one of those, but I did have a yard full of HUGE pecan trees and if the wind even thought about blowing branches and whole limbs would just drop to the ground. Very messy and a pain to clean up.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Could you ladies please pass a few buckets of that rain water? I don't see any in site here in Phoenix. We sure could use some.

I think I would get me a hook of some kind and just knock all those darn hickory nuts right out of that darn tree. Who knows maybe you'll knock a few squirrels out in the process. They need to take their little messy selves on down the road too. Now we solved that problem.

Put you on a pot of stew to cook, make a pan of cornbread, and set back and enjoy the nice weather. I would so love to have an excuse to light the fireplace and watch old movies, or listen to my new records, and just dance the day away. Enjoy yourself today. Country hugs and love, Sherry

Anonymous said...

It must be coming to you from us.We have had the rain for well over a wk.Everyone else is fussing,but me stuck at home 24/7 I like it.And i know how badly we still need it.Trouble is,it runs off instead of sinking in.
And I shouldn't say I am stuck at home.I love home.I probably would never rited of it.
Thank you so much for being my cheering section.Everytime i went to ck,sure enough, my sweet,bright shing star Glenda had been there.
Your sweet messages were like reading a long yearned for letter.Well,they were!You earned a few stars in your crown dear....Anniepoo.

Anonymous said...

Oh Glenda - I know just how you feel. We have an oak tree in our front yard and although they aren't as big as hickory nuts they are a hazzard when you walk in the driveway and the squirrells do the same thing here. And you can hear the ping ping as they fall on the roof - CONSTANTLY.

As far as the rain goes - that was me in the spring but thank goodness we have had beautiful weather for several weeks now. I guess we must have sent the rain your way. Sorry about that.

grannyann said...

we have had lots of cloudy days lately and the weather is beautiful. I am a rainy day person anyway. I liked your "nut" story. My daughter has a similar event each year with her neighbors pecan tree. They are the little pecans, that are hard to crack and eat and they fill up her pond, etc. You both need to hire a man with a chain saw.