Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do You Sell the Jewelry You Make?

That question has popped up on occasion over the years, and I have received some emails from some fellow bloggers inquiring as to if I was interested in selling some pieces I have made. I am pretty sure I have answered all inquiries.
Answer: As of this very second - I do not.

A little history how I got started repurposing jewelry: I was repurposing/recreating vintage jewelry long before it was a "popular thing to do".
Someone gave my daughter a box of vintage jewelry to play dress up with, back in the mid 80's. She never really cared anything about it - main reason, she did not play dress up very much. I sat down one day and started looking at the different pieces - lots of huge, old, blingie (is that a word ?) type earrings, and decided some of them would look good as a broach. Off to the craft store, and bought some pin backs and glue - and that was the beginning of my obsession with repurposing old/vintage jewelry/found objects. I made some broaches and necklaces, wore some to work, and gave some of them away (daughters had no interest in them). Did not put a lot of time into doing it, as I worked full time, and had children and a household to take care of.

I could not find the box of jewelry one day - somewhere down the road it disappeared. I think I know what might have happened. Lets just say I went on a major "clean out" binge one day years ago. Usually when I did something like that, a yardsale was in the near future, but if I remember correctly, I was not in a great mood that day. It may have been in a container I did not check if anything was inside, that hit the curb. Make note - Always recheck the contents of everything, when you "just know" they are empty, etc. before putting on curb. I was disappointed as there was quiet a bit left to work with.

I started accumulating pieces again, buying at the flea market, junk stores, etc. I use to go to the flea market often back then. Many of the vendors that had things like that would just have it in shallow boxes, on trays, in a pile, etc. with a sign 25 or 50cts., $1, etc. each. Those were the "good ole" days, because now since it is a popular thing to do - well you know "supply and demand".

Anyway - I continued to repurpose off and on - more off than on. Then when I stopped working, I started pulling out the supplies more often.

Oooops! Sorry - Started to ramble a bit.......

Back to the original question: So, as of this very second - No I don't. To be honest, I am very flattered that anyone would even ask.
I have made a list of the "pros and cons" of selling and so far the "cons" have won in my situation. It made me tired just making out a list of all the things I would need to do just to get started.
However.....As they say - never say never ! I have been known to change my mind before. I have kept a list of those that have inquired, and will continue to work on the "pros and cons" list.

Have a great week !

ETA: My daughters that had no interest in the "box of bling" back then? Well...Lets just say - when they, and some of the grands come to visit these days, more often than not they go out the door with a another necklace or bracelet on. Makes me Happy !


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Glenda, your creations are so beautiful and I'm not the least bit surprised that you have inquiries about buying them. You're right, never say never, and who knows when someone will insist on having one of your originals.

Our Hopeful Home said...

Yes, Glenda, BLINGIE is absolutely a word! It better be! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for answering the question Glenda. I have often wondered. Your work is gorgeous!!

Monica said...

thank you for visiting today! And gosh! I'd need a shopping diet too ;)
Thank you for sharing a little more about your necklaces and repurposed jewelry. And it's a real pity that real bargains are so rare nowadays! As for me, it is rare I even find those odd bling over here... so they are even more expensive if I have to buy them abroad :((
Have fun with your jewelry- making!
Monica x

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You do beautiful work Glenda! I am sure if you ever decide to sell it you will find some buyers! I think it's a very neat hobby!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your work is beautiful - you should think of opening and etsy if it's something you think you'll enjoy doing.

lvroftiques said...

Oohhh Glenda I saw the blog post title and came a running! Well...still not yet huh? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll change your mind *winks* Vanna

Emily said...

I started out making my jewelry for myself, family and friends. But now I do sell it. But, I'm just in love with creating! If it sells great, but it is the creative process that I love so much!