Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sidetracked Again

Last time I posted, I was off to mark a few things off the to do list, and run some errands - some of which were very important! You know - Go to the grocery store so you will have something healthy to eat, pharmacy for whatever, trip to the post office to mail some checks to pay some bills so important things don't get cancelled - you know the drill.

Well.....I got sidetracked (whats new). I remembered a thrift store that starts marking certain things down on Thursdays and since I am working on replenishing my supply of bling to work with, I headed that way. Had not been there in a while as the last few times I have been there did not have much luck, and this trip was not any different. Told the clerk what I was looking for and she said "oh yes, all that old rhinestone stuff sells fast" - I am hearing that more and more these days. I did get 2 pairs of old clip ons from the 70' or 80's and not sure about the necklace, but thought I could use the pendant part.
Went by another thrift shop that I have not been to in a while. When I pulled up and started to get out of the car, a man stepped out of the motorcycle repair place behind it and said "the thrift shop is closed". Guess I did not look like a motorcycle rider and was not there to visit his place of business. :-D Thanked him for the "info" and moved on. Further down the road, stopped in an antique mall . Another place I have not been to in a while and remembered why, as many of the vendors are trying to pay off their mortgage with just a couple of sales.
Did get these 2 reproduction pieces, and even tho one is a very small frame, I am thinking I can convert it to a pendant - will see. The smallest heart is a pin.
Found a few vintage buttons - nothing to get excited about, but a start.
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Leigh @ "Thrifty Thursday"

So....What happened to my list of errands? The checks to pay the bills got mailed, went by a local spot and got their salad sampler to go, and never made it to the grocery or pharmacy .
The salad sampler - Delish, but was a salt overload, and days later I am still dealing with that.

On a side note - finally made it to the grocery this morning (3 days later). The rest of the list ? Well...........Lets just say, it is a beautiful day and I could use some vitamin D.

Have a great week !


Debbiedoos said...

Good for you! The rest can wait, Vitamin D is so much better.

Pondside said...

I love all the old rhinestone bits and pieces from my mum - lovely sparkle!

xinex said...

Oh jewelry shopping is always more fun than grocery shopping,Glenda, lol. I like what you bought....Christine

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I love your vintage pieces, you are so funny. I get side tracked too more times than I care to admit.. lol. Load up on the Vitamin D and take time for you. hugs ~lynne~

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I agree Glenda. Who wants to grocery shop when you can thrift shop, and be out and about in this wonderful weather. Those two little hearts are so pretty, and yes, I think even the frame would make such a pretty pendant. You'll make your way through your list eventually. My theory that having fun is just as healthy as eating right! laurie

Sue said...

I am always getting side-tracked!! It's way more fun than doing the mundane things... LOL Glad you found some goodies. Hope you continue to find some sparkly pretties. :-) Sue

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Good start to replenish your jewelry-making stash! Interesting there would be such a demand for old rhinestone jewelry. I love those old, pearl earrings.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm so happy to see that you found some gorgeous pieces to start creating again. It will take some time, but I believe the vintage jewelry angels are watching over you.
The grocery store inventory will always be the same, but you have to grab the stuff in the thrift stores right away.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Neat finds Glenda!
It must be like a scavenger hunt looking for treasures to make into fine jewlrey

Donna said...

Glad I am not the only one to get side tracked! Love all your finds ... especially the heart pin ... beautiful!

Richard Cottrell said...

Oh Ms. G. we all get side tracked, I am afraid I do to easy. Thanks for stopping by, Richard from My Old Historic house.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Best form of side tracking in my opinion! I hear the same thing all the time -- the 'bling' sells fast these day! You did snag some great pieces!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I'm like you, I start out with a list and if I've been out too long, I just save the stuff at the bottom of the list for another day.
I too, have noticed that used jewelry prices are getting to be overpriced.
Hope you're having a good day,

Anonymous said...

I've been sidetracked all week!!

I love those clip earrings..takes me back a few years.

lvroftiques said...

Glenda I think you found some pretty nice stuff despite the closed and over priced stores *winks* Vit D is very important to good health! Lol! Vanna

Glenda/MidSouth said...
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