Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dab of This and That

This last week when I was out of town, the local utility company decided to work on an underground electrical cable. Even tho the phone company marked where the phone lines were (or suppose to be), someone messed up. I have not had my land line phone service since! Phone company was suppose to have been here before 5:30 Friday, but that did not happen. :( Yes - I have a cell phone, but I just DO NOT like to use it any more than I have to. # 1 - I never remember to charge the thing.
While I waited for the phone company to NOT show up, I managed to put out a few Fall decorations. Not a lot, but it is a start.
Would like to be able to say these are real mums, but they are not. Bought these 2 years ago (?) at Michaels. Almost bought some pots of real mums at Lowes recently, but had second thoughts, as it is still pretty warm and dry and I have not had much luck with them in the past. After it cools down more, I will probably get a pot of them to sit outside by the door.
Started out like this -
and looks like this right now. It may get changed again - think I like the first way better. :-D
RANT: As mentioned above the utility company was working on the electrical cable - from what I understand in an attempt to alleviate the problem of a transformer close by blowing so often. Well - it did not work, as it blew again Friday evening just before dark and was out for a few hours. After checking with neighbors to see if they reported the outage (which they had not), and I asked if they could do so, as my land line was not working. When I attempted to do so on the cell phone, it seems when I had to press "1" for English, and "1" for power outage (everything is so automated #@$$#!!??) the "1's" stayed on the phone screen and when I had to enter my acct. #, "it" said it was an invalid account number. :( Nope - there was no option to "stay on the line for a representative".

NOW - back to my asking the neighbors if they had reported the outage, as their power was out also. They both said no - What was their reason ? Both said "I figured you had probably already called". Don't even get me started @#?!!? !!!!
Told you it was a "Rant" ! Actually, I tried to be nice while typing this little story!!!! You don't really want to get me started about people waiting for someone else to take care of things. OK - I will hush now!
Anyway - What do I do when the power goes out and it gets dark - Not a lot. Everything I decided to do, I needed electricity.

JUST A RAMBLE: When out of town this last week, I had all good intentions of visiting a winery and doing some "junkin" in the area. However, I remembered after I got on the interstate and it was a ways to the next exit to turn around and go back. I wanted to find some vintage pieces/trinkets to use in my jewelry, so off to the local flea market yesterday. I had not been in quiet a while, and what a disappointment. I used to go the the flea market a lot, but lost interest as there were more and more vendors with the cheap imported stuff from that country that starts with a "C".
There use to be a lot of vendors with just a little bit of everything and they would have boxes or trays piled up with bits and pieces, ornate skeleton keys, trinkets and such that was good to use when repurposing vintage jewelry. The flea market is now at a different location, and none of that type of vendor was there (vendors with imported stuff still around).

There were 3 vendors that had large selections of vintage/old jewelry, and you could tell they loved their inventory by looking at the prices !! :-O They were not selling much either. I repurpose jewelry as a hobby - not an investment. I did buy a small bag of buttons that had some rhinestone buttons in it I can use, and another grab bag with just a lot of "odds and ends". Some things I can repurpose, some bracelets I will see if the Granddaughters want and also a surprise. A sterling silver necklace and a pair of earrings, both marked 925, and still intact. I have not taken pictures yet, as I am still sorting and cleaning the pieces up. Also bought 2 tiny spoons, that I did a little research on, on ebay and replacements ltd. . More on that after I take some pictures.

Like I said - Dab of This and That!
If you were brave enough to read this far - Have a great week !! :-D


Anonymous said...

Hope this week is better than last week for you Glenda! What a time you had.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well your little vignette is pretty! I like the 2nd best! Good luck this week, things hopefully will be better!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hope this coming week makes up for the last one! Happy Fall, Glenda. Xo Lidy

Anonymous said...

Glenda...I feel your pain. I think we used to be the only neighbors that called when we had a power failure also...unbelievable because we live in such a populated area. I'm also sorry to hear about the flea market. I knew they were being moved to a new building. I was hoping that they would get some better vendors also. I haven't been in several years because of the reason you mentioned. I don't know how those people stay in business with their outrageous prices and cheap merchandise...(shaking my head). Glad that you got a few things done this weekend. I have managed not to get any of my fall things out...maybe later this week.

Take care :o)

Adrienne said...

I like the second picture better.

As to the rest? Exactly why should we have to push 1 for English???

I hate utility companies. Our water company has still not fixed our road and Tuesday will be FOUR weeks. It has poured all day and I'm sure the entrance to our road has probably come close to washing out.

Donna Lynn said...

I was brave and read the entire post! :) Sorry about your phone, that really sucks, and the country with the C name sucks bad they now own most of the USA, that sucks too. SIGH!!!!

Have a better week to come, it has to get better right???


Lenore said...

Good grief...I too get VERY upset when workman don't keep appointments, neighbors wait for someone else to do what needs to be done and then the automated phone answering on all companies nowadays...I too understand and feel your frustration!!! Why push 1 for ENGLISH????????? Isn't that the language we speak in this country???????????
Hope this week makes up for all that irritation!

Sue said...

Sorry about all the utility mess. My husband works for a utility company and we don't even have a "real" number to call if our power goes out!

Flea markets just aren't what they used to be.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You did a great job with the cloche and autumn decor!
Hope this week is better, enjoy your new granddaughter!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh I just hate when they tell you they'll be there and then don't show up! What a disasterous week you've had. Maybe things will get better. Hopefully they won't get any worse! I can't believe your neighbors relied on you to call the power co-especially after you told them you didn't have a phone. Your Fall vignette is so pretty. Glad to see you using your little wire cloche. laurie

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Hi, at least you were able to get some beautiful fall decorating done while waiting around for the phone typical. I seem to do a lot of waiting these days also:(
I'm noticing more and more of my favorite vendors and flea markets either disappearing or changing their inventory to the crap that's readily available in a catalog or the C word. Now we just have to work harder to find the good stuff. Looks like you found some treasures in all the rubble:-)